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Fast-growing Missouri district saves $60,000 on replacement textbooks

Budgetext helps district restock and keep books in students’ hands ? even on short notice

The Wentzville R-IV School District in Saint Charles County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation and the fastest growing area in Missouri.

In such a rapidly growing area, growth in enrollment is continually on the rise with more than 12,100 students in K-12 for the 2009-2010 school year ? a 1,000-student increase over the previous two years. To accommodate this growth, the district needs to update and replace its supply of textbooks on a regular basis. Each year, the Wentzville School District must buy hundreds of books to restock.

On top of constantly growing enrollment numbers, Wentzville, like districts across the country, is looking for ways to save money to accommodate already stretched budgets. Keeping existing texts in circulation longer is one strategy, making the procurement of replacement texts critical. The district sends out open bids for all replacement textbooks needed and Budgetext is consistently the first company to respond. Budgetext has helped Wentzville save around $60,000 over the past two years by supplying used books to meet the district’s replacement and supplemental needs.

"When I need replacement or additional texts, it’s usually on very short notice," said Janet Murphy, executive assistant for purchasing. "We put a time limit on the date we’ll accept responses, Budgetext always comes in with their inventory quickly and honestly. I know when I put in an order with them I’ll get exactly what they promised when they promised it."

Budgetext’s responsiveness is due to the company’s commitment to customer service as well as its state-of-the-art warehouse and fulfillment system. Budgetext customers have dedicated account teams that include a service representative based at headquarters and a field rep in the customer’s area that visits frequently. Both are always available for any questions or issues.

"The Budgetext rep is the only book rep we see on a regular basis. Other companies only stop by during the busy ordering season," commented Murphy. It is this commitment to a working partnership that affords Budgetext the ability to fulfill needs, provide sound advice, and foresee its customers’ future needs.

Budgetext has also helped Wentzville take books out of circulation. When they do retire a title, the district puts out an open curriculum bid to all textbook companies, to buy back the titles. Budgetext has earned the business the past two years with the best pricing.


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