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New Products

New Products


Axis Communications

Axis IP-Surveillance, $1,240 for Axis 2420

These surveillance products can connect to your district's existing analog cameras, digitize the photos they take, and then send those images to the IP network. The network DVR records from up to four locally connected analog cameras, and users can access the cameras remotely. The products include cameras, video servers, DVRs, serial servers and surveillance software.

Dialogic Communications Corp.

The Communicator, $15,000 to $100,000 in annual fees

Designed to expedite communications, The Communicator is a high-speed notification system that alerts people quickly in the event of a crisis. Working on a PC, it automatically calls, faxes, pages or e-mails people to deliver critical, event-specific messages. Recipients also see time-sensitive information and instructions on how to safely and quickly respond to such issues as child abductions or homeland security threats. An important modification to the system enabled school officials to activate a notification themselves.

On-Net Surveillance Systems

NetDRV, About $300

NetDVR is a network-based digital video recorder application. It allows school administrators to control, record and playback video from surveillance cameras connected to a LAN or the Internet. It allows users who are anywhere in the world to access video 24 hours a day through a standard Web browser.

Pearson SkyLight

Bully Prevention, $27.95

In 150 pages, author and educator Elizabeth Barton created a guide for school leaders and educators to pinpoint the bully-victim-witness relationship and offers tips to identify bully behaviors in class. In the book, she explains how to use conflict resolution techniques and how to develop students' social skills. She also reviews laws regarding bully behavior and schools' legal responsibilities. The book offers sample anti-bullying programs.


Guardian Angel, Price set by cellular service providers Guardian Angel is the electronic equivalent of following your child as he or she walks to school. It lets parents map out the exact route a child takes to school and then sends text alerts to the parent's mobile phone if their child deviates too far or takes too long to get to their destination. The system uses existing mobile phone networks to locate a child rather than using global positioning systems. Parents can get a message letting them know the child arrived safely. The product is aimed for 8 to 12-year-olds.

Alpha Systems Lab

Xperience System, From $2,500 to $9,600

This PC-powered Xperience stores and transmits digital images through a PC system. It serves four cameras and can be expanded to 32 cameras. It also offers video motion detection with smart search and allows video clips to be converted into AVI files.

IDView Technologies

IDView IV-100LC, About $500

The latest camera from this company is the IV-100LC. It has its own IP address, provides watermarked Internet and local video monitoring from multiple PCs. Its IV-400 is a four-channel digital recorder that allows remote viewing, audio recording, and e-mail notification.


Tempbadge, $85 for a trial pack of 1,000 stickers

Issuing passes for visitors is easy, but what about collecting them when people leave? This Suffern, N.Y., company makes self-expiring school security visitor passes. These badges change color automatically, alerting school personnel and students to someone who is in school too long.

Integral Technologies

RemoteView, free with any Integral DVR

This remote access software allows users to view live and recorded video from a DVX, DVA or DigitalSentry system on any Windows-based remote client computer via a network or regular phone line.


BM-ET300, Iris Recognition System, About $3,300

This new economical iris recognition system is a good complement for magnetic cards or proximity devices. 'Iris recognition is the most accurate and reliable form of non-invasive authentication and identification available,' says Frank Abram, vp, Panasonic Security Systems. This self-prompting audio and visual user guidance system assures easy operation. Panasonic also manufactures a variety of other security products, including server series and software, network cameras and DVR systems.


Sonitrol alarm systems, Pricing varies

This alarm system, with audio detection, can cover an entire school building, with the ability to detect break-ins through ceilings and walls as well as doors and windows.

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