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Sanford Back to School Supplies, Books and Materials, Pricing varies

Sanford's new back-to-school supplies include the Sharpie Accent Jumbo Highlighter, its longest writing highlighter, with chisel tip and bold colors such as fluorescent pink, orange and green. It is priced at $2.27 for a two-pack and $4.54 for a four-pack. The Parker Jotter pens have ultrabright hues with new shades that include funky fuchsia, arctic blue and neon green. Each pen is accented with stainless-steel trim. Pricing for the Jotter is $6.15 each. The Expo Click introduces the first retractable dry erase marker from Expo. Its Safety Seal valve prevents marker dry out, and the cap free design makes the marker easy to open and close with one hand. Additionally, the marker colors-black, blue and red-are bold and can be seen from a distance, and the low odor ink is ideal for classrooms. The Expo Click is priced at $4.50 for a threepack. More new back-to-school products can be found at the Sanford Web site.



Port?g? M700-S7002, Convertible Tablet, Hardware, $1,799

Toshiba's Port?g? M700-S7002 convertible tablet has all the attributes Toshiba has become known for, including an integrated SuperMulti drive media reader, a fingerprint reader, integrated Webcam, Bluetooth, and a very responsive digitized pen. The Port?g? weighs 4.6 pounds, with a 12.1-inch anti-glare diagonal widescreen LED backlit display. It includes Intel's Core 2 Duo processors, supports wireless 802.11agn, and comes with up to 160GB hard drive capacity. Furthermore, three USB 2.0 ports, as well as ports for an external display, a microphone and a headphone are also provided. The Port?g? comes with comprehensive 3rd Generation EasyGuard technology to help protect the hard drive from bumps and shocks, as well as a spill-resistant keyboard.


Keys to Curriculum Mapping, A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development, Books and Materials, $299

The Keys to Curriculum Mapping kit is designed around Susan Udelhofen's bestselling book of the same name. This multimedia presentation is a complete resource for staff developers, offering practical strategies and answers. A 44-minute VHS videotape, DVD, facilitator's guide, and companion books are included in the kit. Topics covered are understanding the role of curriculum mapping, promoting staff development, matching teaching to assessment, adapting curriculum mapping to support other school-based programs, and how curriculum mapping helps to implement No Child Left Behind mandates.



3M SCP712 Projector, Hardware, $2,645

The 3M SCP712 can stand alone as a tabletop projector, or it can be ceiling mounted if a wall mount is not practical. The projector's dimensions are 13.5 x 6.1 x 12.7 inches, and it weighs 9.9 pounds. Features include 3M's Vikuiti Super Close Projection technology, XGA (1024x768) resolution, and a maximum rating of 2,000 lumens. Normal lamp life is 2,000 hours (3,000 in economy mode). With a folding wall mount (optional), the 3M SCP712 provides additional safety and can project an image that is 60-80 diagonal inches. Image size projected from a tabletop is 30-180 inches. It's a great choice for educators to use with existing dry erase boards or interactive whiteboards. Cables, power cord, remote control with batteries, safety guide and multilanguage operator's guide on CD are included.



Teachermate, Student Handheld Computer, Hardware, $50

The Teachermate handheld computer is a compact mobile learning tool designed specifically for early elementary students. It resembles a handheld game, and it only takes a few buttons to control the interface. It is light, has rounded edges and extra protection over the screen, and can withstand use by 5-year-olds. It has no moving parts, uses flash memory, and boots up in less than 10 seconds. The Teachermate has a 200MHz, 32-bit, ARM9 computer processor, with 500MB NAND fl ash RAM and a 16-bit LCD display. There is an SD card slot for future expandability. It has a built-in speaker and a jack for a headphone, as well as a built-in microphone for voice recording. The Teachermate can be charged by either an AC adapter or by a USB connection to a personal computer. In a classroom setting, multiple Teachermates can be charged and synched in an optional synch-and-store case. The Teachermate has a battery life of about 3.5 hours between charges.


Maps101, Maps and Geography Curriculum Resources, Books and Materials, $579/annual subscription

K12 teachers, students and librarians can access the Web-based Maps101 for more than 4,000 easy-to-print maps and geography learning resources. The Web site also includes more than 200 lesson plans, daily and weekly current events articles, interactive mapping features and satellite imagery, Flash-animated games and quizzes, and current world and U.S. reference atlases.



500 series, Projectors, Hardware, Starting at $995

Mitsubishi's new series of XGA projectors includes the XD500U at 2,200 lumens, the XD510U at 2,600 lumens, the XD520U at 3,000 lumens and an SVGA (800x600) model, the SD 510U, at 2,200 lumens. All include Texas Instruments' new DDP 2230 DMD chip and a sixsegment color wheel (R, G, B, W, Y, C). The fi lter-free projectors also have a center lens design and top-loading lamp. Color wall support also allows users to select a particular surface color, including beige, blue, green, pink, blackboard or a new whiteboard setting that helps eliminates hotspots.



Study Buddy, Student Learning and Study Solution, Books and Materials, $69.75

The Study Buddy allows educators and students to record and play practice lessons with the ease of one-touch operation. Using the battery-operated interactive Study Buddy, educators can create a lesson in minutes for individuals or small groups. Using dry erase pens, photographs and other graphics, including artwork on reusable electronic cards, educators can record an accompanying voice instruction that is unique for each study card. Simply by slipping a photo into one of the cards, inserting the card into the reader, and then recording up to 10 seconds of audio, an educator can create a unique learning activity. The lesson remains as created until the card is changed. Study Buddy comes with 36 two-sided reusable laminated cards that provide up to 72 individual 10-second recordings. Study Buddy can assist with learning a foreign language, completing learning center activities, learning math facts, and practicing reading skills, such as learning new vocabulary.



Power LogOn, Security and Identity Solution, Software, $129.99/starter kit

Using Power LogOn, schools can now customize individual smart cards for identity management, cashless transactions, and secure building and network access, providing a wide array of security and amenities for students and administrators. Smart cards protect valuable information, such as logon passwords and student ID and credit card numbers, while securely accessing personal accounts from computers running the software. administrators can run the program with the school's network authentication codes stored on a primary server like Active Directory. Students and faculty can also be assigned variable access privileges to appropriate department fi les and information sources.



Own These Words!, Professional Development, Books and Materials, $15.99

Own These Words! by author Noah Bhody presents 5,000 words that can help educators become skillful communicators. Twenty words are presented on each of the book's 250 pages. Each page covers a different topic, ranging from animals and architecture to food and females. The author recommends that readers practice these words for one hour a day, five ways a week. By the end of the year, readers will then have mastered their pronunciations and understand their definitions.



DC260 , Visual Presenter, Hardware, $1,299

Lumens' new and lighter (5 pounds) DC260 Visual Presenter, at 17 x 8.3 x 22 inches, is HD capable with features including a 1080p HDM1 output for large-screen, flat-panel, high-definition display, audio and video processor for full-frame video recording to an SD card (up to 4GB), and ultrasharp 3x optical zoom. Additionally, the DC260 has a 22-inch gooseneck to capture larger or wide-angle images and two cold-cathode lamps that can uniformly illuminate objects from any angle. Furthermore, with "Half-page" mode, educators can toggle from full page to half page without moving the actual document, and by using "Picture-in-Picture" mode, teachers can compare and contrast images side-by-side. The DC260 is equipped with a built-in microphone, and supports USB 2.0 for Windows and Macintosh. The accessories included are a VGA cable, power cord, USB cable, video cable, credit card-sized remote, and microscope adaptor.



The Character Chronicles, Character Building Videos, Software, $69.95 each,$359.50/series

The Character Chronicles are intended for students in grades 4-8. This VHS or DVD series explores the six pillars of character through the eyes of a middle school video blogger: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Each 25-minute program is closed-captioned and includes humorous vignettes, insightful teen discussions, and a facilitator's guide with discussion questions, writing assignments and other activities designed to enhance learning.


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ThinkCentre M57/M57 Eco, Energy-Efficient Computer, Hardware, $844

At 10.8 x 9.5 x 3.2 inches, the M57 ThinkCentre and the M57 Eco ThinkCentre are Lenovo's latest ultrasmall desktop computers. They use Intel's energy-effi cient 45W processor. These EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Goldrated PC systems are GREENGUARD air quality certifi ed. The M57 Eco also uses recycled postconsumer plastics. Both machines support up to 4GB memory with a 160GB hard drive, and features include either a DVD-ROM DL SATA150 16-48X Max Drive, or a Super Multiburner DL DVD?RW drive, as well as an external power adapter.


The Forte CD/DVD Duplicator

Automated Disc Duplicator, Hardware, $499

The new Forte automated CD/DVD duplicator is an easy-to-use standalone that burns all brands. Its 20x DVD?R/40x CD-R drive features a 25 amp input/output capacity, sturdy fan, and 160GB hard drive that stores up to 31 full-size DVD images. Duplication rates are 7 DVDs or 14 CDs per hour. The Forte has a built-in LCD controller allowing one-touch operation while using professional grade robotics. Advanced control features include the option to duplicate CDs and DVDs in both single and multi-master modes.



Teens, Sex and Health, EduCouch Educational DVD, Software, $24.95

This EduCouch two-disc DVD series features seven experts in all fields related to sexual education. It covers everything from protection to sexual pharmacology. The DVD offers vital facts that may influence young adult decisions, which in turn may shape overall health and happiness. While doing this, the content is kept appropriate for the teen audience. Teens will learn about female and male reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, AIDS, drugs and alcohol, establishing values, birth control, dating and relationships. The DVD menu is easy to navigate, there are bullet-point outlines while experts speak, and a table of contents booklet is included.



TechYES Science Starter Kit, Technology Literacy Certification Program, Books and Materials, $595

TechYES Science is a new technology literacy certifi cation program based on science projects in grades 6-9. Students complete projects aligned to their existing science curriculum that meet the ISTE NETS technology standards for students and can gain national certifi cation. The TechYES Science Starter Kit contains 30 fullcolor student guides, a comprehensive implementation guide, TechYES certifi cates of technology literacy success, two full-color classroom posters, and a Web portal account. Additionally, there's a resource CD, which includes reproducibles, guides and video. The TechYES Science Technology Literacy Certifi cation through science projects meet STEM and NCLB initiatives for middle school science.



PJ513DB DLP Projector, Hardware, $499

ViewSonic's PJ513DB DLP projector's price is perfect for K12 front-projection needs and budgets. It is lightweight at 5.7 pounds, offers 2,200 lumens, has 800x600 native resolution, and has a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, so the backlight brightness is ideal for any room environment. It has a variety of image settings, such as brightest, presentation, photo and cinema modes. When connected to a DVD player, the projector's multiple inputs and 720p and 1080i signal support provide high defi nition content. Its image reversing function allows flexible installation, and the advanced OnView controls adjust color intensity for screen-to-print matching. There are two operating settings, normal for maximum performance, and an "eco-mode" for low noise levels and extended lamp life.


Dyknow 5.1, Interactive Education, Software, Pricing dependent upon number of licenses purchased

DyKnow Vision and DyKnow Monitor 5.1 are sporting a newly designed Microsoft Office Fluent-based ribbon bar for better usability, easier file transfer and digital document exchanges between students and teachers, and audio recording and replay for greater accessibility to class content anytime and anywhere. Additional 5.1 upgrades include enhanced polling, real-time screen shot, force participant save, filmstrip view, active directory and Blackboard integration. The remote control feature enables educators to take control of a student's machine to help with questions, student responses, and saving poll results to Excel files for later review.


Vovici Community Builder Module, Online Survey Solution, Internet, Educational pricing available upon request

The Community Builder Module is a secure, hosted software service that makes it easy to build, manage and engage educators and students by using custom-built online communities to respond to surveys and provide feedback. Vovici's online solutions enable best practices in recruiting and managing panel relationships and provide the highest possible data quality. School districts looking to fi nd answers to problems will fi nd that the Community Builder Module provides an interactive community online to engage in a dialogue via a survey that makes it simple to get questions answered quickly. It involves staff in forming a community, getting information, participating in forums and blogs, and sharing ideas, and it also invites them to take a brief survey for gathering data. This can give a school or district decision-making power it hasn't had in the past. Features include forums, blogs, suggestion box capabilities, video sharing, and the ability to post media as well as answer surveys.



VPL-E Series Projectors, Hardware, Prices range from $910 to $1,410

Sony has expanded its entry-level line of education-suitable, LCD front projectors with four VPL-E series models, one of which is widescreen compact. The VPL-EX50 model offers 2,500 lumens, and the VPL-EX5, VPL-ES5 and VPL-EW5 (widescreen) provide 2,000 lumens each. The VPL-EX50 and VPL-EX5 models offer native XGA 1024x768 resolution, while the VPL-ES5 features SVGA 800x600 resolution. The widescreen VPL-EW5 has WXGA 1280x800 resolution. Each projector's body design broadens toward the front and projects images upward on the screen, which limits projector tilt adjustment. They are equipped with a short focal-length lens allowing largescreen display at a short distance. The VPL-E series projectors take advantage of two imaging technologies, 3LCD for brighter and more natural images, and Sony's BrightEra technology, which increases brightness and panel reliability. Presenters will appreciate Sony's "Offand-Go" feature, which allows shut down without the agony of waiting for the fan to go off. Other features include a Remote Commander unit, digital zoom up to 4x, image freeze, six picture modes, vertical keystone adjustment, auto front exhaust, and picture muting.



Scholastic Books, Books on Presidents and Elections, Books and Materials, Prices range from $4.99 to $16.99

Scholastic is providing an assortment of electionrelated books to supplement classroom reading in this presidential election year. These picture books are beautifully written and illustrated to gently introduce students to election campaigns and politics in a fun way. Titles such as Otto Runs for President by Rosemary Wells, First Kids: True Stories of All the Presidents' Children by Noah McCullough, LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign Trail by Mark Teague, What to Do about Alice? How Alice Roosevelt Broke the Rules, Charmed the World, and Drove Her Father Teddy Crazy! by Barbara Kerley, and Popular Vote by Micol Ostow are just a few that will provide great election year reading.


PT-F200 Series Projectors, Hardware, $3,999 for the PT-F200U, and $4,499 for the PT-F200NTU

Panasonic has just released two LCD PT-F200 series projectors-the PT-F200U and the PT-F200NTU, which is equipped with WLAN (wireless local area network) capabilities. The wide ranges of the vertical and horizontal lens shift and the 2x powered-zoom lens in these projectors allow for increased installation fl exibility. Both machines deliver 3,500 lumens of brightness. A combination of Panasonic's technologies is a factor in maintaining display brilliance. Among these are a unique lamp drive system for up to 5,000 hours of maximum brightness, an Auto Rolling Filter that detects airfl ow reduction and automatically advances a clean electrostatic fi lter material over the air intake port when needed, and Daylight View 4 image processing, which includes Edge Enhancement to improve detail clarity. Both projectors also come with closed caption capability, direct power off, rear-access for easy lamp replacement, numerous terminals, and remote control with a built-in laser pointer.



VT800 Projector, Hardware, $999

Besides the VT800 projector's 2,700 lumens, its features include XGA native resolution of 1024x768, a contrast ratio of 500:1, up to 3,000 hours of lamp life, and a 5-watt speaker. Users will really like 3D Reform, which squares the image by adjusting horizontally, vertically, or diagonally when the projector cannot be placed parallel or perpendicular to the screen. Additionally, the VT800 features HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) technology for improved video and data display, and Advanced AccuBlend, which ensures detailed images when using nonnative resolution sources. Setup is easy, and users will be projecting bright images in moments from computers, document cameras and other media devices.



Ekho Heart Monitors, Hardware, Starting at $49.95, quantity pricing available

The Ekho heart monitors are designed for K12 health and physical education programs. The company recommends the E10 for grades 3-5, and the E15 or WM-25 for grades 9-12. The differences in the models are the functions offered with each. The E10 is the simplest and least expensive. Its functions include time and ECG (electrocardiogram), and it comes with a chest belt transmitter, as do all the models. The WM-25, a calorie-counting model, besides its watch functions, offers current, average, and maximum heart rate, time in, above, or below target zone, and more. Operation is a single press of a button, and batteries are user-changeable. Ekho also has kits ranging from $999 for an E-10 Class Pack to $1,795 for the Health Assessment Survival Kit, which includes 30 WM-25 heart rate monitors, Bee-Fit Worker Bee Pedometers, and all the accessories needed to begin a heart rate program.

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