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Letters to the Editor

What our reader's are saying.

Keeping Libraries on Administrators' Radars

I am the librarian at Rochester High School at Rochester (Ill.) CUSD 3A district. Several years ago I responded to District Administration concerning an article on reading in which there was no mention of libraries and librarians. However, I was delighted to read an article that focused on libraries and librarians ("Addressing Adolescent Literacy," January 2008).

It was great to see pictures of students using books! Since school administrators read your publication, it is so good that the importance of libraries and librarians is stressed. We in the profession can say it, but sometimes it means more coming from other sources. Thank you.

Ann Rowley, library media director, Rochester (Ill.) CUSD 3A

Bulletproof Backpack Controversy

I read with interest Joe Curran's letter to the editor (Letters, December 2007). Curran believes that District Administration should not have included my opinion about his bulletproof backpack product because we provide safety consulting services to school districts.

Curran's suggestion that we would somehow "lose employment opportunities" if everyone purchased his product appears to reflect as much a lack of understanding of the school safety field as does his apparent belief that his product would somehow dramatically reduce school violence.

I can understand why Curran would like an endorsement from another consultant whom he claims every parent should buy his product. Yet in talking with educators and school safety experts about bulletproof backpacks, I find many believe that those whoare selling bulletproof backpacks are more opportunists than school security professionals. We understand that such products are not a "cure all" end to school violence.

Kenneth S. Trump, president, National School Safety and Security Services, Cleveland, Ohio

Promoting Arts in School

I always enjoy receiving your magazine, but December's issue was particularly outstanding. The feature story on the arts' impact on students ("The Art of the Web," December 2007) and the piece on the math and music program (Curriculum Update, "Mind, Music and Math") were of real use. Mr. Stager's column (Speaking Out, "Arts Should Be for All") was excellent. I quoted Mr. Stager in the monthly fi ne arts advocacy article I sent to our districtwide mailbox.

Thanks again for your support of the educational community in general and the fine arts in particular.

Richard S. Peters, coordinator of fine arts, East Central Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas

School 2.0 Push

Since reading Dan Kinnaman's editorial (Understanding the Times, "School 2.0," January 2007) I have been distributing copies and posing the concept as a discussion starter in several K12 circles.

As you might guess, most educators are not ready to leap forward in their thinking to what School 2.0 might look like. They are still mired in integrating current technology into the instructional process. And, in all fairness, given the resources available and their present level of consciousness, I need to know they are trying to move forward.

Nevertheless, I am not deterred. At the annual RCET-SW Education and Technology Conference this month, I have scheduled a preconference session called "School 2.0."

Thanks for all that you do! District Administration and the virtual newsletters are my daily and monthly bible!

James K. Tice, K12 liaison, Missouri Virtual School, Center for Scientific Research and Education, Missouri State University

Message Reaches Broad Audience

Th ank you contacting us to let us know about our "Site of the Week" selection in December 2007 on the DA Web site, under the Resources tab, Site of the Week. We are so pleased that our message is reaching an even broader audience! MATHCOUNTS is actually in the process of a full site redesign, one that will certainly be a much better resource for students, teachers, parents, volunteers and the general public. We are working on content and will surely add a link on our site to www.

Lisa Populoh, director of marketing, MATHCOUNTS Foundation, Alexandria, Va.

Stager for President

I am a principal of an intermediate school in a very rural area. I have just noted Gary Stager's column (Speaking Out, "My Plan to Fix NCLB," August 2007). Mr. Stager, you've attacked a sacred cow. Any chance you'll run for president? You have my vote!

Name and district withheld

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