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A look at recent winning projects


Disney’s Planet Challenge began in California in 1994 and has since expanded to Florida, the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong. This year, the program will be launched nationwide. Here are examples of winning projects from past years.

The Great Watershed Investigation ? Saving Our Burrowing Owls and Raptors

Environmental goal: Preserve and protect the burrowing owls in Sacramento County

? The class built five artificial habitats and also reported sightings of owls and other threatened raptors to the California Natural Diversity Database

? They created a website and blog to raise awareness in their community

Our Starish ? Native Plants in the American River Watershed

Environmental goal: Protect the American River watershed

? The students further developed the watershed education project that was started by the previous year’s class

? They created a documentary, hosted a Watershed Fair, created and performed a play, planted a native plant garden at school, and designed educational brochures

Keep the Watershed Clean ? Recycle Batteries

Environmental goal: Educate the community about how harmful batteries can be to the local watershed and environment

? The students created a video to raise awareness about pollution from batteries and the benefits of recycling batteries

? They developed a battery-recycling program at school for the entire community