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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, software and the Internet



Hardware, $1,500 to $11,250

A new line of projectors with features such as low fan noise, low power consumption, high brightness, and multiple input connections are now available. The VPL-FX52, priced at $11,250, has 6000 ANSI lumens, power zoom, and can be networked for monitoring. The VPL-EX3, priced at $1,500, offers 2000 lumens, selectable picture modes, a remote control, and a short throw range.



Hardware, starts at $599

Both the E-1500 and E-2600 offer a range of Intel processors, the high performance ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset with integrated Radeon X300-based graphics and a PCI Express slot for future graphics expansion. The E-2600 is available in two tool-free chassis designs. Other features include Intel Pentium 4 or Celeron D processors, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, 533 MHz or 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM and a range of SATA hard drive sizes. The E-1500 can also be configured with Intel Celeron or Pentium 4 processors and offers a range of ATA hard drive sizes, 10/100 Ethernet LAN connectivity and 533MHz DDR2 memory.


Sympodium ID350

Hardware, $2,249

Being interactive is a little more manageable with this interactive pen display. Featuring a more compact design than previous models, the 15-inch display still has a battery-free tethered pen, integrated USB hub, the ability to connect to a computer and projector simultaneously, and the newest version of Smart Board software. The ID370 offers a 17-inch and higher resolution, it is priced at $2,899.

Success Discoveries

Career Planning for High School and College Students

Online program, $195-$600

This online, self-guided career planning and assessment program focuses on identifying career options that create passion and success. It maps the student's personal values and behavioral style, matches those behavioral styles to jobs requiring similar behavioral traits, then cross checks potential career options identified from their personal values. Students then can identify unique job/career patterns that allow them to accurately narrow their research and make intelligent career choices that create passion and energy, which leads to greater success and satisfaction.


Filemaker 8.5

Software, upgrade $99, new license $299

For a database program with lots of bells and whistles, consider FileMaker Pro 8.5. This new version allows users to put a live Web browser right in the database, is a Mac Universal Application, features a "learning center" to learn the program at your own pace, and offers more control of object functions and scripts. License discounts for education organizations are available.

PLATO Learning, Inc.

PLATO Courses

Online courses, $65-$110 per student, per course

These semester-long courses are now available in Algebra 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B; English 9A, 9B, 10A and 10B; biology semesters A and B; physical science semesters A and B; geography semesters A and B and, American history semesters A and B. Aligned with national standards, each course includes exemptive assessments, instructional content, cumulative final exams and state standards coverage reports. The accompanying teacher's guide includes pacing charts, grading sheets, offline assessments and a scope sequence while the implementation guide helps schools plan for evaluations and access best practices in instructional strategies, coaching and mentoring.

TechLiteracy Assessment

Online assessment, annual fee starts at $5/student

This online assessment tool was designed to measure elementary and middle school students' proficiency with information and communication technology. A mix of multiple choice and performance-based questions test technology concepts and strategies rather than specific brands of computer software, requiring students to demonstrate adaptable technology skills. The assessment can be completed within 50 minutes and covers the full range of technology tools used in modern classroom settings. Districts can use the results to determine how to modify instructional programs to ensure mastery of these critical skills.



System, starts at $1,295

For building access and security, this new generation of NRX controllers for the LiNC-Ez building management system feature integrated communication enhancements, such as onboard XBee-PRO, LAN, WiFi and RS 485. They provide flexibility in system design and, with the XBee-PRO module, are plug-and-play ready. They can also be installed wirelessly for communication back to the host LiNC-Ez system, up to 1,000 meters or 3,280 feet.

MPC Computers

Transport 1300

Hardware, starts at $1,249

This notebook is 1.5-inches thick and weighs 5.5 pounds. It includes Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology, a 14.1-inch widescreen LCD, Windows XP Home or Professional, Intel 945GM chipset with support for DDR2 667MHz mobile memory and supports 802.11 a/b/g wireless connectivity. The company also introduced T2400, which starts at $1,671. This thin and light notebook comes with the same options except it offers a 15.4-inch widescreen LCD, ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 Video Graphics, 128MB (PCI Express), integrated Bluetooth technology and a biometric finger scanner for security.


Online Subscription, $9.99/month

More than 7,000 supplemental learning activities that were written and tested by educators for pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade students comprise this print on-demand library. All materials are aligned with core curriculum and current standards and actively engage students in the learning process. Designed to improve test scores and reinforce basic skills, the subscription includes an online lesson planning tool and activities for whole-classroom, small group and differentiated instruction learning, such as stories with comprehension worksheets, science experiments and classroom plays with sufficient parts for every student.


Education Company

English Explorers

Program, starts at $37/six pack of individual titles, teacher's guide and audio CD

English Explorers is a thematic series of science and social studies chapter books designed to help teach the English language and literacy skills to students in grades three and up. The grade-level content helps build skills, such as fluency and comprehension, as students learn English. The 96 titles are grouped around 16 social studies and science themes, such as ancient civilizations and the environment. An audio CD for each title provides a complete text reading, fluency practice through echo-reading, and listening and speaking activities.

K12 Handhelds, Inc.

Integrating Handhelds into the Writing Curriculum

Curriculum, $34.95

This curriculum includes 44 lessons for infusing technology into the writing process. Lessons cover brainstorming, organizing, revision, editing, publishing and presenting and include strategies for writing personal narratives, expository essays and persuasive pieces. It comes with a CD that contains quizzes, templates, handouts, photographs, assessment rubrics and ebooks like the Writer's Style Guide, which includes information on the writing process, a grammar handbook, punctuation guidelines, mechanics and usage rules and information on citing sources.

Kurzweil Educational Systems

Kurzweil 3000 v.10

Software, $395-$1,495

Designed for struggling readers, the software uses a multi-sensory approach by presenting printed or electronic text on the computer screen with added visual and audible accessibility. With Remote License-To-Go, teachers or students can use the software from any computer. Its taskbar also provides reading, word lookup and spell check tools when working in other applications. Other features include save toolbars and feature locks in documents, useful options when teachers distribute tests and want to provide a consistent set of toolbars/buttons and control.

Visual Click Software

DSRAZOR for Windows

Software, Base retail price for 250 user objects is $2,158 (special educational pricing available)

This management, reporting, and security tool will help streamline new user imports to the system by allowing bulk additions, assist in refining helpdesk activities, help control and verify access to various system, and assist with regulatory compliance for privacy policies. Assigning group membership, managing user passwords, and deleting user accounts are additional tasks that can be handled. The technology is flexible and can be modified to meet the user's need, either in-house or by Visual Click. Product support includes free one-on-one training, unlimited tech support, and upgrades.

The Hawk Group

The 30,000-Foot View

Education Program

The company has partnered with the developers of The 30,000-Foot View to help educate school districts on how the software helps users analyze multi-year budget projections. The management level, data-driven, financial decision-making tool gives users the ability to instantly change a variety of variables and analyze a wide array of budgetary scenarios. By using Microsoft Excel and a SMART Board, an analysis can also be made during actual meetings, eliminating the need for administrators to return to their office to crunch numbers, then report or re-evaluate them at a later date.

Premier Assistive Technology

Universal Reader IGT

Software, $79.95

The technology was designed to help students who struggle with literacy. It translates text on the fly into eight different languages: French, Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese. Press CTRL + F6 and it grabs the text, translates it into the desired language and starts reading it. Users can also point the Talking Pointer at any text on a screen, Web page, desktop icon, HELP or menu to instantly translate. The technology is integrated into the E-Text Reader-priced at $79.95-which translates partial or entire documents. The translation pack, which contains both, costs $99.95.

Pearson Education

PASeries Writing

Online Assessment, $13.74 per student/year

Developed for students in grades 6-12, this product provides online assessment and regular practice throughout the school year to measure student progress and improve writing performance. Its automated evaluation tool examines student writing in context, not simply grammatical correctness, spelling or other surface elements, and provides scoring that aligns with many state rubrics. Other features include rapid online reporting and easy-to-understand visual feedback to connect classroom instruction to student achievement.

VBrick Systems


Hardware, $5,495

This video streaming and multimedia solution helps empower educational institutions to deliver presentations easily and economically, via existing IP networks or the public internet. It provides live video of presenters interwoven with multimedia slides and web content, along with interactive audience polling and Q&A capabilities. The solution includes a video camera; a VBrick WM appliance to stream live audio and video/multimedia; and VBPresenter, which provides seamless PowerPoint and related multimedia content. It also simplifies live presentation recording and archiving.

Subjective Metrics


Web-based software, $95 for individual license to $2,495 for a site license

Teachers spend a lot of time writing comments on student papers. This new Web-based software program allows them to create and save standard comments and criteria, which they then select and print from their computer. Additional comments can be added ad hoc and users can also access RubiStar, a library of over 100,000 rubrics created by teachers. The software saves the comments so a student's writing progress can be tracked over the course of the year, or their entire career, and a variety of reports are available. Waypoint can also integrate with Blackboard Building Block to authenticate teachers and students and log them in, synchronize the class roster, and return feedback and grades to the Blackboard gradebook.

Mistral Security

Drug Detection Technology, Aerosol Canisters, Free

One aerosol can detect four major drug classifications. Users wipe a hand, or any surface area, with special paper, spray the swipe, then watch for potential color changes. This drug detection program is a presumptive field test that's safe, non-invasive, and can be free to schools that join the research program. The National Institute of Justice pays for 50 percent of the cost while the other half is an eligible cost for schools under Title IV of the Safe and Drug Free Schools Program. Without Title IV funding, pricing starts from $108 for two canisters.



Hardware, $14.99 (three pack)

When only a small amount of data needs to be shared, and it doesn't matter if the disc comes back, this storage device offers 16 MB to 32 MB of space, enough room for 400 text documents, 10 presentations, 40 digital photos, or 15 minutes of music. It will connect to any computer with a USB port, doesn't require special software, and is rewritable. With a tough, plastic exterior, a snap on protective cap, and a compact 2.35-inch diameter it is easy to transport.


P10 document camera

Hardware, $2,158

This XGA output portable document camera can store 2,048 images on one 256MB SD memory card, which can be archived when downloaded to a PC's hard drive or displayed as thumbnails for quick file searches. For multimedia presentations, it uses the analog RGB output to connect a data/video projector or large-screen LCD display. The DVI output transfers high-quality video to a projection device without loss of image quality. Its high-resolution, 850,000-pixel Progressive Scan CCD captures sharp, color-accurate images for faithful reproduction of full-size A3 documents and 3D objects.

MacSpeech, Inc.

iListen, Software, starts from $99

This speech recognition program is powered by the Philips FreeSpeech engine. Users can open applications, click the mouse or surf the Web with just the sound of their voice. The user interface floats above other applications, giving users quick access to its most frequently used features. It types directly into thousands of Mac applications, eliminating the need for a note pad application or cut-and-paste. It features a native vocabulary of about 30,000 words, background vocabulary of more than 300,000 words and allows users to employ Correction directly within almost any application. Upgrades are $39.99.

Makemusic, Inc.

Finale 2007

Software, $350 academic price, multiple unit and upgrade pricing is available

This release, for both Macintosh and Windows, is a major upgrade of the company's music notation software. Finale now offers the ability to automatically create and format parts as a score is created; these parts are linked, but only where this is desirable. The link is intelligent-it knows when to enforce consistency and when to allow differences. The software has the ability to create separate linked parts from a divisi staff in the score or to show different enharmonic spellings between the part and score. Also, imported digital video is automatically synchronized with notation as users compose, edit and play back their score. Additional related features include Fit to Time, user-definable frame rates, the ability to write time code to the score and the option to send SMPTE/MTC to external devices.

Provost Systems (formerly EFM Company)

Provost Tracking

Technology, $5,000-$12,000

Provost Tracking was specifically designed to enable secondary and post-secondary virtual and hybrid institutions to assess and measure student utilization or records and services. It also helps administrators and teachers track funds, determine how students learn best and monitor student seat time by class or student and correlate those times with students' grades. With the click of a mouse, reports are exported to text or Excel formats.

Fidelis Security Systems

DataSafe v. 3.9

Security System, $65K to $95K, 32-bit /64-bit per sensor

This extrusion prevention system prevents unauthorized network transfer of critical or sensitive information across all channels on gigabit speed networks. New alert management and notation functionality and pre-built policy templates for DoD Data Classification and the PCI Security Standard are provided by this latest release. Upgrades to the policy engine also provide functionality to simplify white listing of approved business processes and new decoders provide advanced Web mail decoding, encrypted documents detection and recognition of images imbedded in files. Expanded alert-searching, viewing and reporting functions have also been improved in this version.

Learning Enhancement Corp.

BrainWare Safari

Software, $349/user

Designed to help children develop their ability to process information faster and more effectively, this software program is delivered in a video game-like format. As children travel on a learning safari-with animation, jungle characters, colorful graphics and sound effects-their brains build connections that make learning faster and more efficient. Throughout 20 exercises, the program targets 41 cognitive skills considered most critical for learning, such as multiple attention, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, sensorimotor coordination and thinking skills.

Vernier Software & Technology

Dynamics Sensor System

Hardware, $249

This wireless system enables high school and college physics classes to measure acceleration, force and altitude, then send the data to computers. It consists of a three-axis accelerometer, force sensor and altimeter built into one unit. It can be used to study pendulum forces, roller coaster physics and dynamics with cart and track experiments or even measure acceleration, force and altitude in outdoor sports, such as skateboarding, hiking, skiing or bungee jumping. It's compatible with Windows XP SP2, Macintosh OS X 10.3 or newer versions and requires a Bluetooth wireless technology-enabled computer.