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From the Editor

Learning About the Garifuna

On a recent trip to Central America to visit our daughter, who is teaching English in an elementary school in Honduras this year, my wife and I were fascinated by the rich culture of the Garifuna, an ethnic group in the Caribbean descended from a mix of Amerindian and African people. There are an estimated 200,000 Garifunas in Central America and the United States, including 98,000 concentrated along the North coast of Honduras where we traveled, and I was embarrassed that I had never heard of the group. I therefore turned to the Internet for help (Internet cafes are common throughout Honduras) and discovered sites such as, and, and learned about the Garifuna American Heritage Foundation, dedicated to preserving the uniqueness of the culture, history, language, music, arts, crafts, foods and values of the Garifuna people. I was captivated and anxious to learn more.

This issue of District Administration offers "Curriculum Hotspots," the latest DA guide to the best education sites on the Web. These include news and information resources for celebrating Black History month-such as those compiled by Infoplease, CNN and Education World-and search tools, curriculum collections and research sites for investigating any K12 topic. An online version is also on our Web site, under the Online Resources tab. We invite you to distribute the guide to your staff, students and parents, and link your district site to ours (

Only at EduComm

We are delighted to announce that the keynote speakers for our 2007 EduComm conference, June 19-21 in Anaheim, Calif., are computing visionary Alan Kay, and David Pogue, technology columnist for The New York Times and Emmy-award winning correspondent for CBS News.

Distribute our Web curriculum guide to your staff, students and parents.

EduComm is the only national technology management conference focused on the integration of audio-visual and information technologies for school districts and higher education, and it includes free access to more than 650 exhibits and thousands of products at InfoComm, the largest audio-visual communications and presentation technology trade show in the world. From keynote addresses and dynamic presentations to professional workshops on topics such as Web 2.0 technologies, EduComm will help you develop successful strategies for integrating AV and IT, make smart purchasing decisions and manage training and support in this exciting new field.

For more information and to register, visit the EduComm Web site ( We hope to see YOU there!

On the Cover

We trust that you enjoy the change in our cover to make it even more functional. The same valuable columns and departments-including Administrator Profile, District Profile, Problem/Solution, and Research Corner-are still on the inside, but the redesign allows us to highlight and take you directly to key articles in each issue.

We trust that you can judge this book by its cover!

Odvard Egil Dyrli