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Got It!

Student Response System, Hardware, $1,350/set of 24, $1,785/set of 40

Califone has entered the student response system market with Got It!, a wireless set designed for the K12 classroom. The system is designed to increase interaction between students and teachers by allowing anonymous answers via an intuitively controlled wireless device. Got It! collects, processes and displays student responses, helping educators evaluate classroom learning immediately and focus on areas where remedial instruction is required before a lesson is completed. Educators can view and print out various reports, including summary, grade, activity detail, historical, comparison and semester reports. Eight interactive modes include quizzes, question and answer, and games.




Exam Tracking System, Software, contact manufacturer for price

Pitney Bowes’ Arrival is an automated exam-tracking software program that enables administrators to track state-mandated test booklets, thereby increasing security by preventing lost or stolen tests. The Arrival system also allows administrators to customize the application to meet the specific requirements of individual tests. By automating what are normally manual processes, Arrival improves staff efficiency by helping to import test data, capture signatures, print custom labels and prepare reports. The software integrates with cordless scanners, label printers and signature pads.




Projector, Hardware, $799

The EX70 is Epson’s entry-level widescreen 3LCD projector. It displays WXGA (1366x768) resolution in a widescreen 16:10 aspect ratio at 2,000 lumens of brightness. Epson’s exclusive features include E-TORL technology, which offers increased energy efficiency and extended lamp life of up to 4,000 hours in economy mode, and “Instant On and Off,” which displays the startup screen in five seconds and turns off in four seconds for convenience and efficiency. Additional features include automatic keystone correction, an HDMI port for high definition sources, USB flash drive and SD card ports for photo slideshow functionality without the need for a computer, and a built-in 7W speaker.




Projector, Hardware, $1,249

The D732MX, Vivitek’s latest mobile projector, includes a built-in carrying handle and weighs just 7.3 pounds. It displays at XGA (1924x768) resolution and 3,200 lumens of brightness and has a 2,100:1 contrast ratio. Vivitek’s unique “Turbo-Charge Light Engine” enables a “boost” mode, which can add up to 130 percent more brightness when needed, and the casing has a fl ip-open top for quick and easy lamp replacement. Additional features include a fi lter-free DLP chip, instant “Off and Go” for fast startup and immediate shutdown, built-in password protection and Kensington lock for added security, and a high-efficiency lamp rated at more than 4,000 hours of use.


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TeacherLine Peer Connection

Professional Development Resource, Internet, starting at $169 per course

PBS's new version of TeacherLine Peer Connection online professional development suite includes improvements in user interactivity and coaching strategy modules. Eight professional development modules address topics such as facilitating datadriven instruction, the roles of an instructional coach, and more.



netTrekker d.i.

Education Search Engine, Internet, $1,730 per school

With over 300,000 resources selected by educators, netTrekker d.i. is the largest online search engine devoted exclusively to educational content. netTrekker d.i. provides fast and easy access to only the best educational resources from the entire Internet in a safe, organized, standards-aligned format. Additional resources include content from Learning Station’s LS Test Builder, eChalk, and Spectrum K12’s Encore Clarity. www



Flip Video Mino

Video Cameras, Hardware, $179.99

Pure Digital has added to its line of Flip Video cameras with the new Mino, the smallest, lightest and most portable video camera in the series. Weighing just three ounces and smaller than most cell phones, this is a video camera designed to be portable enough to carry almost anywhere. 2GB of onboard flash memory store up to 60 minutes of video, a 1.5-inch display enables instant viewing, lithiumion batteries provide four hours of power, and buttons allow users to record, play, fast forward, rewind, pause and delete video clips.




Plagiarism Prevention Program, Internet, less than $2 per student annually

WriteCycle is a suite of Web-based, integrated services intended to improve student writing. Three interconnected services help students better connect with their courses, instructors and peers, check for originality, and detect plagiarism. Turnitin’s plagiarism prevention and originality checking service can quickly compare a student’s paper with thousands of Web sites, published journals, other student papers, textbooks and other resources to detect even unintentional plagiarism, and enables teachers to check work thoroughly and quickly.



ResponseWare Web

Student Response System, Internet, starting at $19.49 per user annual subscription

ResponseWare Web is Turning Technologies’ next generation student response system. Similar in procedure to a traditional response system, ResponseWare Web is a fully hosted Web-based polling application that enables participants to submit responses via Internet-connected devices such as the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry smartphone or other cell phones, laptops or desktop computers and have their answers displayed onscreen via projector and PowerPoint slides.

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