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From the Editor



It's funny how practices that we know work in the classroom are sometimes the last concept we use when trying to solve a problem in the "real world." Take the notion of Piaget that people learn by "scaffolding" new information onto what they already know. When I started in this position a little more than two years ago, I leaned heavily on the staff and education experts Dan Kinnaman, Gil Dyrli and Gary Stager to teach me the hot issues in education, the principles behind those issues, and the business landscape in the K-12 arena.

Almost since I began, we discussed starting an editorial advisory board. The idea went through many iterations while never getting off the ground. But this fall, when I thought again about an advisory board, I realized that in my time at the magazine, we had established a relationship with a number of experts in the field.

I decided that contacting these individuals would be the perfect way to finally start our own advisory board. And with the great help of Senior Editor Jean Marie Angelo, this is exactly what we have done.

I'm proud to announce here that not only have we started our advisory board, but we've filled it with 21 of the best experts in the industry. The board straddles different parts of the country and different specialties within K-12. While these people make up our initial board, it is our intention to continue to add experts to this list as we discover them.

While I am privileged to be affiliated with this distinguished list of educators, the more important winners will be you, our readers. These experts will help guide the magazine's direction, including shaping future stories, offering cutting edge case studies and giving important feedback on recent issues. In these ways, they will help scaffold new ideas to what we all know about education.