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It's all about our people


Dear reader,

In past issues of TechSavers, we've talked about the many products and services offered by CDI, the education market's leading supplier of certified refurbished computers.


This time, we're doing something a little different — providing a glimpse of some of the people that contribute to our success. CDI offers superior products at an incredible price, but what really sets us apart from the competition is our employees.

Ask anyone who has ever placed an order with us, and they'll tell you our customer experience is second to none. From sales representatives to warehouse workers, technicians to finance staffers, our employees work hand-in-hand to make sure your school gets the best technology at the best price, with the best support in the business.

I'm proud that everyone at CDI takes accountability for making sure our customers get exactly what they expect — and often a lot more.

Saar Pikar

Chief Executive Officer

CDI Computers

<h2> Meet our People</h1>

<a href="">The go-to guy for schools that want great deals </a></li>

<a href="">Purchaser finds the right units for each district </a></li>

<a href="">Production Manager ensures quality </a></li>

<a href="">Empowered customer service staff say "Yes" </a></li>

<a href="">Finance chief creates payment options</a></li>