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Recommended reading for district leaders.

Evidence-Based Design of Primary and Secondary Schools: A Responsive Approach To Creating Learning Environments

Wiley, $85.00


Accomplished education facilities architect Peter C. Lippman intends this guidebook for design professionals as well as educators involved in the design and construction of K12 schools. He covers various design theories and approaches to school architecture, presents a historical overview of the field, and explores important design considerations, including planning for technology and the relationship between theories of learning and architecture. A diverse selection of case studies illustrates the concepts discussed.

Refocusing School Leadership: Foregrounding Human Development Throughout the Work of the School

Routledge, $33.95


With this book, Boston College professor of educational leadership Robert J. Starratt intends to move beyond traditional conceptions of leadership to a deeper understanding of the role of administrators, and he calls for a re-emphasis on human development as a central component in education leadership. The author presents a framework for a school vision that emphasizes the extraordinary potential for achievement by students as well as the talents of teachers to nurture that potential, and one that will energize faculty, staff and students alike to improve the quality of learning in their schools.

School Budgeting for Hard Times: Confronting Cutbacks and Critics

Corwin, $36.95


Author William K. Poston Jr. presents this guidebook for school leaders challenged to increase academic performance with stagnating or diminished resources. His central thesis—that the needs of curricula and learning should drive budget decisions, not the other way around—informs his overall recommended strategy of implementing "performance based budgeting." The book illustrates how to accomplish this goal by using assessment data to determine budget priorities, applying quality enhancement principles to the process, and using measurable performance data to help secure adequate funding.

Schoolhouse of Cards: An Inside Story of No Child Left Behind and Why America Needs a Real Education Revolution

Rowman & Littlefield, $34.95


Eugene Hickok, under secretary and deputy secretary in the Department of Education under President George W. Bush, provides an insider's look at the crafting of the historic No Child Left Behind legislation: how it developed on the campaign trail and during Bush's first year in office, gained bipartisan support in Congress, and was first implemented. Hickok believes NCLB was seriously flawed, however, and describes how tensions between White House staffers and members of Congress, and within the Department of Education, ultimately undermined the legislation, preventing it from going far enough. Hickok also critiques other attempts at education reform, and makes the case for a more transformative and fundamental change in American education.

Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent

SAGE Reference, $350


The publisher describes this large two-volume set as an "unprecedented work" in education research. It combines authoritative reference materials about the diverse and wide-ranging history of American education reform and reformers, dissent and dissenters all into one publication. Accessibly written A-to-Z entries present key theories and concepts, important research, policy decisions, landmark legislation, biographies and practical applications. The work also includes a historical overview and a timeline of important events in the history of U.S. education, as well as profiles of education related organizations, foundations and think tanks. The new encyclopedia is edited by respected professors of education Thomas C. Hunt, James C. Carper, Thomas J. Lasley and C. Daniel Raisch.