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Hop! Study/Hop! Writing

Software, $79.95-$625.00/Hop!

Writing; $44.95-$625.00/Hop! Study

Students can use Hop! Study to develop efficient work methods. It includes a planner to distribute projects throughout the school year; 11 project templates with detailed information on how to do most types of schoolwork; four ways to organize information; 70 templates for diagrams, timelines and cards; and tools such as hyperlink maker and on-demand expert advice. Students can also learn how to create stories with Hop! Writing software. Its seven screens include work schedule, narrative project, characters, places and objects, vocabulary and strategies, storyline, manuscript and page setup.


LabQuest, Hardware, $329

Science students use LabQuest when they're in the field. They plug it into sensors to acquire realtime graphing and analysis via the device's color screen for subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and Earth science. Students can collect data from more than 50 sensors and view and analyze the data in a meter, data table or graph. They can also draw a prediction before taking data, display a tangent line on their graphs and use linear and curve fits, autoscales, integral functions and statistics in their analysis. The price falls to $299 when 8 or more are purchased.



Internet, $2,500-$15,000

The R3000 Internet filter, which uses Intelligent Footprint Technology allows school districts to identify anonymous proxies and block access to inappropriate and unauthorized sites while at school. It blocks uncategorized sites based on the signature files in the company's database. This allows network administrators to immediately identify new proxy anonymizer sites when they are created, rather than days or weeks later when they are added to the URL list, ultimately eliminating the burden placed on overextended IT departments.


Visual Communicator 3

Software, $399/new, $149/upgrade

Visual Communicator 3 provides students with everything they need to create a television-quality news broadcast. This latest version includes simplified templates and wizards that enable inexperienced users to create professional video presentations that can be streamed live over the Internet in the FLV format using Flash Media Server software, or output to a projector, television, or Channel One Closed Circuit System. Users can also set their presentation to music, enhance it with a library of newscaststyle graphics, effects and titles, or use a keyer to replace a solid green or blue background with an image, video or graphic background.


I Can Play Guitar, Software, $14.99

The Guitar Wizard method teaches students how to play music through a simple, interactive video game, which makes it different from other music-teaching approaches. Almost anyone playing the game can learn to play songs within minutes. It transforms traditional methods, which are often tedious and frustrating, into a fun and successful musical experience.


Remark Quick Stats

Software, $895/single user, $6,700/10-user pack

With the click of a button, the software not only grades tests but can specify an answer key, grade scale, learning objectives or benchmark scores, then produce statistics and graphs representing the item analysis, frequency distribution, student scores and several other test statistics. It also produces a grade report for each student that can be printed off and handed back to the student. The company also has created Office OMR, a software package that collects data from optical marks such as bubbles, checkboxes and barcodes on plain paper forms.


Resource Scheduler

Software, Starting at $2,400/on


The new Resource Scheduler update is available on demand or on premise, and it includes several enhancements to improve reservation workfl ow and the overall end-user experience. Besides a new user interface, it offers conflict resolution for recurring meetings, kiosk support for office hoteling and hot desking, lobby display support and more. The new API-application programming interface-enables partners, system integrators and other organizations to integrate its functionality into display devices, reservation kiosks and other third-party applications, such as and facility management systems.



Software, $20 per student $5,000

per school for 400 registrations

Schools sign up for this program, which works with partner sites to guarantee safe online content for minors and protect them from online predators. For example, it automatically verifies the age of students accessing MySpace, then blocks contact with any non-eGuardian verified adults. Participating schools receive a sample cover letter and brochure that targets parents. Parents pay $20 per child, or $30 per household, for three years and never pay for software, monthly fees or upgrades. The organization then rebates $13 of the see to the school and provides the software.


Medley DVD/CD publisher

Hardware, $1,590

The automated Medley system is designed for a wide range of uses and applications requiring DVD or CD duplication, on-disc printing and even automated ripping of audio CDs. Its graphics software allows users to create full-color images directly onto the disc face for professional output. The system also integrates with iTunes and Windows Media Player to automate audio disc ripping.

SHARP EL-S25BBL, Hardware, $6.99

This Quiz Calculator helps elementary school students learn basic math concepts with an easy-to-use flash card function and multiplication table featuring 25, 50 or 100 questions. The built-in drill component includes standard arithmetic operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions, that can be selected randomly or set by students. It also displays the correct answer if students cannot enter it themselves.


Building Connect

Internet, Pricing based on district needs

Building Connect by Siemens connects fire, communication, security and building control systems. In emergencies, a school's fi re control panel communicates directly with the card access system, paging speakers and phone system. Mass notifi cation and access systems also communicate with the building automation system and trigger alarm notification and the execution of smoke control sequences. Building Connect also links mechanical systems such as chillers and boilers to the building automation system to provide optimal heating and cooling start-stop operation along with centralized alarms and monitoring.


Choices Planner, Internet, Prices start at $400

Choices Planner helps high school students compare, connect and choose work and education options. It features more than 8,000 colleges, technical schools and graduate schools, along with over 1,000 college, job bank and financial aid links. Other highlights include 656 Occupational Information Network (O*NET) occupation profiles, about 2,000 additional occupations, a work values sorter, transferable skills checklist, interest profiler and over 250 career videos, some in Spanish. Students also receive assistance from the cover letter creator, thank-you letter builder, and job interview practice sections while keeping track of their activities via their portfolio.

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Internet, $34.99 annually per

teacher or administrator

OnCourse, a provider of Web-based tools that automate educational processes for school districts, integrates educational standards from every state in its Lesson Planner, Grade Book and Student Stats solutions and provides instant updates as standards are added or changed. Teachers now can use these tools to connect all assignments to relevant educational standards, while administrators can generate reports about instructional activity and create standards-based report cards that show how students are performing in regard to specific requirements.


Discover Intensive Phonics, Software, $40-$95/online, $239-$599/network

Designed as a supplemental K3 phonics program for struggling readers, it teaches an explicit, solid and sequential framework of phonics. Through direct instruction, logical sequencing and multisensory techniques, students learn in incremental steps while receiving continuous, positive reinforcement. Other highlights include phonemic awareness assessment and progress assessments and a unique marking system to help students recognize letter and vowel sounds, likely and unlikely sequences, and the structure of syllabication, beginning with individual phonemes through the decoding of multisyllable words.


Professional Development

Internet, $1,800 for two credits/each credit

covers tuition for 20 people

These professional development tools help districts effectively integrate technology into their schools. They are based on a yearlong review by Curriculum Advantage of best practices associated with successful implementation models. These best practices are now integrated into the company's new professional development courses. Eighteen out of 25 courses are brand new and contain modules addressing topics such as summer school programs, raising tests scores for students failing AYP, and bringing other technologies such as SMART Boards into use with Classworks. Other classes include Reviewing the Reports, Analyzing the Data, Classworks for Credit Recovery, and Standards-Based Instruction for All Students.



Internet, Pricing is on a sliding scale

InterSchola has designed an effective way for school districts to sell their surplus or no longer needed items to the public for cash, while being in full compliance with state and federal education codes that regulate the sale of education surplus. All types of items are auctioned on eBay, such as computers, classroom furniture, school buses, maintenance vehicles, musical instruments, sporting equipment, food service equipment and modular buildings. Through the creation of a secondary market, schools gain operational efficiencies and save money through reduced storage, transportation, labor and waste disposal costs.


Classroom Jeopardy!

Software, $499.99

The new version of Classroom Jeopardy! includes Classroom Jeopardy! Editor game creation software, three wireless player remotes, one wireless host remote, an electronic scoreboard with three erasable name cards, wireless antenna, power adapter and cords, a guide and a preprogrammed game cartridge with five sampler games plus extra storage space for creating custom games. Teachers can see the total number of category and clue/response cells in a game round and also download new games to a cartridge that plugs in to the back of the scoreboard.


Parent Notification System

Software, $1.85-$3.75 per student per year

TeleParent's automated parent notification system uses professional translators to convert and record over 700 prerecorded messages in 22 languages-from Spanish, French and German to Russian, Hmong, Haitian Creole and Vietnamese. By using native-speaker translators, it eliminates the need for districts or schools to secure their own translator or risk sending inaccurate messages through a textto-speech system. Messages, which can be sent to parents via the telephone or Internet, are separated into five categories: attendance, corrective action, grade progress, information and reward for positive reinforcement.


Stopper II, Hardware, $93

Stopper II is a pull station cover that mounts directly to the wall over an existing pull station. When the cover is lifted, a self-contained alarm sounds that draws immediate attention to the area. The alarm has a choice of a piercing 105 dBor or a softer 95 dB. The cover does not restrict legitimate fire alarms from being activated. It has been tested and approved by fire

prevention authorities including but not limited to UL, cUL, FM and ADA Compliance for operation.


Claim It! Creating Inclusion

Internet, Free

Claim It! Creating a Climate of Inclusion is one of four lesson plans designed for high school teachers and youth leaders in nonschool settings. The lessons promote greater understanding of differences among high school students. The activities encourage students to recognize and respect individual differences and promote a sense of community in their class. Completely self-contained, they usually can be completed during a 45-minute class period. The other titles include A Thanksgiving Refl ection: Who Is Missing from Our Table; African-American Heritage Month-We All Have a Race: Addressing Race and Racism; and Sticking Together: Sharing Our Stories, and Our Differences and Our Similarities.



Language Arts Review 3a

Advanced Level-with Sports

Software, $32.95/student edition

$699.95/unlimited site license

Designed as a review for remedial and at-risk students, it features young adult characters and sports to engage students in fundamental language arts skills. Each topic is presented with easyto-understand instructions supported by lively animated graphics and sound effects. Expert coaches teach the vital points of phonics while instructing how to play a sport ranging from basketball to kayaking. Students receive immediate feedback on their progress and are

encouraged to do better and win the gold medal. Also included are pre-and post-test assessment programs.


Planet Earth

Software, $49 each, $650 for

complete set of 14

Educators who use Discovery Education streaming and Science Connection can now access video from the Planet Earth TV series, including clips on the rainforests of Borneo, the peaks of the Himalayas, the world's harshest deserts, and species from the deep ocean. The complete DVD set includes 14 programs divided into core concept clips. Teacher's guides also provide educators with learning objectives, discussion questions, academic standards, over 30 writing prompts, and 11 animal guides and posters in PDF formats, sized for printing on demand.


The Essential PLC Collection Site License

Software, $23,450/7-seat license

Users can bring the Professional Learning Communities at Work model to their school or district. They have access to all the PLC video resources on four DVDs available in MPEG-1 or Windows Media format, which come in a 6" x 9" clamshell. Four complete e-books in PDF format and four digital movie files are included in the site license. Total file size is 10GB, and a high-speed server is required. Other features include an introduction overview of the PLC model, an implementation guide in an easy-to-navigate format with printer friendly screens, and one day of technical assistance.


DVR and 4 Cameras Combo Kits

Hardware, $999/DVR4-Pro-Net


These kits come in two versions. The DVR4-Pro-Net Combo Kit includes the DVR4-Pro-Net with remote viewing, 8.4-inch LCD monitor and 4 Maxi Day/Night cameras. Features include Internet connectivity for remote viewing, motion detection, audio recording, remote alarm notification via e-mail, and external I/O and Ethernet ports. The DVR4-Alert Combo Kit includes the DVR4-Alert for standalone viewing and four medium resolution (CMOS) indoor/outdoor cameras. The kit does not contain the LCD monitor but includes the necessary connectors into the AV socket on a regular TV.


Travels with Music, Series One

Internet, $80

Travels with Music is an online interactive exploration of 15 world cultures using story-tellers and master musicians as guides. Students watch almost 300 videos by playing interactive computer games and hearing unique musical performances. Countries covered include Chile, Senegal, Trinidad, China, Bulgaria, India, Morocco, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Peru, Lebanon, Philippines, Nigeria and the USA. Since it targets a variety of ages, there are several levels of difficulty built in the games. It's also available on a DVD for $9.