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New Products

New Products

The latest in books, hardware, software and the Internet


Adobe Production Studio, Software, $649

This post-production software combines full new versions of After Effects 7.0, Premiere Pro 2.0, Audition 2.0, Encore 2.0 and the latest versions of Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2. Dynamic Link, which delivers a highly efficient workflow experience, is also included, as well as Flash Video export capabilities to provide video students and teachers with a new, fluid method of delivering content to the Web using this ubiquitous Web video standard.

Seneca Data

Durability 15T

Hardware, $1,200-$1,500

This notebook computer is encased in a lightweight, magnesium alloy shell that's 20 times stronger than typical plastic computer cases. With the addition of a spill-resistant keyboard and shock protection around the LCD display and drives, it offers a more rugged alternative to traditional commercial notebooks. While it meets strict military guidelines, the notebook was designed for people who use their car as their office, frequent travelers, students, commuters, medical personnel, police forces and others who require more protection for their portable devices.

Sunburst Technology

Sunburst Learning Solutions

Program, starts from $4,999

Focusing on student improvement in grades K-12, the program assists schools in assessing their students' specific needs through diagnostic or prescriptive assessments and then customizes an appropriate instructional solution. Solutions focus on differentiated instruction to improve achievement for all children at the individual student level. They range from basic intervention, when some students need additional practice and supplemental instruction based on diagnostic assessment, to intensive intervention or remediation for students who require extensive progress monitoring.

Today Palm, Inc.

Treo 700w Smartphone

Hardware, $399 (after $100 instant rebate) other conditions apply

The Smartphone runs on the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system and takes advantage of Verizon Wireless' BroadbandAccess service on its EV-DO network, which enables fast downloads of data, e-mails and large attachments. Users can send and receive e-mails from multiple accounts and edit and create Microsoft Office Word Mobile and Excel Mobile documents or view PowerPoint Mobile presentations. A 1.3-megapixel camera is included for shooting digital images and videos. Voice command for voice dialing and Bluetooth 1.2 wireless technology for communicating with compatible headsets, car kits, computers and printers are also included.

Atiz Innovation, Inc.


Hardware, $35,000

This desktop-sized, automatic page-turning scanner eliminates the need to manually copy and scan documents. Unlike traditional flatbed scanners, it enables people to digitize content, scan bound documents, magazines and books of various sizes in less than 10 seconds per page and up to 500 pages per hour. Documents can be scanned in either color or black and white. An integrated software function that performs essential tasks, such as auto cropping and image clean-up, is also offered. Documents can be stored as JPEG, TIF or PDF files and are searchable in an electronic form.

Learning Station

P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution

Online Tool, $1,875/per school

P.E.T., an acronym for personal empowerment through type, is a teaching and learning style assessment and management tool based on the psychological type work of Carl Jung. Delivered online, it helps teachers identify their personality type and teaching style and allows students to discover their learning style. Teachers have access to a variety of resources to help them modify their classroom instruction, including a report on each student's learning style, another for parents designed to strengthen the school-to-home connection, an at-a-glance view of students in each class and classroom activities.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

United States History and World Geography

Books, $60.95, $64.95/full survey

This standards-based program for middle grade students provides content that is accessible through integrated research-based reading instruction. Multiple audio, visual and technology resources encourage students to investigate history, the people and locations. Teachers can plan, customize and differentiate instruction and materials to meet the needs of all their students using One-Stop Planner with ExamView Pro Test Generator, Differentiated Instruction Modified Worksheets and Tests CD-ROM. A wide range of assessment options also help teachers effectively monitor student progress.

Also available is World Geography, a standards-based program for middle grades that combines the latest research about learning with geography, history and cultures materials as specified by groups like the National Geographic Alliance. The program is also available in a Web-based version called Premier Online Student Editions that include Live Ink Online Reading Help, an exclusive online tool that displays text in a format that has been proven to improve comprehension and increase test scores. Instructional visuals and interactive online maps also help students develop geographic literacy.


Video Conference Program Database

Database, Free

Polycom's searchable content database offers educators worldwide access to more than 1,500 content providers, making available both ISDN- and IP-based video conferencing programs for the classroom. Updated daily, it contains content opportunities from such organizations as the Museum of Television and Radio, Cleveland Institute of Music and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Teachers also get lesson plans and complementary learning activities.

MIND Institute

ST Math

Software, first year annual subscription averages $90/student

Targeting K-5 students, this non-language-based program offers a simple, direct visual understanding of difficult math concepts. This approach enables students to productively learn math skills regardless of their proficiency level in English. Through challenging computer games that use simple visual objects and virtual machines that can be manipulated to solve problems, students can improve their spatial temporal reasoning ability. Features include Language Integration games added to every module, Web-based tracking of student progress for teachers and Macromedia Flash technology to improve system performance and reduce file sizes.

Triumph Learning

Express Series

Books, $1.50/per student

This supplemental series was designed to enhance student mastery of on-level, standards-based vocabulary across the elementary curriculum. Word Express targets grades 1-8 and supports the development of spelling and vocabulary skills. Math Express, which also targets the same grade levels, features grade-appropriate explanations of key math concepts, procedures and key words from five National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Standards numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis and graphs. Three or more subject areas are included in Glossary Express, a dictionary for grades 1-5, that helps students find on-level, curriculum-based vocabulary.

Lightspeed Systems

Total Traffic Control 6.0

Software, annual subscription/ $10 per workstation with $5,000 minimum

This security software eliminates known and unknown threats on school networks, at the gateway and directly on the desktop. Features include content filtering, spam blocking, bandwidth management, user reporting and layered security. It also incorporates a security agent, which augments virus signature matching with behavior analysis to identify and prevent malicious threats, adding a layer of protection to both server and desktop computing systems. The same agent helps users quickly classify any undesirable application as a known malicious or unknown program and prevents it from running on their network.

Educators Publishing Service

EPS Phonics PLUS

Book, starts from $8/student

The five pillars of reading phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension are incorporated into this program in a broad-spectrum, differentiated instruction program. It was designed to maximize literacy through phonics instruction for students of all ability levels in the general classroom environment, while minimizing the time spent on teacher planning. The Teacher Resource Package fits the three-tier instructional model, providing the early intervention tools necessary to prevent reading problems before they arise. A teacher's edition, picture glossary and three differentiated instruction guides Reteach and Practice, English-Language Learners and Learning Differences are included.

SMART Technologies, Inc.

SMART Board Software 9.5

Software, Free customer download

This software, which was designed for the Mac OS X operating system, introduces new features to help educators create, organize and implement interactive lessons using the company's interactive whiteboard. New functions like Gallery keyword search includes My Content a personal workspace and helps teachers quickly find all types of content, including images, audio, video, Macromedia Flash and Notebook files. Gallery content can now be shared on a school network. The software also contains digital content from content providers, including Intel Skoool, Espresso Education and Daydream Education.



Software, $139/Intro Data Logger Kit

iScienceProject is a new graphing software package which was designed for use with HOBO data loggers, the portable electronic recording devices that monitor temperature, light, humidity and other types of data. Compatible with both PC and Macintosh computers, K-12 students can convert data collected into colorful graphs. An intuitive, point-and-click user interface allows students to select environmental parameters to display, format graphs and interpret the data. Each graph presents data in time-stamped format so students can correlate the visual spikes and drops with specific events.

Tool Factory, Inc.

Science Diagrams

Program, starts from $79.95/single user

By using this program, teachers and students can access an assortment of predesigned science diagrams in addition to creating their own to save to the clipart library. Subjects like chemistry, physics, optics, biology and others can be visually explored by students outside the practical classroom. They can create a chemistry experiment showing the intricate set up of beakers, tubing, flasks and burners, design a complex electrical circuit with magnets and motors or highlight different aspects of the earth during solar eclipses, or with the gravitational pull from the moon.

Harcourt Achieve

Rigby ELL Assessment Kit

Kit, $239.99/Primary kit

Typically used three or four times during the school year in K-6 classrooms, this kit assists educators in assessing the progress of English-language learners in the four domains of language proficiency: listening, speaking, reading and writing. All of this assessment leads to academic progress and success on high-stakes standardized tests. It comes with a teacher's manual and student assessment books with fiction and nonfiction passages.


Pinnacle Plus single-user gradebook

Software, $80

In addition to electronic data-entry and recordkeeping, this new version enables teachers to assess student performance with multiple grading methods and weighting schemes and simultaneously link their performance to appropriate standards and benchmarks, proficiency levels or scoring rubrics. Other features include the ability to track and analyze student performance at individual, class and school level, import and export all data at all menu levels, input almost unlimited number of students, grades, outcomes, categories and other data elements and record comments on students, track their progress or significant changes with electronic notepads.

School Software Group


Software, $1,000/setup fee, $1,000/annual subscription and $2/per student

With this assessment-development tool, teachers can create assessments in multiple question formats including yes/no, true/false, multiple choice and constructed responses. It accommodates school-specific testing schedules and procedures and fluctuating students-per-computer ratios and only requires access to an Internet-connected computer. Students can take tests online or on paper.

Alliance International

Justice Visions JV-850-K camera

Hardware, $2,495

This digital document camera features a new camera element with a refresh rate approaching 30 frames per second. It incorporates a progressive scan CCD camera with 850,000 pixels, 16X optical zoom, USB 2.0 image capture and a plug-in mouse for annotation and controlling image functions. Other features include a rotating camera head, full backlight for showing transparencies, RS-232 connectivity, electronic image flip and a remote control with a pop-out remote control slot. The camera also has an internal memory of up to 16 images with picture-in-picture capability and various split-screen possibilities.

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