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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software


Network Video Management System, Software, $1,200 and up

This surveillance system offers Windows-driven, browser-based, networked video management features. Administrators and police departments can monitor specific locations like school entrances and playgrounds, their full campus or different schools throughout their district. The software provides video management, transmission and extensive storage options and enables schools to centralize video management from remote premises using existing IP networks as well as legacy CCTV cameras, resulting in verification of remote alarms, expedient emergency response to student and teacher threats and deterrence of vandalism and theft.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Live Ink Reading Help, Online Edition, $3 add-on to price of online textbooks (which start at $65.95)

This text-formatting method is now available in the online versions of the company's textbooks, including biology and its entire line of social studies curricula. Based on brain science discoveries in visual and syntactic processing, Live Ink helps readers' eyes float down the screen, absorbing sentences that have been computer-formatted to improve the brain's ability to extract meaning and build comprehension. Designed to help students become better readers, it conveys visual cues to sentence structure through a patented method of reformatting text in a visually friendly, cascading phrase style. Readers can choose the format--standard, block-paragraph or Live Ink--by clicking on the online textbook, which opens a window with the modified text layout.

The company has also launched a new Spanish curriculum, iExpresate! 2006 ($56.35-$58.10 per book), which employs instructional and multisensory learning techniques to connects students to Spanish-speaking countries while teaching them to converse in Spanish. Students experience life in other countries through first person accounts, geographic and cultural tours and studies in art and history. An online curriculum is available for students in both middle school and high school grades for $62.35-$64.10; it includes a new audio recording technology called SoundBooth, allowing students to record and play back their voices while learning vocabulary, practicing pronunciation or doing speaking activities. SoundBooth is planned for upcoming versions of Holt's French and German programs.

HID Corp.

iCLASS CP400, Hardware/Software, $1,800

The latest edition to the company's contactless smart card technology product line enables programming of security-based applications and card management functions. Users can now program access control data, personal identification number codes and custom keys for additional security. It also offers the ability to manage card customers, stock blank credentials and program user info on-demand. It comes with a desktop reader/writer, CD-ROM with programming software and documentation, a graphical user interface, a personalization diskette, universal power supply and a serial cable.

Perimeter Products

FPS-5, Hardware, $30/linear foot

This fence-mounted intrusion detection system communicates all alarm and supervision information, including audio, on the same integral fiber transponder. Using the fiber communication method, it interleaves the signals and audio outputs while eliminating the need for any additional fiber communication boards. Its zones report to the MXF-5000 fiber series multiplex control unit, which can handle up to 60 zones of equipment. Features include a redundant fiber ring to ensure communication integrity of the system. The control unit also integrates with video and other equipment via relay outputs or RS-232 ports.

Follett Software

Follett Falcon, Hardware, $1,795 and up

This hand-held computer combines wireless access with barcode scanning and PDA technology. It gives access to real-time library, patron and textbook information from anywhere within range of the school's wireless network. Teachers can use it with the company's Destiny Textbook Manager to circulate textbooks or conduct a full or partial inventory. The device accesses Destiny software in real-time under Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2. Features include a color LCD display, an internal pop-up keyboard and an external stylus for entering data.

Glavach and Associates

Latin and Greek Word Roots 2, Program, $30

This 135-page book of reproducible masters for individual classroom use was developed to help middle school and high school students improve their decoding, spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension. It's built on words from middle and high school core curriculums--science, history and literature. It includes key roots that can unlock the meanings of over 100,000 words. Each lesson features a word pattern chart, discovery puzzles, word cards, art activities and practice and review quizzes.


Content Security Manager 2100 CF, Appliance, $2,800 and up

This product was designed to enhance network security and employee productivity, optimize network utilization and manage access to over 55 categories of Internet content as well as the use of instant messaging, peer-to-peer and multimedia applications. Features include an onboard dynamic rating architecture for real time rating of unrated Web sites and domains, policy control, IM, P2P and multimedia application controls for bandwidth management, smart URL parsing for filtering cached content provided by various search engines and complete active directory integration for single sign-on and transparent user authentication.


Xsan for Mac OS X, Software, $999

This 64-bit cluster file system enables school districts to consolidate storage resources and provide multiple computers with concurrent file-level read/write access to shared volumes over Fibre Channel. Up to 64 video professionals can simultaneously access a single storage volume that supports multiple high bandwidth video streams for efficient workflow in video and film editing, broadcast, visual effects and motion graphics creation.

The company has also upgraded its Xserve 1 U rack optimized server to deliver dual 64-bit 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5 processors with over 35 gigaflops of processing power per system. Configurations start at $2,999.

EMC Dantz

Dantz Retrospect 7, Software, $299-$1,299

This latest release is offered in four updated editions: Retrospect 7 Multi Server, Single Server, Small Business Server and Disk-to-Disk. Among its new features are intuitive wizards that streamline setup, backup, restore and media duplication, enhanced disk-to-disk-to-tape capabilities enabling backup to disks for onsite restores and automated transfers to tape for offsite storage and automated data grooming that ensures backups to disks don't exceed disk capacity by removing older data. It supports the latest versions of Red Hat Linux, SUSE LINUX and Mac OS X.


ThinkPad T43, Hardware, $1,499 and up

This laptop comes equipped with a layered approach to virus protection and advanced security, data recovery and power management features, such as: Rescue and Recovery 2.0, a set of tools contained in an embedded, pre-boot emergency system; and Antidote Delivery Manager, which protects against viruses and worms by enabling companies to deploy critical updates throughout their enterprise. It also sets policies so that PCs can retrieve and install those updates or the PCs can be removed from the network. The Power Manager gives users control over the thermal management of their notebook and lets them create battery schemes tailored for their specific computing needs.

Checkpoint Systems

DiscMate, Equipment, Approximately $1 per case, $50 per standard unlocking unit

This product, which is compatible with any library automation system, helps librarians secure and circulate CDs and DVDs. It includes one-piece cases for security and display and standard locking units for use at circulation desks. Also offered is an intelligent unlocking unit that works with the company's RFID-based Intelligent Library System, enabling patron self-checkout of CDs and DVDs while maintaining security. The cases have fully-integrated, tamper-proof locks.

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

Take It To Your Seat Geography Centers, Curriculum, $19.99/title

This program's four titles target students in grades 1-5 and reinforce critical geography concepts with grade-level appropriate centers like Using a Map Key. Step-by-step teacher directions and tips for using centers in the classroom are provided. Each edition is 192 pages and includes full color maps, materials, reproducible record sheets and self-checking answer keys.

The company also offers Take It to the Computer--Writing Sentences and Paragraphs, a new set of resource kits that combine software and print support materials. Program retails for $399.

Environmental Literacy Council, Internet, Free

This Web site helps educators select science textbooks. Scientists review the books for accuracy and balance while teachers evaluate the same books for their effectiveness as teaching resources. The reviews are then posted as a work in progress so that others can post additional information. Also on the site are news updates, results of pilot tests and evaluations, information about widely used texts and links to textbook reviews from organizations like Project 2061.

Centurion Technologies

CompuGuard Cornerstone, Software, $7.25-$22/copy

This hard-drive protection software guards against permanent changes being made to a user's hard drive. After a computer with CompuGuard is rebooted, it's restored back to the optimal configuration settings established during installation. Unwanted changes are transformed into temporary ones and the computer is shielded from Malware attempting to penetrate the hard drive. The persistent storage feature is an unprotected section of the hard drive where users can permanently save work they're not able to save to a network. Other features include USB blocking, which allows a network administrator to block USB drives so users can't transfer information through them.

Unique Logic+Technology

Play Attention Learning System, Software, $1,795

This program aims to maximize attention and concentration in both children and adults. It includes a sensor-lined helmet similar to bicycle helmets and an interface unit that connects the helmet sensors to the computer. The sensors monitor the student's attentive state and cognitive process while he or she interacts with characters on the computer screen. Users complete a series of video-like game activities that are controlled by their brain. They can see and hear real time feedback of their progress in focusing, finishing tasks, increasing memory and filtering out distractions.

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