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From the Editor

Extreme Makeover

It is an enormous privilege for me to greet the readers of District Administration as interim editor-in-chief and update you on the continuing development of this publication and its related online resources.

The Pulse

Perhaps the most significant enhancement is The Pulse, a free new blog section where you can read up-to-the-minute expert opinion on topics that affect schools. As The Pulse editor Gary Stager ( describes it, "This is not just a blog site where some narcissistic lunatic rants or reads the newspaper for you. The Pulse features exclusive articles by many of today's leading educators, authors, scholars and policy-makers, along with news related to education. Best of all, you can talk back and add your voice to the conversation. Please do!"

This is not just a blog site where some narcissistic lunatic rants or reads the newspaper for you.

For example, Roger Schank's recent comment "We have got to get rid of the library metaphor or school will always be the same: an experience to be endured rather than relished," unleashed a firestorm of controversy about schools and libraries. Similarly, Will Richardson discussed why Internet blocking and filtering may push kids to use objectionable sites "even more than they already are," Alfie Kohn shared thoughts on why kids are required to do homework in spite of "a stunning lack of evidence that it's beneficial," and Susan Ohanian discussed a project where "Philadelphia taxpayers paid $63 million for a school designed by Bill Gates & Company, a school where kids don't have books and the school itself has no library." You may agree, disagree or take offense, but The Pulse is always interesting and informative, and truly "Education's Place for Debate!"

New Interactive Site

But it doesn't stop there. The Pulse is just one component of a totally reengineered and updated Web site, developed under the technical direction of CIO David Brennan and web manager Debbie Carroll. A year in the making, this powerful online destination offers searchable content to help you do your job better, featuring daily news stories, product reviews, guides to Internet resources, professional reports, events calendars, descriptions of Webinars, links to company Microportals, information on the annual Educomm conference, and school executive job openings throughout the United States. And the site is personalized and interactive, so you can share your comments and ideas with the online education community.

Stager says, "In an interconnected world of 80 million MySpace pages, 40 million bloggers and half a million people contributing to Wikipedia, you need to not only keep up, but make sense of a world speeding along in Internet time." The resources of District Administration empower you to do just that. Join us! (

Odvard Egil Dyrli

Interim Editor-in-Chief