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K12 reader survey

The road ahead in public ed
  • Regarding some overarching trends in education, how concerned are you about the following issues as they relate to your district?
  • Regarding security, respondents said their district would invest in the following during 2018: (Select up to three)
  • Regarding facilities, which of the following will occur in your district in 2018? (Select up to three)
  • Regarding technology, which of the following areas will see the most significant growth in your district in 2018?
  • Which of the following areas will your district address with new or additional attention in 2018? (Select up to three)
  • Regarding classroom instructional practice, to which of the following areas will your district devote the most attention in 2018? (Select up to three)
  • Regarding health and wellness, what will happen with the following issues in your district during 2018?

Growing mental health needs of students ranked as one of the major issues facing educators who participated in DA’s 2018 Outlook Survey.

More than 70 percent said they were “very concerned” about how these challenges will affect their district, with another 25 percent “somewhat concerned.”

Districts will also continue to be proactive when it comes to school safety, with nearly half of respondents saying they are likely to invest in surveillance cameras.

Thirty-one percent expect to put funds into active shooter preparation, while 21 percent will beef up physical building security.

STEM leads the way when it comes to academic areas that will receive additional attention, with career and technical education close behind.

Educators also expect to continue investing heavily in Chromebooks and internet/Wi-Fi infrastructure as districts work to improve digital equity for students.

A total of 343 leaders participated in the survey for 2018, responding to seven questions that covered technology, security, facilities, health and wellness, classroom instruction, and other topics.