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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and softwareFOCUS: Safety & Security


FileMaker Education Starter Kit, Software, Free

This software bundle, which can be downloaded, includes five databases: HumanResources, which maintains demographic information for employees; iSolution's CourseTracker, which manages courses and tracks students; Super School's Math Art, which provides math clip art; CourseWizard Lite, which helps administrators manage staff development programs; and dbGenious' teacher curriculum storage and management solution. The kit comes with a 30-day trial of FileMaker Pro 7, which can be purchased at the new education rate of $149 per site license.

Also new from FileMaker is Events 4.0, a cross-platform plug-in for FileMaker Pro 7. It allows educators to build triggers to run from any FileMaker action and send e-mail without a client application or additional plug-in.

Learning Resources

Time Tracker, Hardware, $34.95

This lighted electronic timer and clock was designed to help teach students time management skills. Its three color-coded section--green, yellow and red--offer a quick reference as to how much time is remaining. Six sound effects can provide an audio countdown. With 180-degree viewing, it can be used for study sessions, projects, tests, experiments, practice sessions, presentations, classroom assignments or activities. It requires an adapter (sold for $8.95) or four AA batteries.

Axis Communications

AXIS 206M, Hardware, $399

This indoor network surveillance camera delivers resolutions of up to 1280 X 1024 pixels. For image quality and detail resolution, it utilizes Axis' image processing technology and a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. Using Motion-JPEG video format, it can transmit real-time images of up to 12 frames per second. The network camera comes with Axis Camera Explorer software and contains a built-in Web server, Universal Plug and Play support and free AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service, connecting directly to a local network or the Internet.

ClickN' KIDS

ClickN' READ, Internet, $20 to $49 per user (depending on number of students)

This online beginning reading program consists of 100 fully animated, interactive lessons for intervention and supplemental reading instruction. The curriculum targets pre-K through third grade and emphasizes independent, self-paced and errorless learning. Students log on to the Web site and can select from a variety of lessons, such as those that focus on single letter sounds, letter combinations, words and sentences. Teachers can use automatically generated performance reports to track a student progress. No special software is required.


Vision, Software, $35 per computer

Teachers, librarians and technology coordinators can use this software to monitor all student computer activity from their desktop, demo their computer screen to student screens, lock student keyboards and mice or take remote control of a student computer. Vision now supports Macintosh OS X, in addition to Microsoft Windows 9x, Me, 2000 and XP. It offers cross-platform supervision, screen sharing, remote control and computer activity management. Additional plug-ins are available, such as Surf-Lock, a Web-blocking tool that lets teachers turn Web surfing on or off during instructional periods.

Lightspeed Systems

Total Traffic Control v5.0, Software, $10,000

The security software for Windows and Mac can detect and block viruses and malware, spam and inappropriate Web content. Enhanced features include host- and network-based intrusion prevention, virus scanning, file-integrity checking and vulnerability assessment. Customers can share database updates with Lightspeed systems, which then push the updates out to other TTC users.


Gateway Profile 5.5, Hardware, $1,400 and up

This newest version of an all-in-one desktop line features Intel's 915G chipset, integrated Intel graphics with up to 128MB shared memory and higher-bandwidth serial ATA hard drives. It's available with a 15-, 17- or 19-inch LCD screen that's adjustable for improved ergonomics. Designed with a space-saving form factor, the computer's easier serviceability can help minimize maintenance costs.

Toshiba Digital Products Division

TDP-T91U, Hardware, $2,099

This projector, based on a DLP technology platform, offers wireless capabilities and a detachable document camera. Presenters can unclip the camera from the projector and place it almost anywhere to incorporate 3D objects and hard-copy material into their presentations.

The T90 projector series also includes two others: the TDP-T90U ($1,899) and the TDP-TW90U ($2,099). All three projectors display 2,000 ANSI lumens, native XGA 1024 x 768 resolution and 2000:1 contrast ratio.

HID Corp.

iClass CP400 Smart Card Programmer, Hardware

HID Corp., a manufacturer of contactless access control cards and readers, has released the iCLASS CP400 Contactless Smart Card Programmer. The latest addition to the company's iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology product line enables programming of security-based applications and card management functions. HID's distributors and end users can now program access control data, personal identification number codes, and custom keys for additional security.

The iCLASS CP400 can program personal PIN codes directly on the access card for card reading with HID's iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless RK40 reader with keypad and RWK40 reader/writer with keypad. It can program four, 16-character user data fields readable by the programmer and has the ability to create site-specific key codes and create reader configuration cards to program new authentication keys programmed into cards and readers.


LV-X4, Hardware, $1,999

This micro-portable projector weighs 6.4 pounds and comes equipped with a high-precision ultra wide-angle lens, 1.6x optical zoom and short throw distance, with the ability to display an 100-inch diagonal image from 8.2 feet. Other features include an XGA resolution of 1024 x 768, 1500 ANSI lumens and 400:1 contrast ratio. It supports an SXGA resolution through high-quality compression and operates at 36 dB in silent mode. The projector also allows teachers who don't have access to a screen to project directly onto a blackboard.

Califone International

Emergency Response Kit 2000 and ControlCom Radio, Hardware, Emergency Response Kit (for urban use) $405, Emergency Response Kit (for rural use) $325, Portable Megaphone, $70

Califone International, a manufacturer of audio technology for the education market, has launched two emergency response kits and a portable megaphone to support schools in establishing safe, secure learning environments. The Califone Emergency Response Kits are designed to help schools address different safety-related measures. Emergency Response Kit 1000 is best suited for rural school use and open areas with its two small, lightweight Keep-In-Touch radios that have a two-mile range. Because the Emergency Response Kit 2000 utilizes the ControlCom radios, it is optimal for urban school use. ControlCom radios, which utilize UHF radio waves and have a two-mile range, work more effectively in steel and concrete buildings up to eight-stories high and are able to bounce sound around corners and in between structures while maintaining quality audio.

Both kits contain a portable, all-weather megaphone with an emergency siren and a 1000-foot range, a professional security wand with a headphone jack for silent screening, and a red carrying bag.

Corporate Computer

Board Portal, Service, $100/month

This service was designed to eliminate the preparation of printed documents for school board meetings. The company assembles documents into an electronic board book that's posted on its Web site. Board members and other appropriate personnel get a password to view all of their board books and download information on local printing, as needed.

CD-ROMs can also be made available for members who prefer to view the information on a laptop during meetings. Board book changes can be made online up to the day of the meeting. Each time a change is made, an e-mail is automatically sent to all authorized readers, notifying them of the change.

Homework Assignments Online, Internet, $299 per middle school/year, $499 per high school/year

This Web site enables teachers to post homework assignments online without special software or hardware. Additional features include an online school calendar, links to more than two dozen educational Web sites and one-click e-mail links that allow parents to communicate with teachers. Online reporting shows how much traffic a homework Web site is receiving, such as the number of visitors from the school.


Hassle Free Bulk Ordering, Internet, Free

This fund-raising tool offers schools the opportunity to access low prices often associated with ordering products in bulk. It also eliminates the need for students to take orders or collect checks. Supporters pre-pay for their item online, which is then shipped directly to their home. Once the order is complete, the company sends the school or organization a check for its profits. A password-protected Store Manager, which allows sales and profits to be tracked in real time, is also included.


TestView, Software, Set-up fee $28,000, plus $1.75-$2.75 per student/year for 3-year agreement

This Internet-based software, developed over the past five years with Richland School District 2 in Columbia, S.C., will be nationally rolled out in February. It integrates standardized test score data with demographic, class and teacher data to satisfy federal and state NCLB-related mandates. The software includes a test score import module and training on how to use the module along with two roster years of test score imports, which are performed by district staff during training.

Pearson Digital Learning

NovaNET 2004, Internet, $1,000 to $1,500/ simultaneous user license

The latest version of this online standards-based curriculum and assessment system for grades 6-12 includes 79 new chemistry lessons and 50 multimedia-enhanced math and language arts lessons. The system also has a new interface designed to make learning more engaging.

The NovaNet chemistry curriculum--which teaches through simulated experiments, problem sets, animations and videos--now constitutes a full high school chemistry course. The 26 enhanced language arts lessons address reading comprehension, grammar and usage, reference, spelling and vocabulary. The 24 enhanced math lessons focus on polynomials, factoring, binomials, multiplications, graphing and equations.


SUBE English as a Second Language, Curriculum, $995

The multi-sensory SUBE language program is now available in an ESL version. Previously it only taught Spanish as a second language. Each kit is a self-contained, one-year curriculum including a lesson manual, overview planner, monthly overviews, take-home sheets, lesson plans and 54 games, visual aids and additional instructional enhancements, such as color-coded flashcards and a Bingo set. Two versions are available, one for preschool to 2nd grade and the other for grades 2-5.


Neo by AlphaSmart, Hardware, $249 per unit, $7,850 and up for a classroom set of 30

This two-pound device, the latest of AlphaSmart's series of computer companions, offers twice the memory and a 50 percent larger screen than its predecessor, the AlphaSmart 3000. Neo displays up to six lines of text, with larger fonts for young students, and has an enhanced word processing system featuring spell check, a thesaurus, writer's tools, Spanish-English word look up and the ability to name and save files. Up to eight files can be open concurrently. The device has a built-in industry-standard infrared wireless port also enables documents to be beamed between devices or to IR-enabled printers. Neo also delivers more than 700 hours of battery life. Educational discounts starting at $229 are available.

Crick Software

ClozePro, Software, Single-user license $199

Interactive activities in this program are designed to help students of all ages and abilities develop reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills. Fill-in-the-blank lessons, which help identify a student's comprehension of a piece of text, can be completed either on screen or as printed worksheets. Teachers can paste in text and remove words to customize lessons, allowing them to be tailored for specific needs. The software comes with more than 1,000 education-related graphics, as well as speech support, so students can hear individual words spoken. Reports help track student progress.

Mediaphor Software Entertainment AG

Plagiarism-Finder, Internet, Single license $125

This online program compares any digital document--such as a presentation, final project or term paper--to billions of Web pages. After completing the scan, it highlights suspect passages and includes links to matching Web pages. A detailed report gives users a comprehensive source list, the percentage of text copied from each source and the document's overall percentage of copied text. Users can choose the level of scanning they want to perform from a random sampling to a detailed examination. Scan times typically last from two to 40 minutes.

The Council of Educational Facility Planners

Creating Connections: The CEFPI Guide for Educational Facility Planning, Book, $150

This guide of best practices used in educational facility planning features models, strategies and research that have been tested in communities nationwide. Among the topics addressed are the educational plan, sustainable design, site evaluations and selections, community partnerships, cost and funding options and the process of working with stakeholders to assess and meet academic and community needs.