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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

CoVi Technologies

EVQ-1000, Hardware, $540

This HDTV camera aims to extend the reach of video surveillance beyond most of today's leading systems through rapid and accurate identification of people over live and recorded video. It can simultaneously capture high-definition full-field and zoom views, decreasing the number of cameras necessary to secure an environment. It includes 1280x720p high motion video and multiple views per camera with simultaneous full field and up to three zoom zones. The technology requires no special monitors or cabling.

Digital Acoustics Corp.

i3 IP Intercom Series, Hardware, $325

Used with Talkmaster management software, this product is the first in the company's quick-to-install and highly configurable two-way intercom stations. It's recommended for in-classroom paging, daily announcements and general communications. Because each intercom has its own IP address, groups of intercoms can be defined and managed at the building or district level. For example, messages can go to specific groups, such as certain buildings or grade levels, in advance; this feature is key for emergency communication. And office administrators can initiate two-way communications with individual classrooms as well as monitor classrooms and start communication at a natural break.


ThinkPad X40, Hardware, $1,499 and up

This laptop weighs 2.7 pounds and comes with a full-size keyboard, a battery life of up to 7.5 hours and new recovery tools that address common problems, such as viruses, missing system files and corrupted software drivers. Some models also include Intel's Centrino mobile technology for wireless connectivity. Other features are a powered USB 2.0 port, a secure digital port and hard drive protection technology to safeguard data.

Panasonic Digital Communications & Security Company

WJ-HD300 Series DVRs, Hardware, $7,060-$43,480 (depending on memory capacity)

These digital video recorders provide surveillance and security for monitoring students and faculty members. They can help prevent or quickly diffuse potentially threatening situations, as well as provide documentation of events.

The products have enhanced networking capabilities that employ up to 100 Panasonic DVRs and offer comprehensive control of Panasonic's dome camera systems.

Atomic Learning

Software Tutorials, Internet, $79.99 per user/year (volume discounts available)

These Web-based tutorials target software applications that students and teachers use daily, such as Microsoft Excel, AppleWorks and Dreamweaver. Approximately 6,000 tutorial movies--each less than three minutes long--address common how-to questions regarding more than 60 software programs.

The tutorials include Windows Movie Maker 2, Adobe Photoshop, Word 2000, Access 2000 and PowerPoint 2000. The Office 2000 series has been expanded to include introductory, intermediate and advanced tutorials on Word 2000, an introductory tutorial for Access 2000 and introductory and advanced tutorials for PowerPoint 2000.

A series was also introduced on how to create a classroom newsletter for parents. It's available for use with Office 10 for Mac, office XP, Office 2000, StarOffice and Appleworks 6. Another new series, Searching the Web, explains how search engines work and offers tips and tricks on using Google to retrieve specific information. In addition, 30 Spanish language series (with over 1,700 tutorials) were added to the service this spring.

Subscribers receive weekly e-mails containing tech tips. A tracking feature also enables them to display a list of tutorials that have been accessed by individual username and usage levels by site or district.

The Education Commission of the States, Midcontinent Research for Education and Learning

A Policymaker's Primer on Education Research: How To Understand, Evaluate and Use It, Internet, Free

This interactive, online document is designed to help educators and others better understand and evaluate education research. It provides an overview of research methods and statistics, flash animation, hot links to examples, pop-up definitions of technical terms, an education research glossary and tools to guide users through an assessment of research studies. It also includes two tutorials on understanding statistics and researching the ERIC database.


CLASS R10 Reader and 2K Card, Hardware/Software, Pricing set by security installer

This smart card device is designed for typical access control applications for districts that may be installing either a first security access control system or expanding an existing system. The reader and card combination allows security staff to control facility door access and is more secure than a key-based system.

Linworth Publishing

Assistive Technology: An Introductory Guide for K-12 Library Media Specialists, Book, $39.95

This book is designed to help library media professionals reduce the research time needed to understand complex assistive technology used by students, including those with disabilities. It describes a range of accessibility features that are available in the latest products and also those built into Windows. It also offers information about funding, initiatives and legal considerations, as well as an e-text resources guide.

Canon USA

VB-C50i/R PTZ Network Video Camera, Hardware, $1,799

The system can be used to monitor hallways and parking lots and other outdoor areas. The pan tilt zoom network camera, with built-in server, can monitor areas in nearly all total darkness and detect and track motion as well as capture detailed images from far distances. It can be connected to a LAN or the Internet.


WinDVD Creator Platinum 2, Software, $99.95

This software provides a single interface for capturing, editing, authoring and burning videos to DVDs and CDs. Designed to support all CD and DVD formats, users can view their videos on PCs, laptops and TVs equipped with a DVD player or recorder.

Other features include Dolby digital support, OnDisc editing, instant playback of edits, DivX support, advance scene editing and adaptive smart rendering. Users can also create slide shows and albums that incorporate photos and images captured from video clips.

Scantron Corp.

Achievement Series, Software, $4 and up per student/year (volume discounts available)

This Web-based system is designed to help educators create and deploy their own exams and quizzes, incorporate content by third-party publishers, and score test data from both online and paper test administration. Educators can also meet online to develop and review individual tests. Other features include a bank of more than 15,000 test questions, virtual learning tools for students and real-time results so educators can direct learning in the classroom.


EN-Gauge, Hardware, $250-$300

Electronically monitored fire extinguishers aim to enhance fire safety in schools. This device tracks an extinguisher's presence, pressure and obstruction via the attached gauge.

A signal can be sent to the school's security office or to a remote alarm monitoring station each time an extinguisher is removed from its cradle.

GTCO CalComp

InterWrite SchoolPad, Hardware, $676 (educational price)

This wireless pad enables teachers to use its electronic pen like a mouse to annotate and highlight any computer image. It allows any surface to be used as a whiteboard, or it can be used with the InterWrite SchoolBoard. Teachers can interact with a projected image at the front of the room while standing anywhere in the classroom, as well as save, print or e-mail their lessons and all notations to students who are absent from class. The device is loaded with InterWrite Software, which is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, NY, ME and XP.

AXIS Communications

AXIS 210 Network Camera, Hardware, $499

This surveillance camera can help prevent violence, vandalism and crime on school grounds by allowing remote monitoring and management of real time images. It contains a built-in Web server and can be connected to a school's existing IP network or the Internet. A built-in video motion detector can be activated based on scheduled or triggered events.

Thomson Gale

Kids InfoBits, Software, $495/year

This electronic database was designed to help K-5 teachers and media specialists meet information literacy requirements by teaching students a variety of skills--such as basic research techniques and how to narrow very broad topics, differentiate between types of content sources and interpret charts and graphs. Features include more than 100 full-text magazines and reference books, more than 5,000 color pictures (ranging from country maps to state birds), biographies of American presidents and a teacher toolbox filled with downloadable, language-appropriate templates on topics like how to write a sentence.