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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software


NetOp School v3.0, Software, $650 and up per classroom

The latest version of this PC classroom monitoring software offers new features such as screen recording and program and URL blocking. Teachers can set classroom policies to disable applications or URLs and only allow student PCs to access specified programs and Web sites. A new tool can help teachers create interactive lesson plans, and screen recording and playback features allow teachers to record lessons, or a student's screen, for later playback. In addition, students can now join a class from the Internet or from a wireless campus.

Also available is NetOp Remote Control v7.6 ($179/one guest and one host), which provides Mac and Tablet PC support and supports Windows Server 2003. Users can use a PDA, notebook, tablet or desktop PC to remote control Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac workstations.

Both new products have added security features.

Sagebrush/Gemteq Software

Pinpoint, Software, $1.65 per student for the first year; $.33 per student each year thereafter

Sagebrush's Pinpoint research tool, which allows students to search libraries, information databases, online subscriptions and the Web simultaneously, has been updated to integrate Gemteq's eGems Enterprise Server. Students can now capture content from electronic resources, create citations, and store these pieces of content for later use at home or anywhere they have Internet access.

Heartwood Institute

Heartwood Ethics Program: Pre-K or Kindergarten Kit, Books, $395

This literature-based, read-aloud program uses stories to help teach positive values. The kit contains 15 stories from a variety of cultures and genres, as well as a loose-leaf manual with ideas, activities, resources and advice for teachers. Lesson cards for each book include story summaries, discussion questions, suggested activities and writing assignments, ideas for infusing the Heartwood program in up to four subject areas, Web connections, and ways to send the program's concepts home to families. The Pre-K/ kindergarten kit contains a vinyl floor map, poster and CD, as well.

Also new in the program is the Spanish Kit ($495), which features similar materials in Spanish for K-3 bilingual, ESL and Spanish language classes.

Digital Controls

SchoolTools@Work Staff Leave, Internet, $40,000, plus $1,000 annual fee for support, license and application hosting

This Web-based application lets K-12 personnel electronically submit leave requests, including substitute requirements. Requests are electronically routed to the appropriate approval personnel and accumulated leave time is tracked. The application provides Web-based forms and the ability to forward requests to other administrators when multiple reviewers or approvers are necessary. E-mail ticklers are sent to staff members after the leave is completed in cases where follow-up reports--such as expenses--are needed.


FSLogic Protect, Software, $80 per workstation (volume and educational discounts available)

This software protects and manages shared access and public access Windows PCs in education environments. It helps reduce administrative expenses by eliminating the chance for base system corruption and the resulting need for system troubleshooting, re-imaging and re-configuration. Users managing thousands of computers or more in shared and public access environments where multiple users access each PC may benefit from reduced downtime and lowered IT management costs.


Outpost Persona Firewall Pro 2.0,Software, $39.95

This updated, full-featured firewall for Windows helps protects computers from hackers, detects and blocks intrusions and quarantines Internet worms and viruses that enter a computer. The program can now auto-configure correct values for 95 percent of a computer's applications. Other new features are system and LAN settings, an intuitive graphical interface to fine-tune the software's settings and Windows Start-Up processing that ensures the program is running and protecting the system.

Linworth Publishing

Leverage Your Library Program to Raise Test Scores, Book, $39.95

Author Audrey P. Church, an instructor of a graduate program of school library media, argues that support for a library program helps to raise test scores. The book shows that student test scores in two states and rose between 10 and 15 percent when "school library predictors"--such as staffing, expenditures, resources and technology--were maximized.

Professional Development Workshops, Service, $2,500 for up to 30 people per district in a full-day session

Teachers can attend one or more of the 13 full-day professional development workshops to be offered in cities throughout the nation. Topics include High-Stakes Testing and Technology Integration, as well as Technology and English Language Learners. Other workshops will focus on meeting the national education standards for students and for teachers published by the International Society for Technology in Education. All workshops are aligned with the National Staff Development Council standards for staff development, and in many states professional development hours are available for workshop participation. Multiple workshop attendance may qualify for package pricing.


Classroom Suite, Software, $299.95 (through June)

Targeting pre-K-8 educators, this suite includes three teaching and learning tools: IntelliPics Studio 3 for creating multimedia presentations; IntelliMathics 3, a virtual math manipulatives tool; and IntelliTalk 3 for word processing.

The software is network-ready and Mac OS X compatible. Standards-aligned activities relate to reading, writing, math, social studies and science. Features include answer tracking and student portfolio reporting for teachers to assess student performance, Internet links, teacher guides, student tutorials, lesson plans and teacher-created activities aligned with specific curriculum goals.

Discounts are available for lab packs, site and district licenses and a network version.

Classroom Connect

Connected Tech, Internet, Up to $10 per student/year (volume discounts available)

This Web-based program for K-8 helps incorporate technology applications into the core curriculum. The program uses applications such as Microsoft Office, Kid Pix, HyperStudio, and AppleWork. Each application is featured within the program where it is most grade-appropriate.

In a study of about 549 randomly selected students in grades one, four and seven from six schools in Texas and New York City, students using the program had strong improvement of technology skills.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble Classics, Books, $3.95-$9.95

Each book in this literature series includes new introductions, study materials, footnotes, endnotes and discussion questions, as well as an index, a glossary and illustrations when appropriate. The books feature biographical and historical notes, a timeline of cultural and historical events, and a section called "Inspired By," which lists notable sequels, poems, plays, films and paintings inspired by the work.

Smart Technologies

Expression 101, Hardware, $2,259

This new mobile multimedia cabinet was designed to simplify the implementation and use of multimedia equipment in schools. The cabinet's workspace is at standard countertop height for those who stand while teaching. Teachers can use the cabinet to store and access a computer, projector, VCR and DVD player. All cables are included, organized and labeled within the unit. The cabinet is lockable, allowing for sharing among classrooms.

Also available is the Expression 103 ($2,659) cabinet, which includes the same features as the 101, with the added functionality of connecting a guest laptop.

Vantage Learning

MY Access! 4.0, Software, $36 per student per year for unlimited usage

The latest version of this online writing instructional program offers rapid, accurate scoring and immediate diagnostic feedback. New customization features also enable teachers to align assessment with their individual state rubrics, focus on student needs and help administrators view student writing in a graphic reporting engine, drilling down on specific weak or strong skills.

Other new features are enhanced multilingual support and a thesaurus. Students can keep online journals while teachers can create individualized feedback mechanisms that encourage language proficiency.


LW40U and LW25U, Hardware, LW40U, $13,995; LW25U, $89.95

The LW40U and LW25U are super-bright 16:9 LCD projectors designed for a variety of learning environments. The LW40U offers 4,000 ANSI lumens and is suitable for screens up to 50 feet wide. The LW25U delivers 2,200 ANSI lumens and offers flexible setup and connectivity options.


Agility Presenter, Software, $99 for audio version, $149 for audio/video version

The upgraded version of this media presentation tool for PowerPoint enables users to capture presentations and events using professional quality video devices. Since it's compatible with international versions of Microsoft operating systems, presentations can be shared with global audiences.

The software provides closed captioning support and minimizes presentation creation time. Other features include updated playback templates and improved synchronization of video with audio. It supports technology like video capture cards so freestanding cameras can be located remotely from speakers.


Corel Creative Pack, Corel Graphics Pack and Corel Photo Enhancement Pack, Software, Creative $109; Graphics $179; Photo $85

These software bundles for students and educators feature graphics tools at a packaged price. The Creative pack is a graphics toolkit that includes five different software programs; Graphics features seven technical and graphics software programs; and Photo includes three software programs. Pricing includes training CDs, tutorials, demos and technical support options.


CrossGen Entertainment, Software/Books, $299.95 for each classroom pack; $45.00 for each 5-pack; and $19.95 for each teacher's guide

This supplemental reading program uses two of the publisher's graphic novel series, Meridian and Ruse, to improve reading comprehension and build vocabulary. Meridian is designed for middle school readers, while Ruse is aimed toward high schoolers. The program includes graphic novels, teacher's guides and CD-ROMs with skill activities. School versions of both graphic novels have been edited for language and sexual innuendo.

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