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Product Focus

K12 learning spaces

Today, virtual reality devices transport classrooms to the moon and back. On Earth, students complete quizzes while lying on floor mats and build robots at customizable workbenches.

Schools moving away from traditional classrooms now fill their learning spaces with tables that can connect to each other and stools that can tilt, among other flexible furniture. Desks, for instance, now have height-adjustable surfaces and TV monitor lifts.

The goal is to increase student engagement and productivity.


The Marvel Group

Students can adjust the height of XT desks from 28 to 42 inches and maneuver them easily across the classroom on 2-inch casters. The furniture features storage for tablets, and the workspace can be expanded with an optional fold-up shelf.


SKooL Tables

Students can connect these tables to form lines, grids, arcs and circles due to their curvy surfaces. Fixed-height tables come with carpet casters, and adjustable-height models can be raised from 28 to 37.45 inches. Wire management panels are optional.


School Outfitters

These steel workbenches incorporate a pegboard design that allows students to attach storage bins and hooks. This also lets learners move shelving and connect Creation Stations. Teachers can choose between wood or whiteboard working surfaces and locking casters or “non-marrying” glide wheels.


VS America Inc.

Students can learn while lying comfortably on the ground with Shift+ Landscape furniture. Foam-padded mats and durable carpets feature anti-slip bottoms and loops for carrying. Both come as rectangles or 60-degree wedges to match Shift+ cabinets. Foam-padded back support rolls have durable covers.


Office Depot

Students can explore coral reefs, the surface of Mars and other captivating places with these kits of 10, 20 or 30 virtual reality headsets. Teachers can use the included tablet to guide and annotate these experiences. Educators can store the whole kit, including device chargers and a router, in a rolling case.



The height-adjustable monitor lift on this collection of round and rectangular tables raises and lowers 43-inch TVs. Students can store displays in a cabinet under the lift, and connect these devices to three outlets and one USB port. The Verb Active Media Tables come with locking casters or glides for mobility.


Smith System

Students can sit on two sides of this 17-inch-diameter stool—one surface is flat and the other tilts 10 degrees in any direction. Learners can also stack these 6.5-inch-high stools to add seating height. Oodle comes in five mix-and-match colors.


Spectrum Industries Inc.

Two flip-up shelves on these carts provide space for four students to participate in hands-on activities. Two slide-out shelves hold removable bins for storing materials. Teachers can adjust the Builder Cart’s height from 30 to 36 inches and move the cart across the classroom on 3-inch wheels.