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Have you considered selling your surplus textbooks?

If your district has unused and used textbooks stuffed in a closet somewhere, you may have an untapped revenue source.

Selling unneeded textbooks to districts that can still use them can help pay for new textbooks, learning materials, clear valuable space, or fund other programs. Over the past decade, U.S. school districts have generated a combined total of more than $100 million in much-needed revenue by selling surplus old textbooks to Budgetext.

Budgetext works with your staff to identify the right solution for your district and determine if your books are marketable. CEO Park Anders says his team members are “experts in managing surplus textbook solutions. They are skilled at evaluating, buying and removing unwanted textbooks professionally, without creating a distraction for school officials.”

For old textbooks that can’t be sold, Budgetext can help districts dispose of them in an environmentally responsible manner. Either way, school districts come out ahead—by generating extra revenue or contributing to a greener environment.


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