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Disney Educational Productions

Disneynature Series, Nature films

Books and Materials, $49.95 each

This new DVD series from Disney Educational Productions includes three titles. Earth follows three animal families—polar bears, elephants and humpback whales—through seasons, migrations and the environmental impacts of humankind. Migration follows a variety of species around the world as they undertake their journeys, and Predator and Prey profiles several species in their struggles for survival. Each is intended for science classes in grades 3-9 and includes exclusive supplemental teacher materials.



Cutout Maker 1800, Electronic paper cutter

Hardware, $5,995

The Cutout Maker 1800 is VariQuest’s new electronic die-cutting system designed for education, and it gives teachers the ability to quickly and easily create instructional aids and manipulatives for their classrooms. The device electronically cuts letters, numbers or shapes from construction paper, card stock or bond paper. Bundled VariQuest software includes a library of over 4,400 curriculum-based shapes in a variety of content areas.


American Education Corporation

U.S. History II, Math I-III, Courses

Software, Pricing varies

The American Education Corporation has just released a new history course and significant enhancements to its existing math courses. U.S. History II is the second of two full-semester course components for grades 9-12 available from the AEC. It examines national history through culture, economics, geography, global connections, government, science and anthropology in 35 lessons and additional materials. Additions to the Math I-III courses include integration of new lessons and content into a completely new user interface for math instruction in grades 1-3.



PowerLite 1925W, Projector

Hardware, $2,049

Epson’s new PowerLite 1925W is a 3LCD projector with WXGA resolution, 4,000 lumens of brightness, and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio. This model is unique because of its integrated wireless networking capabilities, which enable presenters to connect a computer and transmit images, video and audio wirelessly to the projector without additional hardware. Additional features include powered zoom and focus, USB drive presentation capabilities, an HDMI input, and software that enables remote scheduling for automatic powering on and shutting down.


CrossTec Corporation

SchoolVue v10.5, Classroom management program

Software, Less than $1,000 per classroom

The latest version of CrossTec’s classroom management software has several new features. These include real-time audio monitoring for language labs, improved management of student resources, and wireless access for laptops. A new Student Toolbar provides an easy way for students to access the content requirements for their lessons, and this version also includes enhancements to administrative and instructional functionalities as well as classroom and performance management components.


Emerald Data Solutions

BoardDocs, Paperless governance solution

Internet, Pricing varies

Emerald Data Solutions has recently released a new version of BoardDocs, its online governance and document management program designed to help school boards organize and store information from meetings and make it available online to the public or school community. This online tool replaces the more costly tasks of assembling, printing, distributing and revising paper versions of board agenda items and policies. Newly added features include enhanced meeting control and annotation capabilities, improved workflow processes, and integrated media player functionality.