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New Products

New Products

The latest offerings in books, hardware, Internet and software

Sonic Foundry Mediasite 4.0

Software, $19,950

Bigger (video windows), better (security), faster (or slower,now users can control playback) all apply to this upgraded version. In addition to larger video and slide windows and the ability to control playback speed, authors can now add chapters to their content for faster navigation. Security enhancements include Secure FTP, the ability to keep internal and external users separate, content security so presentations cannot be passed to unauthorized users, and the ability to grant permission for certain presentations and functions.

Additional upgrades include reports that provide a real-time snapshot of all live and on-demand viewers, as well as detailed statistics of users' specific viewing activity for each presentation, a Recorder Control Center for remote troubleshooting, and the ability to integrate Mediasite links into course or content management systems.



Hardware, $349

A new all-in-one printer series features legal-size flatbed scanning and a color scan option that makes scanning and copying of books easier. It also includes a professional document management software package that helps organize electronic data and convert scanned documents into PDF files. Other new products include the C500n, a color laser printer ($399) that can also print large volumes of black and white documents; the X642e, a multifunction printer ($1,499) that offers the fastest speed in its class; and the 4600 scanner ($2,099), which can copy, scan, e-mail and fax to printers.


Bravo SE Disc Publisher, Hardware, $1,495

The unit will automatically burn and print up to 20 discs per job. A robotic arm transports a disc to the drive for recording, to the inkjet printer where it prints direct-to-disc, and where it places the finished disc in an output bin. It works with either Windows XP/2000 or Mac OS X and comes with duplication and label making software.

As It Is, Inc.


Web site, $29.95/year

This new Web site can help educators organize, save time, share links and have one-click access to bookmarked favorites from any computer. It features two main components: My Knowledge Bank and My Communities. The first is a homepage or dashboard where users can organize, manage and view all of their links and personalize the page to provide current weather, time and RSS news feeds. When using My Communities, users can create or join groups of people with the same social interests or research topics and share results of Web searches.


CP-X068,, Hardware, $9,995

This projector is equipped with a transition detector, a sensor that recognizes when the projector is moved from its fixed position. Once this happens, an alert is immediately sent via e-mail to the IT department and the projector automatically locks up and is completely inoperable. The only way to unlock the projector is with a PIN code. It also has a brightness of 4000 ANSI lumens and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. It displays images via a 1.5x zoom lens and features horizontal and vertical lens shift. A LAN network connection allows the unit to be remotely controlled and maintained. Other security features include a security bar and Kensington slot.


Acrobat 8, Software, $159

Significant changes include new tasked-based user interface, the ability to enable digital signatures from Adobe Reader, automated forms data collection, the ability to share reviews, and a one-click connection to real-time Web conferencing. Education pricing of $295 is now available for Acrobat 3D. The company has also changed the name of its Web collaboration tool from Breeze to Acrobat Connect. Now individual users can get a room for $39/month or $395/year. They can invite 15 participants, use screen sharing, chat, notes and whiteboard features. The Pro version of Connect can now support VoIP. Pricing is done by site licensing.

Pearson Assessments


Web-based subscription, $20 per student/school year (20-unit minimum order)

This Web-based learning tool helps students develop writing and reading comprehension skills. Students can practice essay writing and summarization skills, and their efforts are measured by the company's Knowledge Analysis Technologies engine, which automatically evaluates the meaning of text by examining whole passages. Students receive immediate, specific feedback on their work, and teachers can monitor student efforts individually or as a class. Schools can purchase a trimester, semester or annual student subscription.

Golden Acoustics

Sonic Equalizer Panels

Hardware, starts from $105 per square foot

This series of treatment acoustic panels uses a new technology called Triconic Equalization. When combined with the proper type and placement of sound absorption, it creates the ultimate acoustic environment, called high definition acoustics, because of the extreme clarity, intelligibility and maximum reduction of noise pollution in classrooms, auditoriums or music rooms. The panels incorporate the proper shape, size and mass and are made of environmentally safe polymerized gypsum with a Class A fire rating. The panels also self-extinguish.

Central Xchange


System, starts at $1.75 per absence

This automated substitute placement system now includes additional capabilities for substitute selection as well as new placement, contact and reporting functions. It enables schools to find the most qualified substitute teachers and decrease absentee rates without the financial burden of upfront costs, licensing fees or equipment purchases. Substitutes can indicate their preferences for grade levels taught. Teachers can leave lesson plans, supplementary directions and messages. Districts can also customize searching criteria to match substitutes based on certification and subject expertise.

Voyager Expanded Learning

Passport Reading Journeys: Beginning

Program, $7,500 (1 teacher/30 students)

This intervention program was designed to meet the varied needs of secondary students reading three to four years below grade level. Instruction is incorporated in a 45- to 60-minute routine of whole-group, small group instruction, independent and partnered reading. Students travel through 15 reading expeditions covering topics like medical emergencies, people in sports and unusual animals. Each includes action-packed video segments on DVDs, hosted by teens. Teachers monitor student progress through four built-in benchmark assessments and can access instant reports illustrating each student's learning growth.

Vantage Learning

MY Access 7.0

Web-based software, $36 per year/unlimited use

New enhancements make this instructional writing tool easier to navigate in, helping students prepare for the SAT, ACT and other college admissions testing. Features include

new readability levels so educators can select the appropriate reading and feedback levels per student, graphic displays of student's progress and an unlimited prompt library to give educators infinite access to add and use writing prompts to customize writing instruction to district curricula. An online account management system also helps districts better manage students' licenses and lets them place and track orders over the Web.

Peerless Industries

PRS-UNV,, Projector mount, $209

A safe, secure and functional method to maximize the use of a projector is offered by this mount. It supports up to 25 pounds, comes preassembled and ensures proper alignment on a screen by enabling 15 degrees forward and five degrees backward tilt, 10 degrees left or right roll and a full 360 degrees swivel. Another new mount is the PLAV70-UNL ($749), a universal dual-arm, articulating wall mount that supports almost any 42-inch to 71-inch flat panel screen. It can articulate a large flat panel out over 2 1/2 feet combined with 15 degrees of tilt and 10 degrees of roll adjustment.



Software, $4,000 to $5,000

Departments can plan out activities and events up to a year in advance with this software. The Web-based system allows users to list tasks, assign tasks to team members, and see project status at a glance. The system sends staff members e-mail reminders about overdue tasks, and year-end reports are also available.

Magnatag Visible Systems

RotoCube Rotating Kiosk Bulletin Tower

Display system, starts at $956

This freestanding, rotating, four-sided organizational system

allows large amounts of information to be displayed in an office, library or classroom. Its four panels contain 24 square feet of display space, as much as a four-foot by six-foot white board. The 78-inch high, 19-inch square tower silently turns with a finger touch in either direction in a 27-inch circle.

It can be ordered with any of 13 different panels, including magnetic white boards, plain or printed five- or seven-day monthly calendars, cork, fabric, photo, card and file folder holders or custom-printed steel whiteboards.

The company also offers a YearMaster 365-Day Wall Calendar Planner, starting at $599, which is a large magnetic whiteboard offering a grand view of the year along with day-to-day details that allows educators to make instant changes to long-term plan.

The format displays 12 month rows and 31 columns across, giving a daily line-view of each month, and includes a supply kit with write-on tools, magnetic cardholders, cards, PC card-keying template, write-on magnets, magnet status signals in 10 colors and printed magnetic sets. But for portable calendars, educators can use its Month-to-Month Modular Track Calendars ($759-$869), which can be lifted out of the frame.

Allegro Rainbow

Piano Wizard, Video game, ranges between $49.95 to $199.95

Children as young as three can learn to play the piano using this music learning video game. Because it uses positive reinforcement, it builds a player's confidence and self-esteem. The game's patented sound and color learning cues transform tedious and repetitive practice sessions into a rewarding experience. Players are rewarded for touching the right note and mistakes are ignored. The game never gets boring because players control the musical content. It uses thousands of MIDI song files available in music stores or on the Internet as the basis of each musical game.

Facts on File

Redesigned databases

Online content, starts at $530

The publisher has launched six redesigned history online databases. Besides a powerful cross search, the enhancements include a new user-friendly interface with strong visual appeal and reorganized layout; a browse function for biographies, events and topics, primary sources, timelines, an image gallery, maps and charts; learning centers that help students find new ways to explore content; tabbed search results, which are organized within tabs and by record type; and high interest topic spotlights that feature boxes in each database that highlight topics of interest and offer quick links to related materials.


VZ-8 light2, Hardware, $3,790

Revised and updated, this document camera features real-time motion, high-speed auto focus, 24x zoom, automatic image flip, and

a reflection-free working surface. The unit folds to 4.8 inches high for storage, the camera arm can move 90 degrees, and up to nine images can be stored. The VZ-8 plus 2 model, $4,740, includes a remote control and 16:9 widescreen format.

CRS Inc.

SubFinder 5.2, System, starts at $6,000

The latest version of this employee absence management system

includes numerous enhancements designed to enrich the user experience and functionality of the system. Its Internet modules, WebConnect 2.4 and WebConnect Pro 3.2, improve administrator reporting options, user controls, user configurations and browser support. The suite of products is available as either an Application Service Provider or client-hosted model. With the ASP model, customers are not required to purchase any hardware or install any software at their site.

NetSupport, Inc.

NetSupport Protect

Software, starts at $16.80 per computer for 10 computers

This desktop security software prevents users from exploring, changing or damaging their Windows operating system, installing unauthorized software, or deleting important files. It can hide files and folders, lock control panels and settings, prevent renaming of files or folders and file creation by type of file, restrict Internet downloads and control access to USB devices and CDR or DVD drives. Likewise, with School 8.5 classroom management software, teachers can better instruct, monitor, quiz and support students in networked classrooms.

Diabetes Research

Institute Foundation

Facts About Diabetes: A Guide for School Personnel and Child Care Providers, Brochure, free

This eight-page brochure features important information about type 1 diabetes, or juvenile diabetes, and how it is controlled, along with clear instructions on how to handle emergency situations, such as insulin reaction. It also includes a diabetes management form that can be personalized for each child and stored for at-a-glance solutions. Up to 100 copies can be ordered per school.

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.

150 Portable Document Camera

Camera, $599.99

The ability to display microscopic images, 3D objects or documents on any projector or monitor at a high-speed 24 frames per second through the VGA outputs is offered by this portable document camera. With the built-in memory, users can also capture and store up to 32 JPEG images, allowing teachers to revisit past assignments, lectures and presentations. By using the PC CAM applications via the USB connection, still images and video clips can also be captured and saved directly to a PC or Mac.


Sympodium ID350

Hardware, $2,249

Being interactive is a little more manageable with this pen display. Featuring a more compact design than previous models, the 15-inch display still has a battery-free tethered pen, integrated USB hub, the ability to connect to a computer and projector simultaneously, and the newest version of Smart Board software. The ID370 offers a 17-inch display and higher resolution, it is priced at $2,899.

LeapFrog SchoolHouse

Struggling Readers and the Reflective Teaching Process

Seminar, $3,500/25 participants

This two-day course shares best teaching practices to help struggling readers overcome common barriers to reading success and features research findings from the company's white paper-Technology-Enhanced Comprehension, Vocabulary and Word Analysis Reading Intervention for Upper-Grade Elementary and Middle School Students. It focuses on methods for students in grades 3-8 and reflects the five fundamental steps of reflective teaching: analyze performance, select appropriate teaching materials and strategy, give students opportunities to apply strategy and skills, monitor student performance, and adjust timing and response to student outcomes.

Future Systems Solutions, Inc.

Casper XP 3.0 SystemBuilder Edition, Software, $499.95, upgrades, $149.95

Hard disk upgrades, managed backups and sealed disk deployment can all be performed with this software. Its startup disk enables users to boot a system and run the software directly from a CD-ROM or USB key with full access to external media devices. Additional features include SmartClone, an incremental disk cloning technology that enhances performance by including only modified data in the cloning process, full system restore point support for cloning Microsoft Windows System restore points within Windows and improved partitioning and disk layout management.


Online Auctions

Service, $695 plus fees

If your school wants to run an online auction fundraiser but you don't know where to start, check out cMarket. The company guides nonprofits step-by-step in setting up an auction, has a selection of items to offer for bid, and can provide advice on items and auction length. Buttons allow donors to bid, donate cash or donate items. The service costs $695 for an unlimited number of auctions for one year, and 9 percent of net proceeds from all auctions combined up to the first $75,000 raised.


Mathematics Survival Kit, Software, $29

The book of the same name is presented in electronic format covering 115 topics from algebra to integral calculus. The text is written in a conversational manner with ten-minute refreshers, exercises that provide hints to achieve the correct answer, and a "more to explore" section with hundreds of questions and assessments students can use to reinforce concepts. Resources, such as learning tools and a tutor, are also available. Students can work independently or with teacher guidance. Users must have Maple 10, which can be downloaded for $99.

Caselite Software, Inc.

Caselite v3.0

Online subscription, $134.95/individual annual subscription

This program allows speech-language pathologists to schedule both individual and group therapy sessions. It groups students based on their therapy needs, grade and availability. Its array of scheduling tools include's consideration of requested therapy times; the ability to schedule views from a student, teacher or administrative perspective; accommodation of rotational/block schedules; the flexibility to adapt to student turnover and administrative changes; and the ability to meet district policies and government regulations by fulfilling frequency of service requirements.

Pearson Assessments

Prosper 4.0,

Software, starts at $1,595/stand-alone version

New reports that allow teachers and school administrators to identify at-risk students and standards that require instructional intervention are included in this version. The reports also offer teachers an objective tool for guiding discussions about student performance at parent-teacher conferences. Using its enhanced imaging capabilities, educators can score performance items and compare them to objectives. New networking capabilities make the software easier to install and manage. This in turn makes the sharing of data easier throughout a school.

Horizon Wimba


Software, free

Students and instructors can spontaneously meet live online at any time to discuss their coursework using this free instant messaging and voice chat tool. Features include instant messaging, voice over IP audio, and group IM and VoIP. The software integrates with Blackboard or WebCT so contact lists automatically populate according to class rosters, and teachers and T.A.s display differently for ease of identification. The software is currently available for prerelease clients and will be available to all educational institutions for free in fall 2006. Schools interested in reserving their free campus-wide license can sign up today at

Vernier Software & Technology

ProScope lessons

Lessons, free

These elementary-level lessons are exclusively for users of ProScope, a digital USB microscope that works with Macintosh or PC computers. Each lesson includes the activity's objectives, a list of needed materials, step-by-step activity procedures, a space for documenting class observations and discussions, and questions to help students analyze collected data. It also comes with teacher notes containing a brief explanation of the activity's purpose, objectives, possible answers for the data analysis component and, in some cases, ways to extend the inquiry-based learning.

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