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A letter from Disney


Dear Educator:

I invite you to participate in the upcoming Disney's Planet Challenge, a hands-on, environmental learning experience for grades 3-8.


Disney's Planet Challenge is a free, inquiry-based competition that unleashes students' creativity, deepens their knowledge of science and empowers them to make a difference in their communities.

These are the kind of lessons that stick, ones that can have a profound impact in later life.

The contest continues to grow. For the first time, Disney's Planet Challenge will feature a middle school competition for grades 6-8. That means veterans of elementary school projects can reinforce concepts, build on past successes and begin to see environmental stewardship as a lifelong commitment.

We've also reconfigured the elementary school competition to include third-graders. More tiers of competition means more recognition, of course. This year we'll have two national grand prize winners—one for the elementary school contest and one for middle-schoolers. But at Disney, we view every participating class and community as a winner. We're proud of the teamwork and spirit the program engenders, and we believe the projects can serve as a rallying point for entire school districts and their communities as they strive to do more to protect the planet.



Thomas O. Staggs

Executive Environmental Champion Chairman,

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

The Walt Disney Company

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