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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software focus: Presentation systems & Curricu


Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther", Software, $129/single user license

The latest release of the Macintosh operating system features more than 150 new features, including a new finder that provides one-click access to a user's favorite files and folders. The OS also features Expose, a new way to see all open windows at once; and iChat AV, a complete desktop video conferencing application that offers full-screen, full-motion video over broadband.

Also new are the security system FileVault, Font Book for font management, enhanced mail, a fully integrated iDisk and enhanced Windows compatibility. Advancements have been made to the open-standard UNIX-based foundation, including support for the latest open source libraries, commands and technologies, x11 applications, Ipv6, Kerberos integration and an improved NFS file system. The system's Xcode lets users create Mac OS X applications with a user-friendly interface and developer tools such as GCC 3.3. In addition, the system features the latest versions of iSync, iCal, iPhoto, iMovie, the iTunes Music Store and Apple's new default Web browser, Safari.

For customers who purchased v10.2 on Oct. 8, 2003 or later, the upgrade costs $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Also available is the Mac OS X Server version 10.3 "Panther" ($499), a Unix-based server operating system with more than 150 new features. Panther server integrates open source and open standards software with management tools to deploy open source solutions for Mac, Windows and Linux users

Red Rock Software

DeltaGraph 5.0, Software, Single license $299 ($199 upgrade)

This updated software lets users analyze and present charts, graphs and formulas to examine complex sets of data. Now available for Macintosh as well as Windows operating systems, it features a formula builder and 50 mathematical and statistical functions, which let users analyze and fit a curve to data using advanced regression tools. Students can create more than 80 chart types and 200 styles in 2-D and 3-D, and style customizations are possible.

PLUS Vision Corp. of America

V3-111, Hardware, $1,595

This 800-lumen SVGA projector is part of the V3 series thin mobile projector line, which also includes the V3-131 ($2,295), a 1000 lumen XGA projector. The projectors are 1.38 inches high and feature quiet performance, a 2000:1 contrast ratio, and Digital Light Processing by Texas Instruments. Their thin size allows them to be carried with a laptop in a single bag. Digital keystone correction and support for the latest video standards, including 480p, 576p, 780p and 1080I High Definition imaging, are also included. The projectors allow for video input from sources including component (YcbCr, YpbPr), S-video and composite video.

NetSupport, Inc.

NetSupport DNA, Software, Inventory-only module $2,688, Full suite (including metering and distribution) $5,376

This network administration software provides schools with a PC management solution that features hardware and software inventory, software distribution, application and Web metering, query-based reporting, a help desk component and remote control functionality. IT managers can use the software to learn, for example, how many computers on their network have Windows '98 loaded, how many students go to certain URLs and for how long, or who uses which applications more than once a week.

Merit Software

Fraction Shape-Up, Software, $89 and up

Designed for students in grades 3-5, this software program helps students develop an understanding of fractions and their application. It contains eight units, each of which is comprised of four parts: Tryout, which helps students find the right questions to work on; Warm-Up, where students practice one skill per round; Workout, where four rounds of mixed skills need to be "passed"; and Finals, the final testing rounds.

Ohaus Corp.

Scout Pro Education Balances, Hardware, $168-$435

These portable electronic balances have been updated to include overload protection, which safeguards the balance from rough handling and shock. Their are eight new models, ranging from 120g x 0.001g to 6000g x 1.0g.

Features include a choice of RS232 or USB connectivity, battery or AC power, an integral security bracket, an integral weigh-below hook, and an above-balance density/specific gravity kit.

Ballard & Tighe

IPT 2004 Proficiency Tests, Testing/Software, $7.50-$8.50 per student/first year, $3-$3.50 per student/subsequent years (some components are reusable), Prices do not include scoring and reporting, IPT 2005 pricing not yet fully determined at press time.

This latest version of the IPT language assessment tool for limited English proficient students achieves NCLB compliance through adapted scoring and reporting procedures. Student scores are provided in speaking, listening, reading, writing and comprehension. The print-based tool provides baseline data needed for the development of annual measurable achievement objectives.

On the horizon is the IPT 2005, a customized testing system designed to adjust to varied English proficiency standards set by individual states. Each state could have its own customized version of IPT 2005 tests.

EasyTech, Software, $9-$11 per student (depending on enrollment)

This integration system has been enhanced to support teachers daily as they integrate technology. In addition, new online curriculum has been added for visual mapping, databases, graphics, desktop publishing, presentation software, typing and Web browsing. The new management system includes additional teacher planning tools and reporting capabilities and addresses No Child Left Behind requirements.

H.Wilson Company

WLCDM Projector Mount, Hardware, $100

This projector mount features fully rotational arms and offers the versatility of 12", 24" and 36" length capability. It is capable of up to a 10-degree tilt option, includes four spacers for optional fit and non-marring of surfaces, and fits most projectors. The projector is constructed from heavy gauge steel with a black powdercoat finish and includes a lifetime warranty.


PowerLite 54c, Hardware, $1,699

This 6.4-pound portable multimedia projector features a 2,000 ANSI lumens, a 500:1 contrast ratio, SVGA (800 x 600) native resolution and Epson's three LCD system, which offers a wider color gamut, letting the projector reproduce better color accuracy and deliver images with richer overall cover saturation. A Blackboard mode compensates color output, allowing for bright, usable images projected on a dark surface such as a chalkboard, eliminating the need for a screen. Also available is the PowerLite 74c ($2,399), which offers XGA native resolution.


EVR-100 Annotation Module, Hardware, $145

This annotation module lets Elmo document camera users annotate, underline or highlight any document, photo or flat art without damaging the original piece. The product fits onto any full-featured Elmo analog or digital document camera from the EV-308 analog unit through the HV-8000SX IP-addressable visual printer. The module simplifies the storage of notes, formulas, bullet points and other aids without the use of a computer or other accessories. Weighing four pounds, the camera is supplied with an acetate roll of more than 65 feet of 10" film.

Deep South Regional Humanities Center at Tulane University

The Louisiana Purchase: A History in Maps, Images and Documents on CD-ROM, Software, $24.95

This multi-media CD-ROM draws on the work of 29 historians and archivists from the United States and Europe. It provides an illustrated timeline of the Louisiana Purchase and includes more than 100 digital images of historical maps, paintings and legal records.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Holt Biology 2004, Book, $59.50

This biology textbook addresses the needs of various learner levels, from gifted and talented students to English language learners. The textbook includes hands-on lab exercises, a Spanish glossary and differentiated learning activities. Free teacher resources correlated to the curriculum are available online, in print or in CD-ROM format. An online version is also available.


MeetingManager, Software, $1,000/ server license for two rooms; $400/each additional room

This meeting room management and equipment monitoring software package provides a comprehensive point of control of automation for campus-wide operations. The application allows the user to manage room resources, such as audio/visual and environmental systems. Users can keep track of room appointments scheduled through Outlook/Exchange or GroupWise. Along with messages and graphics pre-configured by the user, the appointments can be viewed on an AMX Modero Touch Panel located at the meeting room entrance. Users can also configure room lighting, audio and climate settings, as well as select playback sources, display devices and launch applications.

Language Learning Solutions

ClassPak, Internet, $89.95

This foreign language assessment and instructional tool contains hundreds of texts that can be used to generate activities, assignments and quizzes. ClassPak is delivered over the Internet and enables teachers to distribute and monitor quizzes and assignments from any computer connected to the Internet. Lesson building items cover five student reading and writing levels.

Merit Software

Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading, Software, $79 per station (network version available)

This reading comprehension software for ages 10 and up has been updated to include a tutorial section to help students master skills. Students receive immediate feedback and progress at their own pace. Teachers, tutors and parents can monitor student progress through the Teacher Program Manager, a centralized management system.

NEC Solutions America

WT600, Hardware, $6,995

This mirrored-reflection projector features a short throw of a 40-inch image from only two inches away from the screen and a 100-inch image from less than 26" away. The short throw gives presenters the freedom to move in front of the screen without obstructing the light path, which is ideal for small presentation spaces. In addition to its 3000:1 contrast ratio, the projector features NEC's wired and wireless networking technologies for communication from a PC to the projector through a wired LAN system using a 10 base or a wireless system via a Wi-Fi 802.11b. The DLP-based, 1500 ANSI lumens projector features XGA resolution, as well as a lamp life of up to 3000 hours and a 32dB noise level.

Don Johnston Inc.

WordMaker, Software, $149 (single license)-$37,250 (1,000 licenses)

WordMaker is the computerized version of the book Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use by Patricia Cunningham, author of the Four Blocks Literacy Model. The software includes 140 lessons, each containing four to six hands-on activities that use experiential learning, guided discovery and knowledge transfer techniques to help students apply what they learn to new and unfamiliar words. Reporting features help teachers track progress and assess targeted areas, such as specific word patterns.

Tom Snyder Productions

Handhelds for Teachers & Administrators, Book/Software, $35

The latest in a series, this book is a how-to guide to using Pocket PCs and Palm OS handhelds in the classroom. Written by teachers Janet Caughlin and Tony Vincent, the book contains lessons using handhelds that can help teachers meet their curriculum objectives, as well as a CD-ROM of more than 70 software programs for handhelds including cross-curricular applications, teacher applications, databases and games. The book also features an overview of hardware and software, a glossary of handheld terms, and advice on funding.

Meridian Creative Group Intermediate, Internet, $10.95 each (for 1,000 or more subscriptions)-$29.95 (single subscription)

The 181 lessons in this online mathematics program provide tutorial, practice and assessment components for grades 3-6. Each lesson progresses from skill building and problem solving to critical thinking and communication. The new Classroom Management System enables teachers to easily organize students into classes, customize curriculum and assessments, monitor student progress and access detailed student and class reports.


Quiz Wizard, Hardware, $295

This quiz bowl response system is designed for up to eight contestants and uses individual rapid response buttons and an optional numeric LED display to show the number of the student who buzz in first. Setup, which includes a control box plug and rapid response button cords, was designed for ease of use.

Teaching for Thinking

Ancient History: Lives and Times in Ancient Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire, Software, $69.95

Designed for grades 6-8, this multi-media CD-ROM uses personal narratives to connect students to the content. The teacher's guide includes 24 "mini cases" for teachers who wish to use a case study approach to teach the "big ideas" of the curriculum.

Supplementary resources accompany each of the three chapters.

IT Integration Services

iAssessment, Service, Pricing based on project scope

This IT integration service is designed specifically to help K-12 institutions optimize their existing networks. The service can streamline and automate administrative processes while making online resources more available and easier to use for educators and students. The service can integrate third-party student information systems, library systems, learning management systems and other applications to help data move freely and cleanly between departments, systems and applications. In addition to other features, it provides single sign-on capabilities that enable users to access GPS smartPortal resources ($4.75 per user/year plus setup feeds of $2,500 per site and up) from any computer.

ACE Software

Master Schedule Builder/Student-Scheduling, Software, Base costs: $785 per user/year (up to $1,500 per user/year), Training and installation costs: $595 to $1,295 per day, Web input for Student Request and Student Lookup of Schedules: $1,495, plus maintenance of $1,095/year

This scheduling software for K-12 schools builds a master schedule around student needs. The software focuses on students' requirements (for classes, sections or teams) and helps eliminate late-summer "scheduling fires" (when students change classes that don't fit into their schedules). The software builds the master automatically by using all student course request and staff room requests, and then it schedules the students by placing them in class sections. The data is entered only once into the system, and results can be verified within minutes. The software features 64 periods, or time slots, which allows schools to schedule block, mini and "skinny" courses.

Other pricing options are available, including a full version of the MSB on ACE's ASP System, which would not require a server, for $5.99 per student plus training cost.

Pace Learning

Social Studies, Books or Software, $1,050 for books, $4,200 and up for software

This learning system for alternative and adult education covers six content areas--World Geography, U.S. Geography, World History, U.S. History, Civics and Government, and Economics--and includes easy-to-read lessons that can be used on or off the computer. Excerpts from historical documents, such as the Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence, are included, along with interactive charts and maps.

Bytes of Learning

UltraKey, Software, $39.95/home edition-$995/site license

This typing tutor is now available for wide-screen, Palm-powered devices, particularly Dana by AlphaSmart. The software presents a keyboard on the screen and shows the user how to type using animated hands. The software's Palm OS format consists of two applications, UltraKey and UltraKey Manager. UltraKey provides the instruction while keeping individual user performance records. UltraKey Manager is a separate program installed on a teacher's Dana; it lets teachers collect student records by having students beam their records to the teacher's Dana. Teachers then beam new settings back to the student machines.

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