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News Update

New Color Output Standards for Projectors

With the rapid growth of high-definition color video and multimedia images for instructional applications in classrooms and schools, comparing the delivery quality of projectors is of pivotal importance. While the 3LCD company has long maintained the superiority of its three-chip projector design to deliver clear and vibrant color, until recently, there were no standardized ways to measure and compare color performance. Although school buyers could compare projector ratings by “white light output,” or brightness, rating color quality was a different story.

This changed recently when the Society for Information Display (SID), a global professional organization dedicated to the display industry, published its groundbreaking new “International Display Measurement Standard” (IDMS). This document presents a scientifically- supported standard to measure color light output, so users will be able to evaluate projectors based on color ratings.

The white light output of projectors is traditionally reported in lumens, and the complimentary new color light output is measured in lumens, as well. Prospective purchasers will, therefore, be able to easily review these key aspects of projector performance for models under consideration, and make better decisions. The new specification casts light on a major difference among projectors.

Projector manufacturers typically provide information on resolution, brightness and contrast ratio as descriptors of performance, and will now report color ratings, too. The color light output specification provides buyers with a better way to evaluate performance, and will change how users review and compare the many projectors on the market.

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