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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software


Macromedia Studio MX 2004, Software, Site license $2,500 (for use on up to 500 computers) or $3,500 (for up to 750 computers)

This integrated suite of multimedia and Web development products allows students, teachers and administrators to build Web sites and applications with Dreamweaver, create interactive content and applications with Macromedia Flash, generate and optimize Web graphics with Fireworks and incorporate vector graphics with FreeHand. The suite was designed to be approachable and intuitive for students and teachers.

The site license solution covers Macintosh and Windows computers throughout the entire school, as well as online training from Macromedia University. In addition, software home-use rights for teachers and project-based curriculum units to help with academic subject integration are included.

A new version of the companyis content management software has also been released. Macromedia Contribute 2 ($999-$1,499) is Mac OS X or Windows based and features integration with Apple's .suite of Internet tools and support for SFTP. The Windows version has FlashPaper technology, a low-bandwidth way to display documents online.


Education Solutions, Hardware, $29,999 (small system) or $64,000 (large system)

This integrated audio, video and instructional multimedia system for presentations is comprised of Polycomis ViewStation ClassStation and iPower ClassStation. It aims to provide an interactive classroom experience for students regardless of their location.

Features for educators include automatic camera operation, wireless components, video scalers and interactive two-way application sharing. The system also has H.264 advanced video technology, which enables videoconferencing users to experience higher quality video over the same bandwidth they are currently using.

The two-way annotation, application and file transfer features let the instructor build and save content for asynchronous information sharing over the Internet. Teachers can also record, archive and play sessions on-demand. This allows instructors to build their own content, and it enables remote classroom operation by IT personnel.

Logo Computer Systems

MicroWorlds EX, Software, $99/single-user pack; $449/six-user pack; $1,250/site license

Students can express and explore their ideas using the latest version of this cross-curricular, problem-solving and project-building software. Suitable for grades 4 and up, the software can be used to create science simulations, mathematical explorations, interactive multimedia stories and other activities.

Traveling ismarti turtles carry information, media and shapes in their ibackpacksioa feature that makes it easier for students to send information and project components from one project to another, thus encouraging joint project-building. The software also features interactive objects such as button sets, dialogue boxes, check boxes, list boxes and drop-down menus. Other tools include an improved help system, mouse-over detail display, grid on/off option, student-created wallpaper, floating-dockable panels and a clip art library. Student projects can include up to 50 pages.

Available for Mac and PC, the software provides full teacher support, including tutorials on how to create curriculum-linked projects. An on-screen techniques panel includes step-by-step instructions for hundreds of techniques. A Spanish version of the software will soon be available.

eLearning Dynamics

PocketClassroom, Software, About $16.95/student or $25,000 (for a school of 1,500 students)

Educators and students can now connect in the classroom using this two-way classroom, communication and management application that works via handheld PocketPCs and wireless networks. The software, which features technology from Wake Forest University, automates routine tasks and helps improve student and teacher performance by wirelessly administering tests, grading them and recording results. Students can use the system to anonymously ask for help when they need clarification on a topic, which reduces embarrassment for shy or learning-disabled students.

Harcourt Trade Publishers

School of Dreams: Making the Grade at a Top American High School, Book, $25

Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Humes spent one year immersed in the world of a top public high school, gaining insight into the personal lives of driven students who aim to maintain a 4.0. This book covers the increasingly competitive college admissions process; standardized testing and cheating by students, parents, schools, local and state governments; equal education in America; pressure on students to achieve; public schools that succeed; and life inside the 21st century high school.

Philips Electronics

Ethernet SmartCard, Hardware, $200-$700

Ethernet SmartCards are comprised of three products, the NET-EC, NET-SC and NET-WC. The cards offer users a new method of television command, control and system reporting. The system can be broken into various groups, allowing users to control what programming is being watched by different groups. In addition to extended control, the NET-SC card can accept, decode and display digital streaming video. The card also lets schools integrate browser navigation, Internet applications and video content into presentations.

Centurion Technology

DriveSheild, Software, $3.64-$17.05 per license (depending on quantity ordered), plus annual maintenance fee of 20 percent of purchase price

Mac users can now turn to this drive and data protection software. The software helps ensure stable, consistent computer configurations and protects machines from user changes, such as Internet downloads, software installations and modifications to settings. It protects hard drives and data without locking out or restricting user activities. With a reboot, user activities are wiped away, and the hard drive is restored to the administratoris desired configuration.


ACTIVprimary, Software, $199/six-site licenses (software use requires the ACTIVboard)

This curriculum software is designed to facilitate use of ACTIVboard interactive whiteboards in elementary school classrooms. The system is designed with two tool areas: a teacher-controlled administrative system at the top of the ACTIVboard (which young students canit reach); and a student interface at the bottom so young students can manipulate objects on the board. The student interface includes buttons for colors, lines, shapes and text. as well as resource banks for background and multimedia selection.

Independent Publishers Group

The Backup Book, Book, $49.95

Technology directors can turn to this guide for protecting networks and the applications that run on them. The book was written by tech experts Dorian J. Cougias, E.L. Heiberger and Karstan Koop, who explore what can go wrong in backup and recovery and how situations apply to the various backup methods available. The book looks at how freezes, corruption and loss affects documents, equipment and day-to-day business activities. The book offers insight into protection and restoration of user data from various locations and times, as well as how advice on how to keep a business running after a power failure, network failure or other unforeseen event.


The Monroe Doctrine: An ABC Guide to What Great Bosses Do, Book, $13

This 240-page book offers A-Z advice on leadership from the perspective of an educator. Lessons and anecdotes aim to inspire readers to be more organized, feel refreshed in their work, stay true to the core mission of their organizations and balance the demands of work and private life. Author Lorraine Monroe served as a teacher and administrator in the New York City public school system and went on to found the Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem.


Analytics, Internet, $2/student per year and up

This Web-based query, data analysis and reporting system is now available through SwiftKnowledge and can be deployed at the school district, regional or state level to support data-driven decision-making and address the No Child Left Behind reporting requirements. The system gives all technical and non-technical district staff access to multiple data sources at the school and district levels through one interface, which lets teachers, principals and administrators make decisions based on key data. Discounts are available for large districts.

Jones International University

K-12 Masters of Education Degree Specializations, Internet, $900 per 3-credit course (for admitted students who are K-12 educators or administrators)

The fully online, accredited Jones International University now offers three Masters of Education degree programs. The Masters of Education in Elementary Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction offers elementary teachers knowledge in curriculum design, instructional strategies, and assessment. The Masters of Education in Secondary Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction offers tools for effective curricula, enhanced instruction, and evaluation of student learning.

The Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration is for individuals preparing for leadership and administrative positions. It leads to preparation for a principalis license. The curriculum includes development of mastery in strategic planning, organizational management and accountability.


Development Retrospect 5.1, Software, $129 (desktop), $499 (workgroup), $799 (server), $59 and up for upgrades

The latest version of this backup software for Macintosh includes bootable Mac OS X disaster recovery, support for the latest CD/DVD backup devices and support for Red Hat Linux clients. The software protects individual Mac computers or small to large networks of Macintosh, Windows and Red Hat Linux computers. Patented automation technology helps deliver easy administration, fast backups with accurate restores and complete protection for desktops, notebooks and servers.


Education as Enforcement: The Militarization and Corporatization of Schools, Book, $24.95 (paperback); $85 (cloth)

This book aims to show how schooling has become the means through which the expansion of global corporate power is enforced. Editors Kenneth J. Saltman and David A. Gabbard compare schoolsi use of surveillance cameras, chain-link fences, surprise searches and metal detectors to the military or prisons. The 352-page book looks at accountability and standards, school security, and other discipline-based reforms, drawing comparisons to a sense of corporate culture and ilaw and orderi that is seen in todayis society.

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