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Fitnessgram/Activitygram 8.0, Physical and Fitness Assessments Software, $299-$1,500 depending upon school needs

Fitnessgram/Activitygram 8.0 helps schools perform fitness and physical activity assessments. The package includes software, a reference guide and a variety of health-related physical fitness tests that assess cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. Students' scores can then be compared to healthy fitness zones to determine their overall physical fitness and to recommend areas for improvement. Administrators can also use its newly expanded networking capabilities and centralized database to monitor, analyze and report their program's scores at school and district levels.


Children of the U.S.A., Multicultural Resource Books and Materials, $23.95

Children of the U.S.A. is co-published by Charlesbridge Publishing and reveals the new face of American youth. The full-color photos show American children of all races in 51 U.S. cities-one in each state and in the nation's capital. Used as a fundraising tool, a portion of the proceeds will support innovative community-based organizations that serve the world's most vulnerable children-from Native American youth whose homes were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina to orphans in Uganda.



enVisionMATH, Interactive Math Program, Internet, $23-$60 per student by grade level

enVisionMATH, which is published in both English and Spanish, uses a visual approach to help students develop a deep conceptual understanding of math content through interactive and visual learning, daily differentiated instruction, and integrated digital resources. This standards-based program is organized into 20 topics and features embedded assessments. The print edition includes a Visual Learning Bridge in each lesson, with step-by-step visuals that bridge the gap between interactive learning activity and guided practice. It can be expanded with digital Visual Learning Animations that use the same images, add movement and provide additional opportunities to check students' understanding.



Resource Scheduler, Technology Management, Software, $35 per seat/on-premise, or $2 per seat per month/on-demand

Resource Scheduler is a software that helps large organizations utilize shared resources; educators can identify and reserve any resource from conference rooms to A/V equipment based on specifi c criteria. It is available either as a service or ondemand, and also enables facility managers to oversee and enforce policies that govern the use of those resources. Also included are new reports that help facility managers understand the total carbon footprint, calculate cost savings relating to conference space, and identify additional savings that might be gained by integrating the software with HVAC and other internal systems.



Look, Listen & Speak, ELL Resources, Books and Materials, $99 per kit

Look, Listen & Speak is designed for teachers of beginning and intermediate English Language Learners. The theme-based series provides a clear teaching path and accommodates students at varying levels of English acquisition. Each starter kit includes a teacher's resource book, an interactive CD for fi ve users, a set of 48 picture cards, two posters and a five-pack of student books. The five kits are titled "At School," "My Family and Me," "At Home," "My Community" and "Keeping Healthy."



StepUp, Administrative Management System, Software, Pricing dependent upon district needs

School districts use StepUp to collect critical student achievement data and report and analyze results, as well as to facilitate professional development for counseling and administrative staff. Features include vertical articulation, which is designed to place students in the most rigorous courses indicated for their skill levels, climate surveys to measure key dimensions of a school's climate, and reporting to ensure that students are placed on their optimal trajectory. It also includes the Counselor Professional Learning Community, a professional development opportunity that ensures counselors receive timely information and relevant tools to effectively counsel students toward their postsecondary plans.



StudyJams!, Musical Learning Resource, Internet, $79 per educator/annual subscription, $99 per year/home subscription

StudyJams! is an online resource targeting students in grades 3-6. It helps them tackle math and science homework questions through animated videos, karaoke songs, interactive tutorials, quizzes and more. The multimedia activities break down diffi cult concepts and explain them in a contemporary, realistic way. Students earn points by completing different learning activities, which can be redeemed at the Web site's online music studio, where they can create their own downloadable MP3 music mixes.


Quiet Climate 2, Facilities Heating and Cooling Solution, Hardware, Price varies

Quiet Climate 2 is a wall-mount heat pump that delivers operating sound levels 20 to 35 times quieter than standard units. It's also 44 percent more energy effcient during cooling and 38 percent during heating. It uses environmentally friendly refrigerants and is designed for fast installation and easy servicing. While the HVAC unit works well with new construction, it can also be retrofitted to older classrooms, including portable classrooms.



Adaptive Curriculum, Interactive Science and Math, Online library, Starts at $10 per student

Adaptive Curriculum's online math and science for middle grade students contains more than 200 math and science activity objects. These courses package math and science content as single topics, and their interactive segments can be used in a variety of learning environments. Students participate in virtual experiments, scientific-inquiry exercises and problem-based learning that helps them gain valuable knowledge and develop critical thinking skills. Teachers can also use the interactive content as part of a classroom presentation with a projector or through an interactive whiteboard.


InformationNOW, Communication Management System, Internet, $7.50-$15.00 per student depending on district size

Through collaboration with SchoolMessenger, HealthMaster and ConnectEdu, STI has added new modules to its online student information system. Schools can now track and manage school-to-home communications, health services and electronic transcript exchange with higher education institutions. Schools can use the system for routine daily calls, such as absence notifi cations and highpriority rapid notifications, such as weather and emergency alerts. They can also record and detail every aspect of their health services to minimize paperwork. The SIF-certified system (Schools Interoperability Framework) also documents student demographic and medical history data and tracks medications, special needs, immunizations, referrals and more.



AP Launcher, Rocketry Kit, Hardware, $275

Pitsco's air-powered launcher and rocket provides an intermediate activity for aerospace curricula that is safe and relevant. Powered by air pressurized in a bottle, the launcher sends tube rockets 100 feet or more into the air while launched at an angle. Featuring an adjustable launch from 0 to 90 degrees, students can experiment with angle, pressure and range. Perched on a small tripod, the launcher offers stability and uses a tire pump to provide the required air pressure (0-20 PSI) for smooth and controlled launches.


Teacher Experience Exchange, Online Curriculum Sharing, Internet, Free

Educators who belong to the Teacher Experience Exchange online community can share their classroom experiences and ideas with other educators. Features of the Web site include forums where teachers can discuss teaching techniques and share lesson plans, projects and photos of classroom setups, tutorials for teaching technology in the classroom, free technology resources, and complete curricula of Vista, XP and Office 2003/2007 courses that are also available through podcasts and videos.


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Learn 360, Online Video Streaming Service, Internet, Starting price $500 per site

Learn 360's video streaming service provides K12 educators with a growing library of audio files, still images and full-length educational videos, as well as thousands of video clips aligned to state standards. Subscribers can add their own content and choose three formats for viewing and downloading: Flash, Windows Media and QuickTime, which enable the videos to be viewed at DVD quality. Still images are JPEG, while audio fi les are MP3 format. Teachers can also add links to their own content in any digital video or audio format.



ERGO, Digital Room Correction System, Hardware, $799

ERGO's digital room analysis and correction system is compatible with all recording and monitoring systems. It improves any studio mixing space by correcting for real-world acoustic problems. It connects to a PC via Firewire when it is performing its room analysis, but since all correction processing resides in the unit, no overhead is needed from the computer audio system. It can also function in pure analog systems since it can work as a standalone room correction/speaker control unit after room analysis is complete.



VueAlert, Desktop Alert System, Software, Pricing starts at $180/75-user pack, and $3,600 per 5,000 users

VueAlert's desktop system delivers alerts and important notifi cations to staff and pupils. Messages can be sent across an enterprise to both Mac and Windows desktops without the need for network modifications or switch configuration. They can also be prioritized by severity, and a reply can be requested. The message automatically pops up on the screen and can be accompanied by an audible alert. The administrator's system logs dates and time of sent messages, which ensures that messages were received.



DORA-Diagnostic Online Reading, Assessment Internet, $6-$15 per student (annual site license based on population)

DORA diagnoses the reading ability of K12 students based on best practices in the reading assessment field. It uses a combination of text, audio and multimedia images to measure eight reading subskills, high-frequency words, word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, oral vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension and fluency. The company's other online tool-Diagnostic Online Math Assessment-assesses the number and measurement skills of K5 and remedial math students.



Mobile One Classbook 100, Student Notebook Computer, Hardware, $1,375

Drop tested to military standard, the Mobile One Classbook was designed to withstand the knocks, scrapes and bumps of school life. Its rubber bumper plate and magnesium alloy lid protects the screen. Other features include a splash- and spill-proof keyboard, enhanced key strength, same color casing as paint finishes so any scratches won't show, and anti-trip cable that prevents the power port from being damaged when the power cable is caught. An integrated Web cam comes standard along with 3G capability, a battery life monitor, steel-plated Kensington lock and Wake-on LAN support.



IP Cam ZVC7630W, Security Camera, Hardware, $320

Zonet's IP Cam offers two-way audio capabilities. Users can view and record video on up to 16 cameras simultaneously and capture video in low light environments. Other features include 3x digital zoom, motion detection 3 scalable windows, and Web confi guration with password protection support. The motion detect menu contains the command and option that enables users to set up the motion detection feature, which provides up to two detecting areas.



STAGEPAS 500, Portable Stereo PA System, Hardware, $1,249

Yamaha's 500-watt, 10-input portable stereo PA system offers sound in an ultracompact design that provides flexible input capability and simple operation. Features include two, 2-way loudspeakers and a 10-channel stereo powered mixer. Each speaker contains a 10-inch woofer and a one-inch compression driver, driven by an efficient 250-watt (x2) Class D amplifier. The mixer offers balanced XLR connectors, mic/line switches and balanced one-quarter-inch jacks, two-band channel EQ and switchable 24-bit digital reverb. The first two channels also provide a compressor/limiter switch that can tailor the unit for music or speech use.



Activexpression, Student, Response Device, Hardware, $2,375/25 handsets, and $2,695/32 handsets

With Activexpression, students can express themselves through a full range of response types-multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, multiple response, put in order, gap fill words, Likert scales, confidence checking and alphanumeric response. It offers two-way communication and gives teachers the ability to provide feedback to individual students or an entire class as well as create quizzes and polls, without prior preparation. The software included also provides a question master, which allows for the creation of question banks using the full range of response types.



The Algebra Survival Guide, Algebra Supplemental Products, Books and Materials, $19.95/guide, $9.95/workbook, $44.95/30-pack consumable workbooks

Author Josh Rappaport provides student-friendly instruction in the trickiest Algebra 1 topics by teaching in a Q&A format. Each page focuses on just one concept, presenting bite-sized chunks of information so students are not overwhelmed with information. Practice problems are also included at the bottom of each page. In addition, the book contains clever cartoons. As a supplement, the Algebra Survival Guide Workbook is also available, which offers thousands of practice problems that lead students to the mastery level.



A+nyWhere Learning System, Physical Science and Sciences I-VIII Courses, Online Courseware, $1,000-$1,200 per course

A+nyWhere Learning Systems has added two new courses to its product offerings. Physical Science covers all aspects of the high school physical science curriculum. Major themes include the fundamentals of chemistry, matter and energy, and various scientific fields. All 31 lessons contain a study guide, practice and mastery test, and an essay or constructed response. The other course, The Sciences I-VIII, features an additional 100 lessons in grades 1-8 that focus on scientific inquiry, the nature and history of science, science in perspective, physical science, life science, earth science and technology.


SMART Board 600i, Interactive Whiteboard System, Hardware, $3,299

The SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system combines the 680 interactive whiteboard with the new Unifi 45 projector but costs 25 percent less than the original system. It's short-throw, high-offset projector reduces shadows that are cast onto the whiteboard and, since the projector is connected directly above the whiteboard, it eliminates the need for complicated wiring, ceiling mounting, or installation of a power outlet in the ceiling. The projector also features a collapsible boom, while the whiteboard enables teachers to turn the entire system on or off with one button and easily connect computers or switch between peripherals.


Spelling Bee Preparation, Internet, Free

This Web site was recently launched to help prepare students for spelling bees. The Web 2.0 application enables parents and teachers to share their lists with others. The site contains more than 27,000 words, including plurals, contractions, future and past tenses and uses a real human voice that says both the word and the word in a sentence. Other key features include a "Teach Me" function that spells out the word using both visual and auditory input to improve retention and games, enabling students to use their own words or saved lists.


School Download Library, eBook and Audio Downloads, Internet, Starting at $10,000

School Download Library features a core collection of over 600 recreational and curriculum-based eBook and audiobook downloads, as well as access to a digital warehouse of over 100,000 popular and best-selling download titles in all subjects. Popular favorites include Ella Enchanted and The Lord of the Rings and authors such as Kurt Vonnegut and William Shakespeare. It's designed to improve language skills, enrich vocabulary, support reading comprehension and motivate students to read more. Students can take the downloaded titles with them on compatible mobile devices such as MP3 players, Smartphones and laptop computers.



Notebook, Student Notebook Computer, Hardware, Starting at $479

The Zonbu Notebook 15.4-inch widescreen laptop comes with many features. It is priced at $479, but if buyers commit to a two-year subscription of Zonbu's hassle-free plan at $14.95 per month, they receive a $200 discount off the notebook. It offers an Intel-like, low-power CPU, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hard disk, DVD-ROM/CD-RW, and built-in speaker, microphone and headphone ports. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps its charge for approximately three hours. It also includes three USB 2.0 ports and is broadband ready-10/100 MB Ethernet and 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi built-in. With the subscription plan, there is also a free same-day replacement if the device fails-and because everything is saved online, the user just plugs in the replacement and is up and running.There is also a desktop model priced at $99.

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