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Leading the Way with a Student-Centered Digital Conversion

How icurio helps Mooresville create learning experiences that increase student success

Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) in Mooresville, N.C. is known nationally for its Digital Conversion, where every 4th through 12th grade student is issued a MacBook® to take home, every third grader has a laptop to use at school, and every kindergarten through 3rd grade classroom uses a SMART Board™ and interactive clickers. MGSD’s focus for their digital transformation has always been on engaging students to achieve results and add value to their academic performance, with the right technology as an enabler.

“Districts have to set the vision early on and get everybody on the same page. The first step is ongoing and systemic professional development, otherwise you will be spinning your wheels,” says Dr. Scott Smith, Chief Technology Officer for MGSD. As technology is infused within instruction, digital content in the curriculum becomes a vital resource for students and teachers. “Teachers need to change how they look at teaching and learning. There are so many resources out there today to teach differently, because kids learn differently,” continues Smith. The switch to digital resources led MGSD to employ netTrekker—Knovation’s flagship solution for finding accurate digital learning resources—early on in the transition. As the Digital Conversion evolved and matured, MGSD identified technology-enriched, relevant curriculum and its effective delivery as the foundations for addressing diverse learners’ needs. In this context, it made sense for MGSD to transition to Knovation’s learning engagement solution, icurio.

“icurio provides us with great content and tools that meet what teachers and students need. Technology can feel overwhelming to teachers, but icurio is a solution they can start using immediately by finding standards-aligned resources for any subject and grade, then over time reach icurio’s full potential as a great curriculum and engagement solution that supports research projects, project-based learning and many more instructional opportunities,” clarifies Smith. icurio drives understanding at the point of learning by facilitating the purposeful use of digital content from Knovation’s library of 330,000 educator-curated resources, and by promoting active engagement in online activities, targeted feedback and meaningful collaboration among teachers and students. Rod Powell, a high school social studies teacher, sees huge benefits in using icurio. “icurio does a great job correlating digital resources with standards, both Common Core and North Carolina State Standards. Students can work independently because I’m confident that all icurio resources are high quality and accurate.”

Teachers can also easily differentiate instruction with icurio. “I use all the differentiation tools icurio provides me to find resources that meet different students’ needs and I can easily organize them to be delivered to students. This way I know my students won’t struggle or get bored,” says Brenda Martin, a 4th grade teacher. Administrators and teachers of MGSD share the vision to prepare students for a constantly evolving future that is fast becoming a reality. Smith says, “Things are changing so quickly. We have to prepare our students for the future, this is our mission. It’s what they need us to do for them.” Knovation is honored to partner with MGSD to develop solutions that will continue to meet their evolving needs and to provide ongoing professional learning services that will support teachers in preparing students for this new reality.

Superintendent Mark Edwards is optimistic about the future ahead at MGSD. He says, “We will see things evolving and changing. We will see a more personalized approach to education. There’s connectivity and a relevance to the students. They get excited about school and that’s huge!”

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