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The Impact Of Email In K-12

Email solutions such as ePALS SchoolMail? have made K-12 communication and collaboration a safe and highly productive means for students, teachers and parents to connect and share information. A recent UC Irvine study reported: “Across almost all subject areas, email was used more by high-achieving classes than by low achieving classes” and that “87% of teachers reported believing that having a computer with email was ‘valuable’ or ‘essential’.”

As a pioneer in K-12 email and collaborative technology, we have had the good fortune of seeing the impact that a safe and customized email solution can have in the classroom or home. Advanced safety and monitoring controls, simplified administrative controls, built-in language translation can enable a multilingual closed school-safe email environment touching all stakeholders.

ePALS SchoolMail allows ideas and information to flow rapidly through the district, important interaction, school documents and homework assignments to be shared or stored, teachers and parents to communicate more easily, the power of email is harnessed so that students communicate in a pedagogically relevant manner. Web-based email solutions are affordable, do not require hardware purchase and significantly decrease in-school tech support needed to manage the system. The use of safe email:

? Builds literacy, writing and shared-learning skills

? Integrates simple collaborative technology into the curriculum

? Provides a parental component / a home-to-school connection

? Enables eMentoring and global classroom exchanges

? Assists with professional development

? Allows for customized filtering, monitoring, profanity and keyword blocking

? Provides spam, virus and attachment checking and blocking

? Enables email broadcasts to specific school groups

? Enables a customized school interface and email address

School email has a dramatic improvement in literacy skills where students are motivated and engaged to write and read. Email gives students the confidence to interact and view the vocabulary and writing styles of teachers, parents and peers and incorporate them into their own skill set. Products such as ePALS SchoolMail creates an array of possibilities and can be a powerful eLear ning tool accessible from school and home.

Tim DiScipio ? Chairman & Co-Founder