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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

Pearson NCS

Prosper Assessment System, Software, $1,500 and up (introductory pricing)

This test development software includes item banking, test generation, scoring and reporting. Teachers can create standards-based assessments by using items provided with more than 2,000 textbook titles or by creating their own questions. The system highlights any areas where the content, test and student learning may not be aligned. The tests can then be printed or posted online.

Teachers scan completed tests to receive immediate performance feedback. Individual and group progress toward learning objectives can be tracked, helping educators to tailor instruction to help each student. Test data can be exported to many grade book applications. Reports may also be used to analyze teacher's instructional techniques and help administrators make decisions about teacher training and curriculum. Building site licenses are available.

Auralex Acoustics

EliTE Pro Systems 160 and 112, Hardware, $2,499 and up

These Class-A fire rated systems are designed to provide all-inclusive acoustic treatments for multipurpose auditoriums, distance learning classrooms and conference rooms. The EPS-160 can provide acoustics in rooms up to 400 square feet, while the EPS-112 is appropriate for rooms between 100 and 200 square feet. The systems are pre-engineered for sound accuracy and come with mounting hardware. Free engineering assistance is available.

ViewSonic Corp.

PJ520, Hardware, $1,499

This projector includes a variety of options typically associated with high-end projectors, such as manual zoom and focus and horizontal and vertical keystone corrections. With dual RGB inputs, users can connect two PCs or add video for multimedia presentations and an RGB output for monitor pass through.

The HDTV-ready VPW4255 plasma display ($5,499) was also introduced. It has progressive scan, motion adaptive de-interlacing and 3-D comb filter technology. Images are smooth and vibrant, without jagged lines and signal noise.

Individual Reading Intervention Service, Software, Pricing not yet determined

IRIS offers educators the ability to provide instruction based on continuous assessment of real-time data. The system integrates three components: The Imagination Station, an Internet-based interactive reading instruction and intervention program for grades Pre-K-3; Web-based assessment technology to monitor student progress, assess individual needs, analyze data and produce reports; and interpretive reading coaches. The coaches interpret reports daily to determine any differences between patterns of error and students' ongoing performance. Then they can discuss with teachers what types of additional classroom intervention activities and individual and small group instruction may be needed.

The Imagination Station costs an average of $100 per student with a minimum cost of $8,750; IRIS is an additional cost.


HV-7100SX, Hardware, $4,750

This full-featured visual presenter comes equipped with a 2.0 megapixel CCD scanning at 15FPS so that it can handle various degrees of document or 3D object movement and quickly recapture the stabilized image. It also includes a 10x optical zoom with a 2x digital extender that enables users to view tiny objects or samples. With its advanced RGB downconverter for hook-up to laptops, users can also connect RGB signals and existing images can be downloaded to PowerPoint presentations on a PC or MAC hard drive via the USB port.

GSELearning Software

ELearning Artisan, Software, $300 and up

Loaded with software to capture video and audio, this multimedia eLearning content suite for teachers doesn't require programming skills to operate. The suite is based on Learning Object Blueprints that can be customized to meet specific learning objectives and support different content for learners based on their Internet connection speeds or preferred language. It can be expanded with custom-developed templates, as well as with packaged eLearning content to work with other e-Learning environments.

SMART Technologies

MP250 Interactive Lectern, Hardware, $5,199 and up

Equipped with a pre-wired multimedia cabinet, an interactive pen display, a built-in audio system and a multimedia switch, this lectern enables educators to deliver multimedia presentations with all the interactive functions and digital ink capabilities offered by the company's interactive whiteboard. Presenters can use the interactive pen display to control and write over computer-based material while a projector connected to an external connection panel on the lectern displays information on a larger screen so audiences can follow along. It's also prewired for an internal computer, laptop, VCR and DVD player.

Users can scroll by placing two fingers on the screen and dragging them up, down or side to side, or by touching the screen with another finger for a right mouse click.

Also new is the RearProjection SMART Board 4000i interactive whiteboard ($29,999), which is powered by an integrated SXGA+ projector with a resolution of 1400 x 1050 and a contrast ratio of 1100:1.

Touchstone Applied Science Associates

DRP BookLink 8.08, Software, $99 (single-user license)

This CD-ROM lists over 23,000 books, noting interest area and grade level, plot and content, and the DRP, or readability value. A chart shows median DRP scores for each grade that can be used in lieu of, or in addition to, DRP assessment results.


ACTIVboard Pro, Hardware, $1,795

This fully integrated, interactive whiteboard offers built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity to personal computers and is compatible with all radio frequency components of the ACTIVboard Collaborative System. At 78-inches diagonal, the whiteboard's work surface creates edge-to-edge interactivity without compromising the system's mobility by altering outer dimensions or weight. It comes with ACTIVstudio 2 software, which offers recording and playback capabilities and a variety of new tools, including rulers for drawing, measuring and crating scaled lines, a protractor for angle measurement and rolling dice that serves as a random number generator. Users are supplied with a quick start guide. No upgrades are required.

Promethean Planet, a free online resource center where educators can share lessons for the ACTIVboard teaching solution, is also new.


MARC Source, Internet, $995 per district/year (pricing available for single schools)

This online database allows access to more than 100,000 MARC records that can be copied directly into collections through a Z39.50 client or the Web. It includes Dewey call numbers, Sears and Library of Congress subject headings, summaries, annotations, interest levels, book records (hardcover, paperback and Spanish) and library binding records.

The company's library automation system has also updated. Athena 9.2 has visual search buttons on the quick search screen. Users can perform limited searches based on reading levels and Lexile measures and open and print reports from outside applications.

Biamp Systems

Audia, Hardware, $3,000-$10,000

This digital audio platform has been upgraded to expand the number of digital input/outputs from the base of the user's current AudiaFLEX system. Expanders accept digital signals from devices such as live sound applications, mixing console digital outputs and DVD players. The new TI-2 telephone interface card detects and answers incoming calls, initiates outgoing calls and executes speed dial, re-dial and flash functions.


M400, Hardware, $1,849

This 2.4-pound DLP microportable projector can be used in meeting rooms and classrooms. Since DLP technology isn't susceptible to heat, humidity or vibration, the projector can deliver sharper images longer. It comes with a three-year warranty, native XGA resolution, 1800:1 contrast ration, 1100 lumens of brightness and a lock slot.

Achievement Technologies

CornerStone Reading Comprehension LL, Software, $250 (2-user lab pack)-$2,525 (unlimited site license)

Designed for grades 2-4, this early learning reading program focusing on comprehension includes more than 20 thematic lessons from Weekly Reader magazine. Units cover the U.S., countries and regions, health, holidays and animals. Also new is CornerStone Mathematics for the same cost, covering grades 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8.

Toshiba Digital Products Division

TDP-S20U, Hardware, $999

This lightweight projector features 1,400 ANSI lumens, 2000:1 contrast ratio and native SVGA 800 x 600 resolution. Three video input sources can help improve presentations through video clips. Audio in/out capabilities offer enhanced sound and a special monitor output connector allows users to view presentations from an external display (in addition to what's being projected on the screen).

Sanako Corp.

Sanako Study 100, v.5.0, Software, Average classroom license $2,000

The latest version of this classroom management tool creates separate modes for administrative functions and actual teaching. Designed to facilitate the preparation, delivery and management of digital lessons, the tool now has improved control over lesson portfolios, student layouts, system settings and system security. The system has also been modified to permit files to be streamed directly to student workstations, eliminating the need for students to have access to a network server.


SpanishTutor, Software, $45-$150 (based on number of users)

Designed for use by Latino students enrolled in the Academy of Reading software program, this add-on component teaches ESL students to read English by providing instruction in Spanish.

Hitachi Software Engineering America

Starboard T-15XL, Hardware, $1,795-$1,995

This interactive 15-inch TFT display includes technology that enables presenters to operate and annotate computer applications from the pen-driven display. Annotated images may be simultaneously displayed on rear projection, plasma displays or traditional screens using LCD projectors. Annotated data can also be saved in several file formats, including html files.

The display comes loaded with latest version of Starboard 6.0 software, which offers six electronic inks, three different pen types that can be used interchangeably and the ability to move freely between annotation mode and mouse mode without losing data.

SchoolSpring, Internet, $1.50-$4 per student/year

This upgraded Web site now includes the SchoolSpring Plus service for job seekers, an executive search tool for candidates seeking superintendent positions. An archiving system acts as a central repository for job application documents. A recruiting and management feature aims to facilitate hiring. Personnel managers are sent candidate profiles, which interview teams can then evaluate and rank online. An archive is kept with information relating to each job posting.


XG-MB60X and PF-MB70X, Hardware, $4,495-$5,495

These mid-range projectors are designed for classroom or conference rooms use. Features include short-throw power zoom and ANSI lumens ratings that range from 3000 (XG-MB70X ) to 2500 (PF-MB60X). Each projector weighs an estimated eight pounds. A built-in RJ-45 LAN connection in the XG-MB70X allows for remote control, diagnostics and asset management--which includes the ability to monitor lamp life and anticipate bulb replacement timing--over a local area network.

Communications Specialties

Pure Digital Fiberlink 7220 Series, Hardware, $1,095 per user, $2,695 per kit (including all materials to set up a complete fiber optic link)

This fiber optic link digitally transmits high-resolution signals to the next office or next building. It can be used for digital signage, in auditoriums and for distance learning. While compatible with any type of display device that supports VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA and certain HDTV resolutions (RGBHV format only), the system requires no adjustment, equalization or de-skewing. It uses an HD-15 connector for RGBHV input and output.


PowerLite 835p, Hardware, $3,899

This 3,000-ANSI lumens desktop/installable XGA projector includes a wide array of connectivity options, RJ-45 network monitoring and control and enhanced audio capabilities. With four video-input connections, users can plug into and switch between a wide selection of source devices, such as PCs and video players. It takes advantage of 802.11g WiFi technology used for high-speed wireless streaming of video content. Users can upload or run presentations wirelessly at frame rates two to five times faster than 802.11b, eliminating the need for video cables.

Middle Atlantic Products

ISRK Sloped Under Desk Rack, Hardware, $698 (retail)

Designed on casters with an ergonomic 15-degree sloped front, this rack enables users to view installed A/V equipment or mobile presentations while seated, such as videoconferencing and PowerPoint demonstrations. It can be stored under desks or counter tops and provides a keylocked front glide-away door to keep equipment safe. Electrical knockouts are at the bottom of the unit as well as lacing points to accommodate Velcro and wireless ties for rear cable entry. Its Decora-style knockouts accept lox voltage switches and controls.

Waves in Motion

CourseWizard 5.0, Software, $5,250 (self-hosted copy)

This product was designed to help coordinate professional development programs. It enables participants to research, track and register for classes online. Instructors can manage their students from anywhere and administrators can maintain information about courses, students, teachers, course evaluations, grades and surveys.

The Watt Stopper

WA-300, Hardware, $84

This passive, infrared automatic wall switch features dual relays that allow users simultaneous control of two independent lighting loads or circuits. While it satisfies energy code lighting control requirements that demand bi-level control switching, it turns lights on and off based on occupancy and ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the time-delay and sensitivity based on usage patterns. A built-in light level sensor affects the secondary relay and a walk-through time delay turns lights off after three minutes if an area is occupied for a short time.

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