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February Letters

What readers are saying.


Spreading the Green Word

Nice article about building green schools (Facilities/Construction Update, January). I'm on COSN's Emerging Technologies Committee and have suggested we should be doing something about greening school IT services, so I posted a link to that article for the full committee. I got the issue and then was immediately referencing it to others!

Raymond M. Rose, president, Rose & Smith Associates, Ausin, Texas

"Having Sex Anyway"

I enjoyed reading your editorial "Well, They're Gonna Have Sex Anyway" (Understanding the Times, December). Hard to believe there are school boards out there that think this way! I agree with you 100 percent and look forward to your next article.

Tom J. Tracy, superintendent, Kensal (N.D.) Public Schools

Mr. Kinnaman is taking an awful chance criticizing the open minded, progressive decision made by the Portland Board of Ed. Isn't he afraid that the PC police are going to come take his keyboard away?

Unfortunately, in the field of education, we have become so open minded that our collective brains have leaked out! Good job, Mr. Kinnaman.

Art Denney, facilitator of community-based instruction, Richmond County Board of Education, Augusta, Ga.

Sites that Work

Our district is considering the development of a brand new dynamic CMS managed Web page and I have always enjoyed reading the Web page reviews in District Administration. Keep them up. They are truly an asset.

George Woods, district technology facilitator, Jackson Local Schools, Massillon, Ohio

Advocate Extraordinaire

Great article and photo of Jim Marshall and holly lu (News Update, December). It's beyond fabulous! Thank you so much for helping to spread the great work of holly lu. She offers hope to parents and the professionals that work with our special ed students.

Sue Hanson, director of corporate communications, Spectrum K12 School Solutions, Towson, Md.

Credibility for New Literacies

As you know from your interview with Don Leu ("The New Literacies," October), school administrators play an important role as change agents in the use of technology to enhance instruction. They must be prepared to plan and even lead in these areas of new online reading and writing literacies.

Michael F. Young, Learning Technology Program coordinator, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut

DA Web Page Kudos

Man, you guys did a great job with your Web site! It provides a ton of great tools and resources for your viewers.

Jennifer Berry, editor,

I absolutely love the format for the digital edition of DA. It's so convenient, lets me page through quickly, and print what I need. Thanks so much for an efficient way to review and read current educational material.

Glenna Vasoli, literacy coach, Pennridge High School, Perkasie, Pa.

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