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Leadership Books

An essential collection of the latest books for leaders

Corwin Press

Out-of-the-Box Leadership, $29.95

Designed for principals, assistant principals, superintendents and other district administrators, this handbook offers creative perspectives on the challenges of reframing leadership practice. It presents key strategies from leadership experts and addresses how to develop high-quality leadership, inspire transformative leadership, embrace leadership alternatives, evaluate current school reform practices and meet the challenges in leadership roles. It helps administrators rethink, reshape and strengthen their leadership styles and provide confident, focused direction that will build real success for students and the school community.

KnowledgeWorks Foundation

Every Student Deserves a Legacy series, Free

The two publications in this series capture the reality behind the statistics, reports and debate to reveal how two new approaches to high school education are touching lives. The programs covered include the Ohio High School Transformation Initiative, a statewide effort to transform large urban high schools into smaller schools with a rigorous curriculum centered on relationships, and the Early College Initiative, where students from six new high schools who might not be considered college candidates can earn a high school diploma and an associate's degree or up to 60 hours of college credit.


Responsible Leadership, $41.95

Experts in the field of business and leadership ethics have been brought together to answer the challenge of defining responsible leadership in an era of globalization. The book is arranged into three sections: What is responsible leadership? What makes a responsible leader? How to develop responsible leadership in business? This collection provides readers with insights, orienting knowledge and best practice cases in the field.

Suny Press

New Directions in Education Policy Implementation: Confronting Complexity, $29.95

This book presents original works by a new generation of scholars contributing to education policy implementation research. Contributors define education policy implementation as the product of the interaction among particular policies, people and places. Their analyses of previous generations of implementation research reveal that contemporary findings not only build directly on lessons learned from the past but also seek to deepen past findings. They argue that researchers and practitioners can help improve education policy implementation by focusing their attention on what works, for whom, where, when and why.

Teachers College Press

Mentors in the Making, Developing New Leaders for New Teachers, $27.95

Authors Betty Achinstein and Steven Athanases offer a unique view of developing quality mentors. They argue that mentors are not born but developed through conscious, deliberate, ongoing learning. They also provide a link between research and practice in the field of new teacher mentoring and document induction and mentoring practices that focus new teachers on individual learners, equity-oriented curriculum and pedagogy and the educator's role in reforming school culture. Also highlighted are the problems and complexities of enacting mentor knowledge and learning in diverse contexts.