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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, internet and software.


Tower and 2U rack servers

Hardware, prices start at $1,849

The company introduced three servers. The E-9525R is a 2U dense, dual Xeon high performance rack server featuring Intel's Blackford Chipset and processor technology. Six hot-plug SATA and SAS hard drives provide RAID and RAID 5 + hot spare capability for data protection. Priced at $1,899 it includes 800MHz front side bus, 5000P chipset, dual redundant, hot-swap, load-sharing 700W power supply subsystem and expansion capability in a 2U chassis with support for up to 4.5TB of internal storage.

Digital Acoustics

ii3 IP Speaker Series

Hardware, $410-$485

This product line allows facilities to utilize existing local area or wide area network connectivity, both wired and wireless, to enhance daily or safety-oriented communication for classrooms, schools and districts. Using IP technology, they eliminate the need to rewire facilities to provide for the migration to new communications and data management solutions. The speakers are available in six configurations, including surface-mounted, ceiling-mounted speaker, weatherproof exterior horn and an intercom door call station. Additional features include POE, vandal resistant enclosures and various mounting hardware.

The E-9520T consists of a high performance Xeon processor teamed up with Intel's 5000P chipset with support for Intel's extended memory 64 technology, 1067 MHz front side bus and PCIe I/O. Besides supporting SAS and SATA hot-swap hard drives, it offers up to7.5TB of SATA storage and 3.0TB of SAS storage.

Corel Corp.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3

Software, $75/individual license, $1,750/site license

Designed to teach middle school and high school students how to integrate graphics and images into their schoolwork, each program includes practice sheets containing additional instructions and in-class exercises, worksheets that can be used during and after the video lessons, answer sheets to assist teachers when reviewing and correcting student worksheets, and curriculum-based lesson plans that integrate graphics into core curriculum programs.

Another product-Painter Essentials 3, a digital painting application-is now included in geeART16 digital art activities. The software-based curriculum helps students learn the language of art, how it applies in their lives and how to use it as a form of self-expression.

Lexmark International, Inc.

C770 series,

Hardware, starts from $999

These color laser printers include the C770n ($999), C772n,($1,499), and X772e ($4,499). The first two print up to 25 pages per minute in monochrome and color, include a 800 MHz processor, come standard with networking capability, and can print documents up to 48-inch banners. The C770n can handle up to 1,100 sheets of input while the C772n offers 3,100 sheets of total input, and offers a 15,000 page toner cartridge. The X772e adds a scanner to the C772n, allowing users to print, copy, scan, and fax from a single device.


Destination Success, Software, $250 per course, per license

Existing customers can now play this courseware on an iPod, allowing for anywhere, anytime access to its educational content. Earlier this year, the company also announced that the courseware could be hosted on Apple's Mac OS X Server, offering school districts an integrated digital learning environment that allows educators to effectively manage and deliver its interactive learning solutions across networks. Destination Success is a comprehensive learning program that targets each student's needs by automatically generating assignments based on student progress and providing diagnostic tests along with real-time progress reports.

PLATO Learning

Straight Curve

Mathematics Series 2,

Curriculum, $20 per student

Designed as a supplemental curriculum for students in grades 3-5, these online and offline support materials feature student-led games and quizzes and teacher-led activities, including mini-lessons, investigations and workshops, which allow teachers to dynamically demonstrate math concepts and facilitate whole-class and small-group mathematics dialogues. They help teachers determine which activities to use in conjunction with their current texts and identify common misconceptions students may have for each concept, differentiating instruction for each lesson and extending learning in the classroom after school or at home.

Core Learning

Corefx,, Software, $59.95

Students can draw, paint, animate, photo edit and work with images from a wide variety of sources using this software. Three preconfigured interfaces tailor the software to the needs of basic, junior and advanced users. The interface constructor enables users to add or remove tools to meet user needs, increase or decrease tool button sizes, add or remove any menu options, create new toolbars with new functions and save and load their own customized settings for future use.

Disc Makers

ReflexAuto3 and ReflexAuto8

Hardware, $1,890 and $4,790

DVD and CD duplication is less labor intensive with these automated towers that hold 100 and 1,000 discs, respectively. The systems' robotic arm means operators don't have to change the discs manually. The company also offers the Pico, a smaller automated duplicator that will hold 25 discs and is Mac compatible. It costs $699. The Elite MaxPrint, priced at $1,990, is an automated, on-disc inkjet printer that holds up to 280 discs and includes label design software. Finally, Ultra HydroShield rewritable CDs have a unique surface that dries instantly to a glossy surface that locks in ink to protect the image from smudging, humidity and small spills. Discs are sold in packs of 100 for 89 cents each.

Knowledge Adventure

Books by You

Software, $59.95/teacher edition

This make-your-own book software program allows students ages 8 and up to craft, edit, illustrate and personalize their own literary creations. Students select from four original chapter books that can be customized based on personal experience and input. Once they select a storyline, the program guides students through book creation via a series of leading questions and supportive strategies. After their answers are woven into the story, students can edit the book, add illustrations, design a book cover, print their book in the classroom and save it as a PDF for easy e-mailing.

Microsoft Corp.

SharePoint Learning Kit/SharePoint Community Kit, Software, free download with Microsoft community license

Both programs are designed to extend Learning Gateway and e-learning

opportunities. The Learning Kit is a standards compliant e-learning tool

that makes it easy for educators to deliver both basic and interactive resources through Learning Gateway. The kit is Shareable Content Object Reference Model 2004 and SCORM 1.2 compliant and provides basic functions for

any electronic resource in a SharePoint document library. The Community Kit helps schools create unique and targeted sites for their clubs and

organizations. Both are free to download for schools and teachers who have a Microsoft community license.


Portege M400,, Hardware, $1,699

This tablet PC is powered by Intel Centrino mobile technology and incorporates a 12.1-inch diagonal XGA or SXGA+ display featuring wide-view angle technology. The framing around the display has six buttons for cross functional, ESC/display rotation, Windows security, Toshiba Assist, Toshiba Presentation and On/Off. It also includes EasyGuard, which is a series of hardware and software enhancements that help boost mobile security, system integrity, network connectivity and overall ease-of-use, and a complete suite of communication technologies, such as Gigabit Ethernet, V.92 modem and Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG network connection.

Blackboard, Inc.

K-12 Starter Edition, Software, starts at $19,000 annually

K-12 districts that are in the early stages of establishing an e-Learning strategy will find a variety of resources in this software. It enables districts to provide classroom materials online without having to know HTML, engage parents by allowing them to view student progress, provide 24/7 access to learning materials in a secure environment, offer innovative testing methods and self-assessments for individualized learning paths and take advantage of secure, around-the-clock hosting. A comprehensive platform for up to 2,000 users to help districts become familiar with the features and benefits of a learning management platform is also available.

QI Systems


Vending solution, starts at $100 per unit

This new cashless vending system can be retrofitted to existing machines, including snack machines and photocopiers. The company offers both custom and off-the-shelf models, which can cost as little as $100 per unit. The contactless card system, which is based on HID's chip platform, can increase transaction speed and convenience for the user, reduce or eliminate cash handling, reduce machine maintenance and extend card life by eliminating mechanical contact between the card and the reader.


Versatility Notebooks, Hardware, starts at $1,300

This line of notebooks is part of the Verified by Intel program, which takes a multi-layered approach to providing quality hardware, technical service and support. These VBI units are built with seven components that are used across different makes and models and can be personalized with a custom-designed top panel. As part of the VBI family, its 15.4 AV notebook offers dual-core processors, advanced 945 chipset functionality, enhanced wireless capabilities and improved battery performance. Customizable to specific end-user needs, these notebooks are upgradeable to the latest technology.


Captivate 2

Software, $199 (education price)

Training programs, demonstrations and interesting presentations are just a point and click away with this software. The program allows users to set up software simulations by capturing on screen actions, which can then either run automatically or walk participants through the proper steps. Flash-based content is easily added, without the user needing to know Flash, and interactive training scenarios that include video can be quickly created and changed. The software will be available in early October.

Compass Learning

Odyssey Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary 3-8

Software, $120 per subject/per grade

This curriculum is based on the latest brain research about how students learn and retain information. It uses artificial intelligence to engage students in reading and vocabulary instruction. Another software product-ThinkScience and ThinkScience en Espanol-enables teachers in bilingual classrooms to teach English- and Spanish- speaking students identical lessons simultaneously. The company's Mathematics 7-8 builds procedural fluency and productive disposition toward math. The latter two products are each priced at $120 per subject/per grade.

Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007

Software, $69.95

($20 mail-in rebate)

Encarta provides comprehensive resources to help students complete homework assignments in math, science, language arts, foreign language and social studies. It includes multimedia encyclopedia brand, graphing calculator software and step-by-step assistance on equations ranging from pre-algebra through calculus and sciences. Another new product, Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office 1.5, a free download with a volume license, customizes Microsoft Office applications. While it offers more than 180 curriculum-based templates and 65 tutorials, teachers can convert documents into standards-based learning resources to share, search and use with any learning management system that complies with Shareable Content Object Reference Model 1.2 or 2004 standards.

Inspiration Software, Inc.

InspireData, Software, $79

Developed by TERC, an education research and development organization, this program enables students to collect, explore and interact with data in a visual, dynamic inquiry process. They learn new ways to work with data to question, explore, solve problems and draw conclusions in science, mathematics and social studies curricula. It supports data visualization with integrated table and plot views so students move from data collection to data analysis, seeing the meaning of data and strengthening their analytical skills. The accompanying Classroom Projects book includes subject-specific lesson plans and more than 50 curricula-based databases and plot examples.


Starboard FX-63 and FX-77

Hardware, $1,119 to $1,599

Hitachi has expanded its interactive whiteboard line with these new models. The series offers screen sizes of 63" and 77" respectively, faster tracking speed, fully customizable function buttons that enable the use of StarBoard software without the constant use of on-screen menus, and a customizable toolbar to further enhance speed, flexibility and user-friendliness. Available in a choice of USB wired or Bluetooth wireless configurations, the units can be integrated with new or existing equipment, including computers, LCD projectors and data scanners.

Middle Atlantic Products

MPR-SEQ, Hardware, $197

Ideal for installations involving large power amplifiers on a common circuit, the UL-Listed MPR-SEQ is a six-step controller that sequentially powers on components, while saving space within an integrated enclosure system. Providing an economical, space-saving control solution for the Modular Power Raceway System line, the controller can be initiated locally via a front panel switch, as well as remotely using a wall plate or rackpanel mount switch, or via any contact closure switch. Designed with versatility in mind, the MPR-SEQ Sequencing Controller can be installed within an MPR raceway or as a stand-alone module that does not require additional front rackspace.


Commercial ID Product Suite, System, average package $7,790

To start or update an ID card system, take a look at this system, which encompasses multiple software options, a direct camera interface, and printers with enhanced security features. The software is customizable for users of all kinds, with integrated add-ons like fast image and signature capture, advanced smart card and biometric program developments, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol for Microsoft Active Directory. The printers offer a range of options and have been engineered for improved print quality, ease of operation and serviceability. The system also offers magnetic strip encoding, bar coding, contact and contact-less encoding for smart cards, reading proximity cards, and HID cards. For a system that includes a Polaroid P4000 dual-sided color printer with bidirectional USB with Ethernet for connectivity, ID CardMaker Expert Edition (networkable) and Image Capture software, expect to pay $7,790.


XL H1 HD Camcorder,, Hardware, $9,000

Media departments can record events in HD with this camcorder. In addition to recording HDV format to tape, it can output uncompressed 1080i HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) or SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M) video via its Professional Jack Pack and has adjustable frame rates, two built-in digital still cameras, Total Image Control of more than 23 variables of the video image (all independently adjustable), and a genuine Canon 20x zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilization for superior image capture.


Solo Wireless

Microphone System

Hardware, $495 to $7,995

Background noise during conference calls or distance learning sessions can be reduced with the use of these microphones. The Executive system includes eight wearable duplex microphones, while the Desktop version has one unit. Both models feature rechargeable batteries with eight hours of talk time, a 100-foot range, 128-bit encryption, and mute.

Discovery Education

One Place

Software, license fees start at $6,000

Access to online digital media from one integrated access point is the hallmark of this technology. Educators use a single username and password for all digital resources. They can upload,

manage and distribute local or licensed digital content through one interface, customize the main interface to suit their school's needs, stream live feeds of local content and share teaching materials. It's also integrated with a list of K-12 service providers that include Tekdata, MediaNet, WRC Media, World Book, Atomic Learning and