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Algebra Nspired, Geometry Nspired Math Resources

Internet, Free

Texas Instruments’ Algebra Nspired and Geometry Nspired are online companion teacher resources for the new TI-Nspire graphing calculator. Each Web site provides lessons, teacher notes for lesson preparation, activity documents on exploring key math concepts, and customizable student activities. Unique features include “action/consequence” lessons, in which students take action on a math object, observe the consequences, and reflect on the math implications, with the intention of sparking classroom discussion. Optional fee-based professional development workshops are also available through the sites.,



Elemental Desks, Classroom Furniture

Facilities, $166-$191

School furniture maker Smith System’s first line of open-front student desks is intended to brighten classrooms and increase comfort while maintaining functionality. The Elemental’s ergonomic design, selection of 17 mix-and-match color options for the top, legs, book box and edge molding, and a choice of three desktop materials and nine desktop finishes allow administrators to customize the look of their classrooms, using any combination ranging from quiet, neutral tones to cheerful, primary colors.



Inform 5.0, Data Analysis Program

Internet, $4 per student annually

The latest edition of Pearson’s Inform student data analysis and decision-making program includes enhanced support for linking assessment to instruction and a new RtI connection. Providing a centralized, complete picture of student performance based on important assessment data, Inform 5.0 is now “dashboard-based” and uses Flash multimedia to display data more engagingly. Additional features include a “drill pointer” function that links student data with targeted online instructional resources, and enhanced test analysis and report library capabilities.

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