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The man who makes sure it's certified

CDI's production manager wants to work faster and smarter to churn out the industry's most reliable refurbished computers

Leszek Biurkowski thinks CDI is such a good company that he joined it twice.

His first stint as a production manager came in the past decade, but he eventually settled into a consultant role with the company once he relocated with his family to London. In April, however, he moved back and signed on again as full-time production manager.


"It wasn't a hard decision to make, It's very challenging," he said. "We're a company that develops very fast and makes a difference in the education market. It's a great market and a great opportunity."

Biurkowski leads a team of 60 technicians and support staff. The group plays a critical role in fulfilling the 12-point process that transforms ordinary secondhand computers into CDI recertified units, the most reliable in the business.

Some members of Biurkowski's team clean units, a rigorous process that ensures equipment is dust-free inside and unblemished outside. Others prepare hard drives for custom software imaging. Still others pack, ship, load and unload computers. A final group is charged with development, or looking for ways to streamline and automate the process. Biurkowski's team deals with thousands of units, so a minute saved here and there can lead to big productivity gains.

How have things changed since his first tenure at CDI?

"The difference is we work much smarter," he said.

Custom imaging is a key selling point for school districts, and it is a specialty for CDI. Biurkowski's team maintains a master imaging copy for each school that can be quickly replicated. That approach saves time for school tech coordinators and ensures a uniform experience for students, no matter what computer they use on a particular day.

"We provide an ultimate software solution," Biurkowski said. "Every single customer can specify what kind of operation they run."

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