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Got a Great Idea For a Gulf Oil Spill Project? Disney Will Pick Up Most of the Cost

Gulf Coast classes studying the spill for Disney's Planet Challenge can get up to $900 through the "Almost Home" program

The only way to avoid future environmental disasters like the Gulf Coast oil spill is to learn from them, and that starts with today's schoolchildren. To help meet that goal, Disney stands ready to help students in the Gulf Coast region study the spill's environmental impact firsthand and gauge the effectiveness of clean-up efforts.

Disney is teaming up with to provide funding for hands-on, spill-related projects by Gulf Coast region classes in the upcoming Disney's Planet Challenge. The program, called "Almost Home," will provide the bulk of funding for qualifying projects costing up to $1,000.


The promotion is limited to classes in grades 3-8 from Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi and Georgia. Donors have to raise the first $99 in project costs, and Disney will provide the rest. In addition to registering the project through Disney's Planet Challenge, teachers must submit their funding request through by Nov. 1.

Disney has an established relationship with DonorsChoose. org, a New York-based nonprofit organization that allows donors to contribute to projects or wish list items for specific classrooms. Teachers provide a description of their class needs, along with an itemized budget, and the website provides up-to-date information on how close they've come to meeting that fundraising goal.

Not from the Gulf region? Your project for grades 3-8 can still qualify for funding support from Disney through's ongoing "Double Your Impact" program. Teachers who submit funding requests for hands-on projects that help the environment can qualify for 50 percent of project costs up to $1,000. This program also has a Nov. 1 deadline.

Visit to get started with either program.

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