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Foreign Language
Immersion Programs
Immersion programs are designed to enhance proficiency in a language as well as cultural awareness and academic achievement. Schools that adopt a one-way immersion model use the target language to teach all or some subjects. Some schools with a large population of Spanish speakers use a two-way immersion model, providing instruction in both English and Spanish. To find out about schools already implementing various immersion models, check the online Directory of Foreign Language Immersion Programs in U.S. Schools. Maintained by CAL, the directory is searchable by school, district, city, state, grade level, and language.

National Standards
for Learning Languages
These standards were updated in 2012 by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages to align with the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts.

Federal Resources for
Educational Excellence (FREE)
This U.S. Department of Education website includes many resources useful to foreign language teachers.