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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

The Bill of Rights Institute

Being An American: Exploring The Ideals that Unite Us, Program, $12.95

This curriculum was designed to help middle and high school students examine who they are and what they stand for as Americans. Through activities, historical narratives, writing exercises and discussion questions, students study the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the core values of U.S. citizens, American heroes who have demonstrated these civic values and the meaning and challenges of citizenship.

The curriculum is available in two versions: one fully in English and another with student readings and activities written in Spanish.


NetSupport DNA 2.0, Software, $960 (25 users)

The software was designed to help schools and other organizations inventory and manage their IT assets. This latest version offers a software distribution warehouse that helps reduce network congestion, a new application packager utility, hardware and software history, inventory for remote users and the option to manually input hardware items, such as peripherals. Other features include expanded file search, query-based reporting, a help desk component and an import and export function in the database maintenance tool.

Schlessinger Media

The Fall of Great Empires, Video, $39.95

Each of the four programs in this series is 30 minutes long and targets grades 9-12. It covers the beginning of Egypt to 1806, when the Roman Empire fell to Napoleon. A teacher's guide accompanies each program and includes vocabulary words, discussion questions and activities that can be used for assessment or class projects.

Other new titles--each 47 minutes long--include Napoleon, which covers the ruler's life from his rapid rise to power to his death, and The Explorations of Vasco da Gama, which explores da Gama's voyage to India.

Plato Learning

Physical Science Simulation, Internet/Software, Site licenses: Web-based version $100/year, CD-ROM version $300/year

This standards-based curriculum is the second in the Plato Middle School Science Series. It uses computer animation and multimedia instruction to address scientific concepts at the middle-school level and can be used: as a self-study tool in the classroom or credit recovery program; to help teachers introduce concepts; for test review; and as a supplement to GED instruction or textbook lessons. The curriculum features a test item bank that links exam questions to specific standards-based objectives for pre-testing and mastery assessments.

Also new is the Multimedia Science Simulation, which brings invisible and industrial concepts to life and can be used as an alternative to school lab experiments. The intermediate version (grades 6-9) costs $4,400 per building, and the advanced version (grades 10-12) costs $2,000 per building.


Apple HD Cinema Display Extension Kits, Hardware, $217-$4,065

These kits, which are tailored to fit pre-set distance specifications, contain the appropriate extension devices and the required cabling to relocate a 20- or 23-inch Apple HD Cinema Display, keyboard, mouse and firewall peripheral away from the computer. Extension devices include a DVI Repeater or a DVI-1000 HD Extender. Kits are currently available for a variety of lengths, ranging from 10 to 300 feet. The 30- and 60-foot kits are also offered in alternate versions that use less than one inch wide cabling in conduit.

Prosoft Engineering

Data Rescue v10.4.3 for Mac,Software, $89

This software is used to recover files from a problem hard drive, rather than simply trying to "fix" the problem, which can lead to more hard drive damage. The latest Mac version was designed for improved scanning speed, new file and mail database type support in Content scan mode (including Stuffit, .sit and .sitx file types, plus Entourage mail), improved TIFF file and AAC/M4A audio file recovery, improved support for terabyte drives and added German language support. Because the Disk Spanning feature is now considered obsolete, it has been removed, along with the related Extractor application.

Other new versions of ProSoft products include: Data Backup v2.0.4 ($59), which makes schedules so users don't need to think about backing up data; and Picture Rescue v1.1.0 ($59), which protects users from accidental deletion, unintentional reformatting and inexplicable corruption of digital picture files.


Visual Thesaurus, Internet, Site license $240 and up

This online thesaurus and dictionary, designed for ages nine and up, offers an animated display of words and meanings that are related to the item in the center of the display. It shows 14 kinds of semantic relationships, including antonyms, along with the type of relationships and characteristics. Printouts of word displays can be used for individuals, classroom or group exercises like word or meaning maps. The program is also available as a CD-ROM for $27.95.

Find the Fun Productions

The Civil War: American Against American, Videos, $120

This three-part Civil War video series, running approximately 116 minutes, targets upper elementary and middle school students. Combining storytelling, original and period music, shadow puppetry and humor, the series addresses southern life and slavery, northern life and Abraham Lincoln's political struggles, to save the Union, the contrast in attitudes between the northern and southern states, war battles and the final surrender. An online study guide includes lesson plans and interactive activities.

ProQuest Information and Learning

ProQuest Platinum, Internet, Site license $3,000-$5,000/year

This online database contains more than 2,200 periodicals covering many curriculum-specific subject areas. Its features include full-text coverage of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal along with other international, national and regional newspapers. It's delivered via the latest version of the company's online information service with Smart Search query analysis. These services provide users with enhanced results, e-mail capabilities that allow them to track and share results and advanced browsing, which provides them with better access to non-periodical content.


Educational Publishers Daily Geography Practice, Curriculum, $29.95

Each grade-specific edition of this daily practice series for grades 1-6 was designed to help children learn geography skills. Based on the 18 National Geography Standards, it features a 15-minute lesson for each day of the week. Each of the weekly units includes a teacher resource page with a statement of the geography standard being addressed, reproducible maps, two geography questions for each day, a geography glossary and two black-and-white map transparencies that correspond to student maps.