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New Products

New Products

The latest in books, hardware, software & Internet

Franklin Electronic Publishers

Ingles en su Bolsillo/English in your Pocket, Hardware, $249.95

This handheld tutor offers users a variety of language learning methods to meet the needs of Hispanics in the U.S. Users can improve English language acquisition with a comprehensive suite of interactive audio and visual content, electronically access 14 books and view the content on a PC or laptop with PC View, record their voice and compare it to the model pronunciation stored in the device. They can also download digital audio books, language learning titles, podcasts and MP3 files, take interactive quizzes and more.

Crick Software, Inc.

Assistive Technology Bundle, Software, $399

This software was designed to help educators create accessible and motivating activities. Drawing from sets of linked grids, students have access to an unlimited number of words and pictures that provide a framework, or scaffolding, for their writing. Besides writing simple documents, they can also create multimedia talking books using pictures, sounds and even video. The product includes the company's USB Switch Box with USB Keys2 software, an introductory toolkit, a Switch Access toolkit and a Buddy Button Switch from TASH.


ScheduleFinder 5.0, Software, $3 per student/capped at $3,600

This Palm software for K-12 administrators enables users to e-mail or text message parents, staff and emergency responders. New features include Wi-Fi, cellular broadcast networking and cell phone data service integration, Bluetooth wireless integration for scanning devices, computers and printers and soft-key integration for use without a stylus. Navigation and the screen look have also been enhanced along with device storage for memory management and data fields that now include extra contacts and birthdates. Users can also perform end-to-end tracking from lookup, view information/photo and add To-Do items.

Polycom, Inc.

Instructor RP,

Video conferencing system, $54,995

Designed to provide superior video conferencing combined with instructional tools, this product enables customers to use a system that integrates video conferencing with an electronic white board without the use of a PC. The interactive learning solution is a conferencing instructional learning tool for all educational environments and custom meeting environments. Educators can also use the interactive whiteboard as their display device. By using a pen, they can annotate over content, curriculum or live video sources. Other benefits include touch control directly on screen to operate the camera and VSX user interface.

Zygote Media Group, Inc.

Human Heart 3,, Heart Model, $1,200

This sophisticated 3-D heart model offers more MRI/CT human heart detail with a reduced polygon count, full human heart cardiac cycle that includes cutaway interior views at great detail and two high resolution photorealistic exterior texture maps for both a lean and fatty heart derived from human heart digital photos. It also supports most major 3-D applications including Maya, 3D Max, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Softimage, Shade and Generic OBJ.

LEGO Education

Mindstorms NXT

Building Sets, Software and Curriculum, $250/base set

Students can now build stronger and smarter robots that more closely mimic real-world machines. Bluetooth technology allows robots to communicate with computers, cell phones and PDAs. Features include a 32-bit NXT intelligent brick complete with a rechargeable battery system, a building system with more than 400 elements, ultrasonic and sound sensors, plus improved light and touch sensors, three interactive servo motors with built-in rotation sensors, intuitive programming software and curriculum and activities developed at Carnegie Mellon University.

Triumph Learning

Coach,, Textbooks/CDs, $6.95-$9.95

In conjunction with Haights Cross Communications, the company's latest offerings of supplementary educational texts and software include new books and CDs for K-12 schools in Texas, New York and Illinois, covering reading, math, science, social studies and Spanish. The texts are in alignment with national standards, including the goals of No Child Left Behind, and for states that have recently revised their annual mandated learning goals and test.

Hamilton Electronics

Personal Series

Hardware, $24-$29

Because these headphones are USB-ready, there is no need for a soundcard or additional software. Each model has the software loaded onto the unit and offers digital sound quality and plug-and-play convenience. The series comes with replaceable foam ear pads and can be purchased with or without a microphone. The Deluxe Series-priced between $34-$39-is available with leatherette ear pads and can also include a microphone. An USB headphone adapter, priced at $19, converts ordinary headsets into a USB-ready model.


Summer Studio Math/Reading,, Program, $425-$499

These summer school programs target children in grades 1-6 who are performing one or more years below grade level. Designed to create measurable progress in six weeks, they provide motivational instruction and assessment tools that link summer school to school-year curriculum. Studio Reading focuses on the four foundational literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing while Studio Math targets the four foundational skill areas of number sense, meanings of operations, fact fluency and problem-solving. A teacher's guide, high-interest motivational materials, daily and weekly assessment tools to guide instruction, and more are included.


Logger Pro 3.4, Software, $159

Teachers can provide real-time graphing, analytical functions and hands-on learning in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. Students can also access the software's sample videos and experiment files in any of these languages. In addition to Logitech Web cameras and the Bodelin ProScope, the program gathers data from TI graphing calculators, Palm OS handhelds, data collection interfaces, imported videos, jpeg files and manual keyboard entry. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X systems, the upgrade is free to users of version 3 and costs $50 for users upgrading from earlier versions.

SMART Technologies, Inc.

SynchronEyes 6.0

Software, starts from $779/lab license

This classroom management software for Microsoft Windows operating system enables teachers to view desktops individually or sort thumbnails of student desktops to reflect the classroom layout. They can chat with individuals or groups, block access to games, applications or the Internet and lock computers. The wireless support feature also enables teachers to monitor and control students from anywhere on the network. With a simultaneous connection, teachers, assistants and administrators in different locations can monitor students' screens.

Averatec, Inc.

4100 Series notebook, Hardware, $1,099

This thin and lightweight notebook features AMD Turion 64 mobile technology and enables 32-bit performance. Other features include a 13.3-inch WXGA widescreen display, advanced power-management tools (including AMD PowerNow, which offers extended battery life and reduces heat generation) and AMD's 3D Now for digital entertainment activities, such as playing games, watching DVDs, streaming video or listening to music. It is compatible with Bluetooth and other wireless technologies.

Learning Station

Education Backpack

Web-based tool, $2.24 to $3

per user per school

This revised tool for file storage and sharing offers better navigation signposts, a meter to indicate how full a student's Backpack is, clear progress feedback on uploads and downloads, increased maximum file upload limit to 10MB and notification when a file is too large. Flash drives or storage CDs are no longer needed. Teachers save time by having all of their important materials in one digital location while students and parents have access to homework and learning activities online at anytime. Virus scanning prevents file infections and individual logins ensure that each user has private access to their work.

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies

Version 5

Software, Starts from $130

Version 5 of this educational CD series offers over 230 pages of self-paced learning resources. New content includes the Integer Football game, 81 lessons, 54 puzzles and 68 worksheet pages. A home version is also available for $31. Upgrade fees are $16 for home use and start at $52 for schools. The related Web site also offers more than 400 pages of activities for students, educators and parents.