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Leadership Books

Resources for District Leaders


Pay-for-Performance Teacher Compensation, $24.95

Pay-for-Performance Teacher Compensation, $24.95 Pay-for-Performance Teacher Compensation by Phil Gonring, Paul Teske, and Brad Jupp offers the inside story of Denver's groundbreaking campaign-ProComp-that introduced performance-based pay for teachers. The authors describe how entrepreneurial behavior within the teacher's union and support from outside philanthropic groups propelled the plan from a cutting-edge concept into concrete policy. Each teacher's pay is based on several factors: evaluated performance, professional development efforts, student achievement and willingness to work with at-risk populations.


Forced to Fail, $22.95

In Forced to Fail, Stephen Caldas and Carl Bankston trace the long legal history of racial segregation and desegregation in America, explaining how rapidly changing demographics and family structures in the United States have greatly complicated the project of topdown government efforts to achieve an ideal racial balance in schools. They also describe how social capital-the positive outcome of social interaction between and among parents, children and teachers-creates strong bonds that lead to high academic achievement and how coercive desegregation weakens those bonds, hurting students and entire communities.


Remarkable Leadership $27.95

Remarkable Leadership by Kevin Eikenberry is a practical handbook that identifies 13 competencies of remarkable leadership and offers a proven method for applying those competencies at any leadership level. Some of the competencies mentioned include

Influence with Impact, Develop Others, and Focus on Customers. Eikenberry transforms more than 20 years of working with corporate and nonprofit organizations as a trainer consultant and speaker into best practices for leaders who are either filling leadership gaps or searching for their own replacement.


Collaborating to Meet Standards, 2nd ed., $39.95

In the second edition of Collaborating to Meet Standards by Toni Buzzeo, teachers and elementary school library media specialists learn how to collaborate to improve student learning in grades K-6. It offers an introduction to collaboration, including a history and verview of the movement, practical suggestions for implementing the collaborative process, useful ideas for overcoming roadblocks to collaboration, and an adaptable template that enhances unit planning. It also includes 18 collaborative units with assessments that have been successfully implemented in library media centers nationwide, including units that integrate information skills with science, social studies, language arts and more.


Strategic Communication

During Whole-System Change, $34.95

Strategic Communication During Whole-System Change by Francis Duffy and Patti Chance provides theoretical and practical advice to district leaders and school public relations specialists on how they can support their district's transformation by engaging in strategic communication. It also offers guidance on how to make simultaneous fundamental changes in three key paths that would affect a school system's overall performance. Path 1 targets a district's relationship with stakeholders in the external environment, Path 2 focuses on a district's core and supporting work processes, and Path 3 covers a district's internal social infrastructure. A collection of essays is also included.


The Courage to Teach, 10th ed., $27.95

The tenth edition of The Courage to Teach by Parker J. Palmer offers new content and an audio CD, featuring an 80-minute conversation between the author and his colleagues. Espite discouraging conditions in schools and lack of public support, many K12 educators have learned to look within themselves for sustenance instead of waiting for someone to supply it. The author maps out ways teachers and others can reclaim the "power of inwardness" to transform their work lives and plant the seed of community that can lead to lasting reform.


Effective Communication for School Administrators, $34.95

Effective Communication for School Administrators by Theodore Kowalski, George Petersen and Lance Fusarelli is divided into two parts. The authors blend research, theory and practice as they examine the critical nature of communication in contemporary practice for administrators. They address the relationships among communication, public relations, and school reform and discuss effective communicative behavior in learning organizations, democratic leadership, organizational networks, confl ict, positive relationships and site-based management.