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Recommended reading for district leaders.

The Turnaround Mindset: Aligning Leadership for Student Success

Rowman & Littlefield Education $34.95

Authors Tierney Temple Fairchild, former executive director of the Darden/Curry Partnership for Leaders in Education, and Jo Lynne DeMary, former state superintendent of public instruction for Virginia, present the "3-E framework," a simplified version of how to turn around a low-performing school. Through case studies of successful turnarounds, educators learn to focus resources on the environment, the executive and the execution. Also included is a discussion of how these plans affect educational policy in both the K12 and higher education arenas.

Online Professional Development: Design, Deliver, Succeed!

Corwin, $38.95

For educators who are considering implementing online professional development, author John D. Ross, subject matter expert for the Edvantia professional development course Principal Connections Online, provides this guide to asking the correct questions and making sound development and purchasing decisions. Experiences of other educators in the book allow the reader to benefit and create a cost-effective path to success. The book explores why online professional development is a good option, how to get started, which technologies to use and how to put it all together.

Reaching out to Latino Families Of English Language Learners Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, $25.95

To combat the low performance and high dropout rate of Latino students, including English language learners, this book provides educators with solutions. The authors—David Campos, San Francisco Board of Supervisors: District 9; Rocio Delgado, assistant professor of languages and literacy at the State University of New York at Geneseo; and Mary Esther Soto Huerta, assistant professor of culture, literacy and language at Texas State University—address ways to develop home-toschool partnerships based on meaningful relationships with Latino parents, to become more familiar with the background knowledge of Latino students, and to create a more welcoming environment for these students.

What Effective Schools Do: Re-Envisioning the Correlates

Solution Tree, $24.95

Co-authors Kathleen McKee Snyder, administrator of the Superintendency Institute of America, and Lawrence Lezotte, the researcher who first identified what came to be known as the "Correlates of Effective Schools" over 30 years ago, guide educators through implementing a continuous school improvement system through application of the correlates, the characteristics Lezotte found to be common to successful schools. The book updates and expands the correlates through descriptions of practices that enable educators to build and sustain a school culture that accommodates the learning expectations and needs of all students.

The Pedagogy of Confidence:Inspiring High Intellectual Performance in Urban Schools

Teachers College Press, $27.95

Yvette Jackson, CEO of the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education, shows educators how to focus on the strengths of urban students, as opposed to focusing on their weaknesses. The book includes an exploration of the theory and methodology of cognitive psychologist Reuven Feuerstein, as well as practical approaches and examples of how educators can implement Jackson’s "High Operational Practices" and other tools to inspire high performance.

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