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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, software and the Internet

Gateway Inc.

Widescreen LCD Display

Hardware, $599.99

This 21-inch, high definition, widescreen LCD flat-panel display--FPD2185W--utilizes a new Genesis Microchip controller with advanced video processing technologies--DCDi by Faroudja--which are algorithms that were only available in high-end home theater systems. Other features include all mainstream video input ports, a four-port powered USB 2.0 hub and an advanced Picture-in-Picture display. The display delivers more viewing space via a 1680 x 1050 widescreen aspect ratio. It also offers a contrast ratio of 1000:1, a wide viewing angle of 178/178 and fast 8ms refresh rates.

SRA/McGraw Hill

Early Interventions in Reading

Program, Starts at $780/5 students

Aimed at students in grades 1-3, this program helps teachers identify struggling readers and close the gap with average readers. It uses a three-tier approach: The first tier provides core instruction or is the regular education classroom. The next tier or supplemental intervention addresses essential content for students who are not making adequate progress in their core program. However, if their progress is still inadequate, students move on to the last tier, an intensive intervention, where instruction increases in intensity and duration for students with low level skills.

SMC Networks

Wireless Networking Products

Hardware, $1,299-$1,499

This new line of advanced wireless LAN mesh networking products is built on Accton Technology Corp.'s 802.11s-compliant Wireless Intelligent Transport Network and WITnet architecture. The products were designed for deployment in large areas that need to be covered where cable runs are impractical. Each Mesh AP accessing the network acts also as a transmission/access point, making mesh networks highly scalable and flexible. If a Mesh AP or mesh link is down, traffic is routed to another and transmitted to its ultimate destination by the most efficient path.

Microsoft Corp.

Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office

Software, no additional cost

Schools subscribing to the company's Academic Volume Licensing program will automatically be licensed to use this package at no cost. Features include customizable starting windows, newly designed context specific toolbars, tutorials and project assistance from educational publishers and over 180 templates that include embedded project assistance and checklists that helps students write reports.

The company also introduced three other products: Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP, Student 2006 and Encarta Academic Online, all designed to help teachers optimize their preparation time.

Pearson School Systems

Pearson Inform 3.3

Online system, $23.75 to $5.65/student

This Web-based analysis and decision-support solution simplifies access to decision-critical information for teachers and administrators with one or two mouse clicks. Its improved user interface organizes reports into customized folders. Other capabilities enable educators to control more of their own data analysis requirements through a feature that allows them to import assessment results and formats directly into the system. They can also analyze test results by item response and print reports for multiple classes or schools at a time as well as student performance profiles for an entire class.

SRA/McGraw Hill

SRA Real Math

Online program, Starts at $52

This standards-based, pre K-6 math program combines instruction in basic skills, conceptual understanding and real-life problem-solving. It's integrated suite of technology tools offers math games, an online student textbook, online planning and assessment to monitor student progress and a research-based activity center that corresponds to each individual's learning style. Each lesson incorporates the five key strands of math proficiency--understanding, computing, applying, reasoning and engaging. Other features include online professional development for teachers.

Polycom, Inc.

Ceiling Microphone Array

Hardware, $1,195

This audio pickup device for video conferencing systems offers 360-degree voice pickup with patented StereoSurround 14 kHz wideband audio, automatic directional pickup for speakers and three times the room coverage of unidirectional ceiling microphones. It provides proper frequency equalization, level settings and acoustic echo cancellation, a mounting plate that eliminates ceiling noise and automatically senses when a speaker moves around the room. It can handle rooms up to 2100 square feet and connects directly to the VSX video communications system.


CardMan 5125

Hardware, $82.90/one; $63.90/1,000

Based on a 125 kHz RFID interface, this PC-linked desktop reader reads the unique card number from any HID proximity card and allows schools to implement new PC-linked applications without the need to issue another badge to cardholders. Other features include an USB connection, a variety of mounting and card presentation options and reading/writing capability in the same desktop device. While compatible with different formats--ranging from 26 bit to Corporate 1000--users can also increase security and add functionality without upgrading their desktop readers.

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