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An Essential Collection of the Latest Books for Leaders.

Teachers College Press

Balanced Leadership: How Effective Principals Manage Their Work, $22.95

More than 200 school principals from around the country were interviewed about why so many are leaving the profession and how those who decide to stay manage their work. Recruitment and retention strategies are presented, along with insights on how principals can make their role more effective and attractive and how they can reconcile their expectations and hopes with realities and disappointments. Other issues are examined, such as time management, staff evaluations, community expectations and how to focus on instruction and develop a balanced life.


Fearless Public Speaking, $10.95

Public speaking is a universal phobia, but with the preparation, practice and presentation advice covered in this book, presenters should find their next speech easier. The first section helps readers understand their audience, how to research topics to get the facts straight and develop an outline with sufficient detail to eliminate the need to think so hard on their feet. The practice section provides tips like how to reorganize as needed based on the sound and sense of what they're saying. Under presentation, readers learn warm-up techniques, how to start strong, moderate their rhythm in the middle of the presentation and ensure the audience leaves with their message.

Harvard Education Press

Educational Entrepreneurship: Realities, Challenges, Possibilities, $29.95

This book answers questions about educational entrepreneurship, such as: What does it look like? Who are the educational entrepreneurs? What tools and policies do they need to be successful? What are the roadblocks they face? A variety of contributors offer clusters of articles on the political, policy, and legal contexts that face educational entrepreneurs; various models of entrepreneurial activity; the role of for-profit organizations in K-12 education; and possible future directions for educational entrepreneurs.

Corwin Press

Implementing NCLB: Creating a Knowledge Framework to Support School Improvement, $29.95

This guide focuses on how to create the infrastructure to support sustained school improvement. Key features include a context-setting overview of the politics and education initiatives that led to NCLB and an analysis of what educational leadership means in an age of accountability. Also included are lessons in leadership, practical examples, reflective questions, and action ideas to help link concepts to specific applications, as well as recommended resources, publications and products to help build organizational capacity.

R & L Education

Preparing School Leaders: Defining a Research and Action Agenda, $19.95

Written for professors of school administration, this book provides an overview of the three key dimensions of leadership preparation in school administration: the history of how they arrived at where they are, a critical analysis of the current state of affairs and an agenda for improvement. The content also addresses change forces, the changing nature of schooling, consternation within the profession, how to strengthen scholarship and research on the preparatory function and the evolution to a postindustrial world.

Advanced Learning Press

Ready for Anything: Supporting New Teachers for Success, $29.95

This book provides school districts with a yearlong, month-by-month school-based model that includes skills and strategies for building the confidence and experience necessary for a beginning teacher to evolve into a professional educator. It offers agendas, facilitator strategies and teacher-directed student classroom activities for 11 monthly seminars as well as tips on how new teachers can get started, manage their classroom and atmosphere and strategically plan and design lessons. Also included are proficiency building checklists and a conferencing checklist.