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Giving Credit where credit is due — your school district

CDI's finance director makes sure districts have an array of payment options

Budget constraints make CDI recertified computers a smart choice, but some pinched school districts are looking for easier payment terms, too. Naipaul Sheosankar, CDI's director of  nance, makes sure they don't have to look far.

"We're getting that a few times a week," Sheosankar said. "Our sales representatives say, 'My customer wants product now but instead of paying within 30 days, they want 60 or more days.'"


Because of CDI's strong financial resources and cash flow, some districts can delay payment up to 120 days. That can make a big difference for schools that want to put technology in the hands of students quickly.

"Bottom line: We're a very financially secure company and very accommodating with extended credit terms," said Sheosankar, who has been with the company for almost a decade and had previously served as controller.

Schools know they can get more technology with recertified equipment, and easier payment terms are icing on the cake. To make things even simpler for educators, CDI has recently come up with the Perpetual One-to-One Initiative (POTO), an innovative program that allows districts to pay a set yearly cost for a comprehensive technology solution.

Under the POTO program, CDI offers an array of computers, delivers them to the appropriate location and handles all service and replacement needs through the life of the units. The equipment is eventually rotated out on schedule and replaced with newer CDI-certified units, with CDI overseeing the removal, data wiping and recycling of the old units. So for the price of an annuity payment, schools can dramatically lower their technology costs, improve their computer-to-student ratio and o oad many of their tech headaches to CDI.

CDI has been field testing the program with one school so far, but plans to roll out it on a wider basis soon.

"No one in the industry offers this right now," Sheosankar said. "I think it's something that's going to work well."

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