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Leadership Books

An Essential Collection of the Latest Books for Leaders

R&L Education

Turnover at the Top: Superintendent Vacancies and the Urban School $29.95

Leadership turnover in America's largest school districts has increased so rapidly that the average urban superintendent tenure is roughly two years. Because many are hired knowing that they will either be terminated or forced to resign in a short period of time, they leap around the country from job to job with no real ties to the communities they serve. The author explores the reasons behind this phenomenon and its ramifications. It includes first-hand accounts from parents, school board members and urban superintendents.

R&L Education

When a School Crisis Occurs: What Parents and Stakeholders Want to Know $17.95

This book addresses daily issues ranging from bullying to student dropout rates. It also provides school administrators with more than 30 cases based on current events and model communications of appropriate letters and bulletins that they can use to counteract rumors, minimize fears and inform parents, students and others in the community in the wake of a school crisis.

R&L Education

Ethics and the School Administrator: Balancing Today's Complex Issues $24.95

This research-based guide helps school administrators understand and deal more effectively with the ethical compromises that arise from the complex organizational and interpersonal demands of their leadership roles. Each chapter combines personal knowledge, candid revelations, and interview data from five dedicated school administrators to show how to achieve the greater good. Recommendations for professional practice are also included.

Teachers College Press

Seeing Through Teachers' Eyes: Professional Ideals and Classroom Practice $22.95

In this book, Karen Hammerness explains the complex relationship between teachers' ideals and the realities of school life. Through the real stories of four teachers, Hammerness reveals how teachers can help their peers articulate, develop and sustain their visions and assist them as they navigate the gap between their visions and their daily work. She shows how their visions can illuminate emotional moments in the classroom that enliven their work as teachers and explains what teachers learn about their students, their teaching and their schools.

Teachers College Press

Building School-Based Teacher Learning Communities: Professional Strategies to Improve Student Achievement $21.95

Based on growing evidence that school-based teacher learning communities improve student outcomes, this book lays out an agenda to develop and sustain collaborative professional cultures. It explores the processes, resources and system strategies necessary to build vibrant school-based teacher learning communities and examines the problem of improving the quality of teaching across the United States. The authors demonstrate how and why school-based teacher learning communities are bottom-line requirements for improved instruction, and detail the roles and responsibilities of policymakers at all school-system levels.

R&L Education

The Future of Schools: How Communities and Staff Can Transform Their School Districts $34.95

Helping educators move toward a better functioning school system, this book offers reliable and practical methods that are based on over 50 years of research. Each chapter discusses a range of variations and examples with both successful applications and potential pitfalls with simple ways of avoiding them. All of these methods are totally participative so that the schools and communities who apply them can develop ownership of the processes and their outcomes.