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Product Focus

Lighting and sound in K12 schools

Whether it’s lecturing in a large classroom, a play or concert in the auditorium, or a football game on the athletic field, the proper lighting and sound equipment throughout a school can make a difference. Having the right technology, such as speakers, microphones, and lights in these environments can make for clearer communication, increased engagement, and an overall enhanced learning experience for teachers, students, and the school community.  

ME 36
This condenser microphone head is used with Sennheiser MZH goosenecks. Due to its small size and non-reflective paint, it can be inconspicuously placed and is suitable for lecterns and conference rooms. The ME 36 microphone’s tube also rotates for proper alignment to the speaker.

Extron Electronics
VoiceLift Microphone Systems
This system uses infrared signals to evenly distribute the teacher's voice throughout the classroom. Infrared signals do not pass through walls and are not subject to interference. The lightweight pendant microphone operates for an entire school day on a single, rechargeable AA battery. The system supports up to two microphones at a time for team teaching or student participation.

Bogen Communications
NEAR Orbit Loudspeakers
This indoor, ceiling loudspeaker for hallways and classrooms can be installed in either suspended structures or hard surfaces, such as sheetrock. It has various power levels that are selected via a front panel rotary switch. The speaker’s cone structure helps deliver clear quality music and speech.

Panaway 502 A Loudspeaker
This mid/high-frequency loudspeaker can be installed permanently in small auditoriums or large classrooms. Its design provides a wide 120 x 70 degree pattern to cover many smaller venues with a single loudspeaker. It can work with other Bose accessories, and comes in white and gray colors.

FXLD120EW Daylight Dimmable LED Ellipsoidal Lighting Fixture
This light fixture generates over 7,000 lumens while consuming 150 watts of electricity, providing 47 lumens per watt. It’s expected to have a 100,000-hour lifespan and is suitable for school stages, theaters, and other artistic applications. It has automatic, stand-alone control modes, such as strobe and fading effects, and can operate via a DMX-512 external signal.

Cetacea Sound Corp.
Built for classroom and projector sound enhancement, the Astronaut speaker system is mounted to the ceiling and its omni-directional acoustics promote an even, 360-degree soundfield throughout the room. The system is pre-equalized for voice range and clearness of speech.

Lutron Electronics
Energi Savr Node
This energy-efficient module controls all the lights in various spaces and can be used with other third-party light controls for brightness and dimming. It can connect to wired and wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors, and wallstations to manage different kinds of light. Each module can be installed locally, without connecting to a central panel.

RoomPro Technologies
Teachers can take full control of their classroom’s projector at the touch of a button, with RoomPro's wall panel. It has a built-in infrared microphone system that enhances voice. The system integrates with Premier Mount's UNI-EXT+Audio with the RoomPro Audio Amplifier. The RoomPro comes pre-programmed to any projector's specifications for instant out-of-the-box use.

Lightspeed Technologies
This speaker panel system can fill a classroom with the clear sound of a teacher’s voice. Its all-in-one design means no installation and can be used right away. Used with the companion microphone, REDCAT blocks feedback and creates clear, natural sound that reflects from classroom walls, ceiling, and floor.

Musco Sports Lighting
SportsCluster Green
Adapting to existing poles, specialty-use poles, or roof-mounted structures, Musco’s SportsCluster Green lighting system is for any sports field or facility. The energy efficient system can help cut electricity costs and reduces spill light by 50 percent. SportsCluster Green also includes system monitoring and remote on/off control services.