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Timeliner XE, Student, Presentation Program, Software, $99 for one computer, up to $2,600 for an unlimited site license

Tom Snyder Productions’ updated version of its Timeliner program was developed with Adobe AIR technology and is an all-in-one tool designed to help K12 students conduct online research, visually organize information in timelines, and communicate their learning in rich multimedia presentations. The “timeline” format for student presentations using this software emphasizes skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and communication. Such timelines can be used in social studies to illustrate history, science to demonstrate cycles and processes, or language arts to explore story arcs and plot sequences, for example. Unique features in XE include an integrated, seamless Web browser to enable online research without exiting the program, intuitive formatting tools, and a library of more than 1,000 media files and free articles from Grolier Online.



Evergreen 17, Desktop PC, Hardware, $1,195

Tangent’s Evergreen 17 is an ultraslim, all-in-one, touch-screen desktop PC with extremely low power and maintenance requirements, making it an environmentally friendly computing solution with a low total cost of ownership. The space saving, power efficient design is just 2.25 inches in depth, weighs 15.8 pounds, and uses just 24 watts of electricity, 72 percent lower than Energy Star 4.0 limits. Available options include a Via Eden 1Ghz or ViaC7 1.5Ghz processor, Windows XP Professional or Linux operating systems, a low maintenance solid-state drive in 1, 2, 3, 16, 32, or 64GB configurations or a traditional spindle hard drive from 60 to 250GB, and up to 2GB of DDR SDRAM memory.



MailArchiver, E-mail Archiving Program, Software, Starting at $648

GFI’s MailArchiver is a comprehensive e-mail archiving and management software package for Microsoft Exchange Server. To facilitate the task of e-mail archiving, made vital by recent federal mandates and for legal liability, the MailArchiver software stores all district e-mail in a central location that can easily be accessed in two ways: through a folder in Outlook or via a Web browser. Users are able to archive past, present and future e-mails into one or multiple databases. Auditing capabilities prohibit tampering, and advanced e-mail search and “saved search” capabilities enable fast and intuitive access to archives. The program’s storage system also reduces any organization’s dependence on individual PST (Personal STore) files, thereby streamlining and centralizing operations.



D825MS, D825MX, Projectors, Hardware, $699 and $799

Vivitek’s latest value-priced projectors each use DLP chips with BrilliantColor, and have 2,200 lumens of brightness and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio. The D825MS has native SVGA (800x600) resolution, while the D825MX achieves native XGA (1024x768). These models are designed to offer high performance at a low cost, and at just 5.7 pounds, in a lightweight and portable size. Each also offers a lower wattage Eco- Mode setting to enable up to 4,000 hours of use before lamp replacement. Other features include an instant on/off capability, vertical digital keystone correction, built-in Kensington security locks to prevent theft, and a variety of input connections for use with various video and computer sources.



CyberBully Alert, Anti-cyberbullying Program, Software, $14.95/$4.95 per month

Since good communication between young people and caring adults is the most important factor in Internet safety, CyberBully Alert is a Web-based software program designed to be an easy way for young victims of cyberbullying to contact concerned adults immediately. When students have this program installed on their PCs and are victims of bullying, they can click on the CyberBully Alert icon to send an instant alert via e-mail or text message to a predetermined list of adults, and the software automatically takes a screen shot of the incident for documentation for school or law enforcement officials.



PLV-Z700, Projector, Hardware, $1,995

The PLV-Z700 is Sanyo’s entry-level HD projector. It achieves full 1080p resolution via a 3LCD chip, enabling the use of the most demanding high-definition sources. A versatile lens shifting system enables placement of the projector virtually anywhere by allowing the projected image to be moved the equivalent of 3 screens vertically and 2 screens orizontally. Its variable iris also adjusts automatically to optimum light levels every 1/60th of a second, and Sanyo’s 3D color management system optimizes the potential of Deep Color via HDMI 1.3 inputs. At 1,200 lumens, this projector would be best in a dark or dimly lit room, but with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, five video modes and a rich color management system, it will provide a vivid, high-resolution image almost anywhere.



ZinkoTek System, Large-scale Construction Set, Books and Materials, $350

The ZinkoTek System is a large-scale construction set made of 100 percent recyclable EVA foam that is able to be used indoors or outdoors. An expandable building system, ZinkoTek is intended for 4- to 8-year-olds, consists of 276 interlocking pieces in an array of shapes and colors, and includes plastic nuts and bolts. The components are soft yet sturdy, making finished construction projects strong enough for children to play in, but they come apart easily when desired. The sets are designed to foster creativity, collaboration and teamwork as children build a variety of structures, and they include a picture-based instruction book to inspire ideas. Every piece has been thoroughly safety tested to the U.S. Toy Safety Standards.



ACUIX ES, Security Camera, Facilities, Contact manufacturer for price

The ACUIX ES is the latest addition to Honeywell’s line of pan/ tilt/zoom security cameras. An indoor surveillance model, the ACUIX ES is energy effi cient, using just 15 watts of power rather than the average of 29 watts used by other models in this series. The ACUIX ES is also designed to simplify installation. It includes in-ceiling housing and a surface mount configuration, and at just eight inches in height and with an integral recessed mount, it is a low profi le, inconspicuous surveillance solution. Password protection prevents unauthorized system setting changes, coaxial video and two contact inputs are standard, and an 18X auto-focus dome and 2.8-10mm Vari-focal Auto Iris lens ensure clear image quality. The ACUIX ES is also compatible with all Honeywell digital video recorders, encoders and matrix switchers.



MultiSync EA221WM, Widescreen Monitor, Hardware, $389.99

The MultiSync EA221WM is a 22-inch premium enterprise display monitor built with high performance panel technology, a 5ms response time, WSXGA (1680x1050) resolution, a wide viewing angle up to 176 degrees, and an ultrahigh contrast ratio of 1,000:1 for high image quality. Additional features include four-way ergonomic capability, a four-port USB hub, and built-in multimedia speakers. The widescreen design facilitates wide format applications, such as viewing and working with large spreadsheets, Web pages, or multiple programs side by side. This model is also Energy Star compliant and includes an ECO Mode, allowing users to reduce the power consumption and waste heat emitted, and a built-in carbon footprint meter, which informs and motivates responsible use by calculating and tracking carbon savings.



Classroom Version 3, Language Program, Software, Pricing varies

Rosetta Stone Classroom Version 3 includes innovative features to enhance language learning. Features include advanced speech recognition technology from the beginning of the program, speech analysis tools to aid pronunciation, and grammar and spelling components to help build comprehensive language skills. Unique milestones test language skills using real-life simulated conversations, and an intuitive, sequential learning system builds lessons progressively. The program is designed for easy integration into a language teacher’s overall language curriculum, and it includes the Rosetta Stone Manager administrative and reporting tool to enable tailored curricula and close monitoring of student progress. Version 3 is available in 14 of the most in-demand classroom languages such as Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), French and German, with an additional 17 languages available in Version 2.



LCN 4040 Snap On Cover, Door Accessory, Facilities, $15

In an effort to help the large number of institutions who use Ingersoll Rand’s most popular door closer reduce the risk of vandalism or unauthorized adjustment, the company’s 4040 Snap On Cover is intended to be a simple, affordable and foolproof solution. The cover is also designed to make the door more aesthetically pleasing and to prevent dirt or other matter from decreasing the performance of the door closer. It snaps on securely and easily without screws and is available in all LCN standard architectural finishes and for both left-and right-handed doors. A clip holds the cover in place and allows easy removal when desired without damaging the door closer or cover.



5.8 GHz IP Ready Wireless, Power Boxes, Security Camera Accessory, Facilities, $1,976

Videolarm’s 5.8 GHz IP Ready Wireless Power Boxes simplify and speed the construction of complex wireless security camera infrastructures. Outdoorrated with UL-approved power supply, these boxes provide secure, 128-bit encrypted video data transmission up to two miles at 54Mbps. This capability is useful for any security camera implementation in remote locations, saving the time and expense of installing long video transmission cables. Easy-to-use, intuitive software is included, synchronizing the cameras with today’s leading wireless mesh systems including Airpath, BelAir, Cisco, Firetide, Go, Nortel, SkyPilot, and Tropos. These boxes are compatible with cameras from Videolarm or other manufacturers.


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Early Reading Intervention, Reading Intervention Program, Books and Materials, Starting at $990

This systematic, intensive reading program is designed to quickly accelerate students to grade-level proficiency through 20 to 30 minutes of daily work. A research-based, supplemental curriculum that supports the three-tier Response to Intervention model, Wright Group’s Early Reading Intervention is ideal for students in tier 2 and is designed to be used by teachers or trained paraprofessionals under the guidance of a reading specialist in grades K3. The program includes diagnostic assessments, predictable and efficient intervention routines, intensive levels of reading, professional development tools, online assessments and printable take-home books. Kits include a coaching guide, assessment handbook, alphabet books, student readers and more.


Teachscape XL, Professional Development Platform, Internet, Starting at $1,500

Teachscape has merged two of its technologies: PDS2, the online case study content database and search engine, and Online Program Manager, the professional development content resource, to create the new Teachscape XL. The result is an online professional development resource that combines every element of Teachscape’s training, including text, videos and interactive applications, into a single, searchable library. The library allows teachers, instructional leaders or administrators to easily assemble items or create new resources, enabling professional training to be custom designed for a particular district.



Computrace LoJack for Laptops, Laptop Tracking Program, Software, Starting at $39.99 per year

Absolute Software’s Computrace is a computer recovery software program that is now available with GPS geolocation tracking. This new tracking capability complements Computrace’s Internet-based tracking and reporting capabilities by enabling users to pinpoint the location of a missing laptop on a map to within 33 feet. IT personnel or other users are also able to remotely delete sensitive information in the event of a theft, easily inventory all computers regardless of their location, remotely inventory software licenses, or detect hardware changes or prohibited software installations. Computrace software is embedded in the firmware of computers from leading manufacturers to prevent any possibility of tampering, and will survive operating system reinstallations, as well as hard drive reformatting, replacement or reimaging.


ANGEL Learning

ePortfolio 2.1, Assessment Portfolio Program, Software, Pricing varies

ANGEL ePortfolio provides both students and administrators a digital destination to collect assessment results and other evidence of educational growth. Students can build electronic portfolios of their educational achievement and personal growth, and administrators can manage evidence of program achievement. As an easily integrated complement to ANGEL’s Learning Management Suite, ePortfolio allows students to collect and organize their work from both inside and outside the classroom, teachers to assign work and collect evidence of student performance, and administrators to organize and access a database of this information. Version 2.1 offers a redesigned user interface and enhanced compatibility with LMS.



AVerVision SPB350, Visual Presenter, Hardware, $2,499

This visual presenter features a 5-megapixel camera, full HD 1080p output, and 20X optical zoom to provide exceptional image quality. The SPB350 also includes interactive software, network sharing capability, and a 4 in. by 3 in. presenting lightbox. The 5-megapixel camera captures 30 frames per second, ensuring clarity of moving images. The networking capability allows users to connect to and view a live presentation through a local area network and to control features such as annotation, zoom or image capture over a LAN. The included software offers features such as enhanced annotation, image capture and video recording with audio, full visualizer control, copy and paste, continuous time-lapse image capture, and more.


CarLine Manager, Dismissal Resource, Internet, Free

CarLine Manager is a new, free tool released by carpooling organization Divide the Ride that is intended to help schools and parents coordinate and efficiently manage afternoon pickups of students. Parents use the service by logging in to the secure site and filling out pickup assignments for each day, specifically which parent, relative or other approved adult will be arriving. Every day just prior to dismissal, CarLine Manager automatically sends an e-mail report to administrators with these up-to-date car assignments. Last-minute changes and updates by parents are fast and easy to make and are e-mailed immediately to administrators and other school staff. The ease of use and simple coordination will encourage carpooling, improve student safety, and make dismissals more efficient and orderly.



VoiceLift, Microphone, Hardware, Contact manufacturer for price

Extron’s VoiceLift is an infrared wireless microphone designed to integrate seamlessly into new or existing Extron PoleVault classroom technology installations. This small, rechargeable unit can be clipped on to clothing or worn on a lanyard around the neck and creates a sound fi eld that enables a teacher’s voice to be heard clearly through PoleVault speakers. Infrared systems like the VoiceLift are more advantageous in the school setting than traditional radio frequency wireless systems, because their signals do not pass through walls and are immune to interference. A fully charged microphone will last up to 8 hours and includes an “Instant Alert” e-mail notification ability that allows teachers to request emergency assistance with the touch of a button. The VoiceLift package includes one wireless microphone and a receiver that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. Optional accessories include a second microphone and dual charging station.



ThinkPad, X200s, Laptop, Hardware, $2,242

Lenovo’s latest notebook PC series combines a portable size with high performance features. Powered by an Intel Centrino processor, options also include up to 320GB of hard drive storage, up to 4GB of DDR3 memory, ultra-wideband functionality, Bluetooth connectivity, and an optical drive compatible with Blu-ray. Designed for portability, the ThinkPad X200s series starts at just 2.4 pounds, has a 12.1-inch WXGA backlit display, and also inclues options such as Lenovo’s signature carbon- and glass-fiber roll cage for reinforced durability, and up to a nine-cell battery, enabling up to 13 hours of power. Security options include an integrated fi ngerprint reader and SmartCard reader, full disk encryption HDD, and a security cable slot. Windows Vista is standard.



TXTbook, Ultramobile PC, Hardware, $499

MPC Computers’ TXTbook PC is an ultramobile, affordable, rugged PC designed primarily for K6 students. Based on the Intel Classmate, the TXTbook represents the latest development in MPC’s one-to-one computing initiative. Despite its small size, the TXTbook has enough performance to run real-world applications and connect to the Web. Features include an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor, an 8.9-inch display, wireless networking capability, built-in webcam, a built-in carry handle, and a power-effi cient design that enables up to 5 hours of battery life. At less than 3 pounds, and small enough to fit on a child’s desk, this PC is rugged and durable enough for elementary students.



Blackboard School Central, Online Learning Platform, Internet, Starting at $10,000

Blackboard’s new platform is designed to introduce online learning to a school or district community quickly and affordably. It is a fully hosted platform that facilitates the delivery of virtual courses, professional development and classroom instruction. Interactive multimedia features allow educators to personalize content delivery, and a comprehensive assessment engine enables the creation of automatically graded practice tests to closely monitor student progress. Features such as moderated discussion forums and group work areas encourage student collaboration and activity outside the classroom, and a Parent Login utility allows parents to observe their child’s work and activities. Professional development tools give educators universal access to content, best practices, mentorship opportunities and a professional learning community.



TLP-XE30U, Projector, Hardware, $1,119

Toshiba’s new 3LCD projector model offers 3,000 lumens of brightness, XGA resolution, 600:1 contrast resolution, and innovative features in a lightweight and compact design. At just 6.2 pounds and with features including instant off, automatic vertical keystone correction, and digital zoom, this projector is intended to be highly portable. Its “Blackboard” function is an included feature designed with the educator in mind, allowing presentations to be made on different color wall surfaces, such as blackboards or bulletin boards, by compensating for whichever wall color the user selects: green, black, brown, blue or beige.


WIRELESS GENERATION, Reading Program, Internet, Free is a free, open-source, supplemental reading program developed by teachers that includes vocabulary, comprehension, morphology and writing lessons designed to support a broad range of classroom applications. The site has recently added nearly 300 research-based lessons in these areas for grades K3. A variety of printable material accompanies the lessons, including content-neutral, versatile graphic organizers and templates. Vocabulary lessons are available for 150 books commonly used in classrooms, searchable by title or theme. Writing lessons address real-world writing situations, as well as informational, persuasive, narrative and prescriptive writing. has been adopted in Florida as a K1 supplemental reading program for 2008-2009, making it the first open-source instructional program officially approved by a state department of education.

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