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Exceptional service and solutions at Budgetext’s core for 41 years

A message from CEO Park Anders

Dear Readers: In these times of soaring enrollment and budget cuts, pressures are all around you to find areas for savings.

For 41 years, our mission has been to <a href="">make learning more affordable</a> for school officials, communities and families. The Budgetext team has done this consistently by helping you find new ways to make the most of your budget without sacrificing the education of students. Our expertise lies with the buying and selling of preowned textbooks and learning materials.

We understand people are our most valuable resource. They directly impact the experience you have with us. Our sales team is strategically positioned throughout the country to ensure accessibility and understanding of the unique needs of your district. Complementing the sales team are your dedicated customer service representatives who provide personalized service and exceptional response rates.

We take pride in our ability to adapt and address your most challenging issues. The knowledge we gain getting to know you while we respond to the nation’s ever-changing educational needs ensures we maintain incredible scalability in staff and resources. Our corporate facilities include a 240,000 square foot warehouse with a world class inventory management system. In fact, we have over a 99.9% rating for outbound shipping accuracy.

Budgetext also generates needed funds for you by purchasing your surplus textbooks. In addition, we dispose of unusable textbooks in an environmentally friendly way. In both cases, we help textbooks live on in new ways.

I hope this publication helps you learn more about the process and benefits of buying and selling used books and learning materials. We are proud of the fact that since 1968, Budgetext has been part of the solution to a more affordable education. We provide schools and families with exceptional service and solutions to make learning more affordable for a lifetime.


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