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Farming for the summer

Students grow fruits and vegetables to raise funds for the poor and homeless
  • Crew members wash and bundle produce to get ready to take to the Clarksville Downtown Market. The proceeds are donated to area hunger relief agencies.
  • Students spoke about their experiences with the Food Initiative program during an event in June.
  • Students grew vegetables such as carrots and learned how to make healthy meals.

Forty high school students from Tennessee and Kentucky spent their summer growing healthy food for themselves and the poor and homeless in their community.

The students were from the Clarksville-Montgomery County School District in Tennessee and Fort Campbell Schools in neighboring Kentucky.

They planted, cultivated and harvested various fruits and vegetables in a community garden, and sold them at a local market to raise funds for area hunger-relief organizations.

It was the sixth annual summer program for the Food Initiative, a nonprofit organization that combines sustainable agriculture and educational workshops for students to teach them about health and social justice.